TJMaxx Credit Card Payment: Online, by Phone and by Mail

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Over the years, TJ Maxx has grown into one of the most prolific discount department stores in the U.S. Most people don’t know much about the company owned by TJX Companies Inc (NYSE:TJX) except that many like to shop there.

TJ Maxx has over 1,200 stores currently operating in the country, and one of the main things it is known for is selling brand name products at lower prices. The company always bases its commercials on helping people find what they are looking for without spending as much as they would if they bought the same product elsewhere.

TJ Maxx is considered one of the largest retailers in the U.S., and it has its own credit card account. So, how does it work and how can you make payments?

How to Apply for The T.J. Maxx Card

You can apply online or at any store for the TJX Rewards card, but if you have the credit score for the Platinum Mastercard, they can offer it to you. Also, if your application for the Platinum is unsuccessful, you might be offered the Rewards one instead. You can win points with both via reward certificates.

Terms and conditions for either card are the same. The variable APR (annual percentage rate) is high and can fluctuate depending on the prime rate. If the prime rate goes up or down, the APR will follow suit.

As a nice welcome bonus, you’ll get 10% off your first purchase in stores and online, once you’re approved for a TJX Rewards card. You’ll also start to earn points in the rewards program. When you hit 1,000 points, TJ Maxx will award you with a $10 Rewards Certificate, which you can use at the store, and also at Marshalls, HomeGoods, Sierra Trading Post, and Homesense stores. Cardmembers are also invited to participate in exclusive shopping events.

Types of TJ Maxx Credit Cards

The credit card issuer is Synchrony Bank –Synchrony Financial (NYSE: SYF)– for both the TJX Rewards credit card and the TJX Rewards Platinum MasterCard. The customer may receive either of them, as decided by Synchrony.

The TJX Rewards credit card is similar to the TJX Rewards Platinum MasterCard, but with fewer benefits. Neither has an annual fee and both can be used in all TJX Companies stores.

Also, the TJX Rewards credit card does not have the enhanced chip technology, while the TJX Platinum MasterCard does. The other big difference between the two cards is that the cardholder can use the TJX Platinum MasterCard at ATMs to make cash withdrawals, while the TJX credit card does not offer this option.

Both cards offer a 10% discount on the first purchase made online through the same website where the applicant requested the card. This means that if you applied for the credit card at T.J. Maxx, you can only take advantage of the 10% discount at once it has been approved.

Both cards offer cash rewards based on accumulated points: 5 points for every in-store purchase dollar spent at T.J.Maxx, Marshalls, HomeGoods, Sierra Trading Post, and

The TJX Platinum MasterCard card also offers an added benefit in which cardholders earn one point for every dollar spent elsewhere where MasterCard is accepted. Holders of both cards earn a $ 10 reward certificate for every 1,000 points earned, and there is no limit to the number of points that can be earned. Both cards have the added benefits of exclusive sales and surprise savings.

Making the TJ Maxx Bill Pay Arrangement

You can pay your TJ Maxx credit card bill in several ways –either if it’s a full o a minimum payment of all your purchases.

Make Your TJ Maxx Credit Card Payment by Phone

Paying your TJ card by phone is possible, and also very convenient. It’s free, unless you ask a customer service representative to complete payment. You can pay automatically by following these steps.

  1. You must collect your banking account and credit card information, as well as your bank’s routing number.
  2. You must dial a specific number, depending on the type of card. If it’s your TJX rewards card, the number is 800-952-6133. If it’s your Premium Mastercard, you must dial 877-890-3150.
  3. Once on the line, enter your account number.
  4. On voice command, just say “make a payment.”
  5. Then follow the easy prompts and complete your payment.

Make TJ Maxx Credit Card Payment Online

To make the payment online, you must use the Synchrony Bank online account on the online portal, and follow these steps.

  1. You’ll need your banking account and credit card information, as well as your bank’s routing number.
  2. Go to the login page of Synchrony Bank.
  3. Enter your user login credentials –ID and password– you chose when signing up.
  4. Click “Secure Login.”
  5. Follow the automated prompts that will appear on your screen.

How To Register Your Credit Card Account Online

If you have never made any payment on the automated system, you will have to register and create an online account, by following these steps:

  1. Visit the Synchrony Bank account registration page.
  2. Enter your credit card account number and billing zip code.
  3. Click “Continue.”
  4. Prompts will appear on your screen so just follow them to complete registration.

Make TJ Maxx Credit Card Payment in the App

Paying your TJX credit card via app is also possible:

  1. Go to the T.J. Maxx app.
  2. Enter your User ID and password.
  3. Go to “Payments.”
  4. Follow the prompts on the screen.

Make Your TJ Maxx Credit Card Payment by Mail

This is certainly another option, if you’re not that skillful when it comes to virtual payments. These are the steps:

  1. Write a check or purchase a money order for at least the minimum payment due.
  1. The payment coupon from your monthly account statement must be included
  2. Send they payment and coupon to address, based on your card type as follows:

TJX Rewards Platinum Mastercard

P.O. Box 530949

Atlanta, GA 30353-0949

TJX Rewards Credit Card

P.O. Box 530948

Atlanta, GA 30353-0948

Make an Online Payment Without Logging In

You can also pay the bill online if you don’t have an online account. Follow these steps:

  1. Click “Pas As Guest” on the Synchrony Bank login page.
  2. Type the card number, the last four digits of your Social Security number, and your billing ZIP code.
  3. Click “Continue”
  4. Follow the prompts on your screen to complete the payment.


How Do I Cancel My T.J. Maxx Credit Card?

Depending on the type of credit card, you can cancel it by phone. To cancel the T.J. Maxx Rewards call 800-952-6133, or dial 877-890-3150 if it’s the Platinum MasterCard you want to cancel.

What Bank Issues the T.J. Maxx Credit Card?

As you probably assume at this point, the T.J. Maxx credit cards are issued by Synchrony Bank. The financial institution has already extended the agreement with the department store.

What Credit Score Is Needed for A T.J. Maxx Card?

If you want to apply for a credit card by the famous retailer you need at least a “fair” score, which is around 620. If your score is above 670 “you might be better off with one of the better cashback cards such as the Chase Freedom Flex. The rewards you earn shopping at T.J. Maxx would have much more flexible and potentially lucrative redemption options with no annual fee.”

How Do I Check the Balance on My T.J. Maxx Card?

To check your T.J. Maxx card balance you can call 1-877-890-3150 or the number that is on the back of your card. Also, you can log into your account and get the information from there, but you can keep tabs on your rewards balance as well and pay your bills.

What Happens If Your TJ Maxx Credit Card Payment Is Late?

If you get late for your credit card payment, don’t worry: You can still proceed with the payment albeit with an extra $25 fee. If you’re late a second time in the space of six months, the fee will go up to $35. On the due date, payments must be made before 5PM EST.

Final Thoughts

TJX Companies markets both the TJX Rewards Credit Card and the TJX Rewards Platinum MasterCard with customers who frequently shop at discount stores in mind. TJX Companies’ business model is to offer fashionable and good quality products at discounted prices, focusing on the “treasure hunt” experience.

No two department stores are exactly alike and it will always be a mystery which brands the store will offer at any given time. Taking into account that TJX discounts are only for the store from which the card comes, the holder mainly benefits from the use of the T.J. Maxx as a frequent customer.

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