Annuity A Good Investment

Is An Annuity A Good Investment?

Pop quiz. What springs to mind when you think of investing? You probably envision Wall Street and the frantic pace of the New York Stock...
New stimulus check from Pennsylvania Child and Dependent Care Enhancement Program

New Child Care Tax Credit From Pennsylvania: Families To Get Up To $630

Thousands of families in Pennsylvania could soon get some extra money under the new child tax credit plan. The objective of this new child...
United Natural Foods personal finance top holdings of Mark Massey

Personal Finance For Newbies

Managing your personal finances involves managing both short- and long-term aspects of your finances. It also refers to an industry that offers products and...
Stimulus check from West Virginia

Stimulus Check From West Virginia Of Up To $465 Coming This Week

Some relief is coming soon for the residents of West Virginia. Eligible residents could get a stimulus check from West Virginia of up to...
Manage Debt In Retirement

How To Manage Debt In Retirement

If not carefully managed, debt can shackle a retiree, but if carefully managed, debt can also be a powerful financial tool. You can make...
Stimulus checks from Idaho

Stimulus Checks From Idaho Coming Soon: See If You Qualify   

Idaho residents could soon get the tax rebate that the state legislature promised earlier this month. The state tax commission is expected to start...
New Credit Card

Is It Time To Get A New Credit Card?

Credit cards are great for racking up rewards and points, but you want to ensure you have the right card for your spending style....
Stimulus checks to undocumented immigrants Washington COVID-19 Immigrant Relief Fund

Stimulus Checks To Undocumented Immigrants: WA Now Accepting Applications

States and counties have come up with numerous stimulus measures over the past two years. Not many of these, however, targeted undocumented immigrants. Now...
Trading Stocks worst performing mega cap stocks in December 2021

A Retiree’s Guide To Trading Stocks

If you are a retiree who did a good job planning for retirement, chances are you’re sitting on a large nest egg and wondering...
sleep well at night

The “Big Four” For Sleeping Well At Night  

When I came out of the NFL more than 25 years ago, some of my first clients were my former high school teachers in...
eligible for stimulus checks from Massachusetts

Check If You Are Eligible For Stimulus Checks From Massachusetts Or Not

Massachusetts taxpayers could get hundreds of dollars in monetary relief in November. Gov. Charlie Baker plans to return about $3 billion in excess revenues...

Annuities: Types And Examples

Whether you know it or not, you’ve at least heard the word “annuity” thrown around. Unconvinced? You’ve probably encountered annuities in the following instances: Defined...
Stimulus check from Roanoke: Car tax rebate

Stimulus Check From Roanoke: Car Tax Rebate Coming This Month

Some relief is coming soon to eligible Roanoke, Virginia, residents this month. The stimulus checks from Roanoke will go to residents who paid property...
Unexpected Expenses to Prepare for in Retirement

5 Unexpected Expenses To Prepare For In Retirement

It’s no secret that retirement can be expensive. It’s why we spend (or should spend) most of our productive life planning and preparing for...
New stimulus check from California Middle Class Tax Refund

New Stimulus Check From California Coming Next Month: Check If You Qualify And How...

California has been among the leading providers of monetary relief to residents since the COVID -19 pandemic. Now, it is preparing to send another...