Upcoming and New Crypto Listings on Uniswap in 2024

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New cryptocurrencies added to Uniswap are always closely monitored. In the dynamic landscape of DeFi, this year promises to be pivotal with the introduction of these new listings on Uniswap.

Uniswap is the leading decentralized exchange (DEX) for Ethereum and ETH-based tokens. In January 2024, ETH monthly trading volumes exceeded $27B.

Since 2023, Uniswap saw an uptick in Arbitrum and Polygon trading activity while Ethereum volumes remained firm.

It’s interesting to note that one of the key factors driving this shift is the improvement in the competitiveness of the DeFi ecosystem against centralized finance (CeFi).

Lower transaction fees and enhanced network capacity empower DeFi platforms, enabling them to vie on a more level playing field with their centralized counterparts.

Additionally, the year brings forth significant strides in amalgamating the strengths of order book models and Automated Market Makers (AMMs). These advancements offer credible solutions to the persistent challenges of capital and liquidity efficiency in DeFi.

As we look into these new Uniswap listings, the intersection of lower fees, improved network capacity, and innovative solutions highlights the evolving dynamics in the decentralized financial ecosystem.

Upcoming New Cryptocurrencies Listings on Uniswap

Due to the size of Uniswap, we are covering projects that plan their Initial Dex Offering (IDO) on Uniswap in 2024 and new tokens that were recently listed on the decentralized exchange.

Below are 8 promising blockchain projects with ERC-20 tokens that are poised to debut on Uniswap, each with the potential to reshape the Web3 landscape.

This curated selection spans diverse applications, from AI-driven solutions to pioneering staking mechanisms. Read on to discover potential disruptors and discover hidden opportunities.

  1. Bitcoin Minetrix: Tokenized stake-to-mine platform democratizing cloud mining with passive Bitcoin rewards & decentralized crypto ownership.
  2. Sponge V2: Second iteration of the DeFi platform offering yield farming and AMM services. Improved tokenomics, governance features, and focus on community engagement.
  3. Meme Kombat: Play-to-earn fighting game powered by NFTs and BSC. Collect, train, and battle meme-themed characters, earning $MEME tokens through gameplay and competition.
  4. Scotty the AI: AI-powered code analysis & security audits for blockchains. Aims to build trust with a secure $SCOTTY token, balancing playfulness with innovation.
  5. 5th Scape: Redefines virtual reality with immersive worlds, seamless social interaction, and boundless creative possibilities.
  6. Engines of Fury: A 3D MMORPG game in a futuristic world. Players battle each other in wagered PvP and PvE battles to earn tokens and forge NFTs.
  7. Patex Network: Patex Network is a layer-2 that focuses on Latin America (LATAM). Patex testnet is live with multiple products including a centralized exchange.
  8. TeleportDAO: A trustless protocol for developing cross-chain applications. The protocol supports multiple chains including Bitcoin, Optimism, and Ordinals.

As Uniswap evolves, exploring upcoming listings becomes crucial for savvy investors. The dynamic nature of decentralized finance often unveils promising tokens.

In the next section, we look into why actively searching for new tokens on Uniswap can be a game-changer, offering insights into potential opportunities and risks.

Why Search for New Uniswap Listings? Exploring Opportunities and Risks

While established tokens offer stability, the true heart of Uniswap’s potential lies in its constant influx of innovation. By actively searching and discovering new listings, you unlock a world of possibilities beyond the mainstream.

Imagine identifying a promising project before it gains traction, potentially witnessing exponential growth as its true value unfolds. This “first-mover advantage” can be incredibly rewarding, especially in the fast-paced world of DeFi.

Unlike centralized exchanges with selective listings, Uniswap empowers you to be your own investment detective.

Uniswap 7-day volumes and fees, source: dune

Dive into project whitepapers, analyze tokenomics, and engage with vibrant online communities to uncover hidden gems. Remember, some of today’s leading DeFi players were once nascent tokens on Uniswap, waiting to be unearthed by curious explorers like you.

But be warned, venturing beyond the established requires due diligence. Not every new listing is a goldmine. Approach your research critically, understanding the inherent risks involved in early-stage projects.

However, for those willing to embrace the unknown, the potential rewards of discovering the next breakthrough token can be transformative.

Reviewing Future Uniswap Crypto Listings

Below are the best upcoming cryptocurrencies that are expected to hit Uniswap in 2024 with a brief review.

1. Bitcoin Minetrix: Tokenized Cloud Mining Platform

New uniswap listings | Bitcoin Minetrix
Bitcoin Minetrix | Source

Bitcoin Minetrix ($BTCMTX) aims to shake up the cloud mining scene by introducing a novel “Stake-to-Mine” (PoS) mechanism.

This ERC-20 token allows users to earn Bitcoin not by wielding expensive mining rigs, but by staking their BTCMTX tokens. Through this mechanism, Bitcoin Minetrix seeks to offer a safe, accessible, and efficient alternative to traditional cloud mining models.

Democratizing the Bitcoin Mining Process

The platform operates around staking and burning BTCMTX tokens to acquire Mining Credits. These credits translate to hash power, which then contributes to the mining of Bitcoin. Users rent hash power from the platform’s pool, eliminating the need for individual mining equipment.

USP: What truly sets Bitcoin Minetrix apart is its democratization of Bitcoin mining. Unlike traditional methods, anyone with an Ethereum wallet can participate, regardless of technical expertise or financial leverage. This low barrier to entry and passive earning potential are major draws for newcomers and seasoned investors alike.

ProjectBitcoin Minetrix
TypeStake-to-mine platform
Blockchain PlatformEthereum

2. Sponge V2: Unique Staking Model for the Meme Coins Community

New uniswap listings | Sponge V2
Sponge V2 | Source

Prepare to get soaked in the hype surrounding Sponge V2 ($SPONGEV2), the successor to the successful meme coin Sponge ($SPONGE). Launched in 2023, Sponge V1 delivered 100x returns to early investors.

Now, V2 aims to build upon that success with an innovative “Stake-to-Bridge” model and a play-to-earn (P2E) game, setting its sights on becoming a prominent name among new Uniswap listings.

High Allocation for Early Buyers

Stake-to-Bridge Model: Forget traditional fundraising methods. V2 flips the script. Instead of directly buying $SPONGEV2, users acquire original $SPONGE tokens and stake them.

Each staked $SPONGE generates an equivalent amount of $SPONGEV2, creating a unique distribution system and rewarding early adopters.

Play-to-Earn Game: Dive into the upcoming P2E game, the project’s unique selling proposition (USP). Earn $SPONGEV2 tokens by playing and climbing the leaderboards.

Choose between free and paid versions, catering to both casual and dedicated players. This integration adds utility and potential long-term value to the token.

Tokenomics: V2 boasts a total supply of 150 billion tokens, with a significant allocation for early investors, staking rewards, and game development. This balanced distribution aims to incentivize participation and foster ecosystem growth.

$SPONGE V2 Summary

The $SPONGE team showcased their execution skills with the successful launch and execution of Sponge V1. The upcoming “Krabby Patty Hunt” adds a unique element and potential for long-term user engagement.

Sponge V2 presents an intriguing proposition for investors seeking a potentially high-reward, community-driven meme coin with a unique P2E twist. The inherent volatility of meme coins appeals more to the crypto memes community.

ProjectSponge V2
TypeMeme coin
Blockchain PlatformEthereum

3. Meme Kombat: Gaming Platform for Meme Enthusiasts

New uniswap listings | Meme Kombat

Step into the vibrant world of Meme Kombat, a play-to-earn (P2E) game seamlessly blending the realms of memes and cryptocurrency.

At its core, the native token $MK propels an innovative platform where participants can wager on the outcome of epic battles between iconic meme characters, all vying for the ultimate glory.

The inaugural season showcases 11 well-loved memes, hinting at the promise of even more in the pipeline for subsequent seasons.

With its whimsical and playful approach, Meme Kombat seeks to draw in both crypto enthusiasts and meme aficionados, creating a unique and engaging space where humor and finance converge.

‘Memefied’ Finance

Users purchase $MK tokens to bet on meme characters in head-to-head battles. The outcome relies on community votes and “meme-ificance,” determined by factors like social media mentions and popularity.

Winners score rewards in $MK, while the platform itself utilizes a transparent algorithm to ensure fairness.

USP: Meme Kombat goes beyond just betting. Imagine staking your $MK tokens for high APYs (Annual Percentage Yields), participating in community governance, and creating your own memes to join future battles. It’s a dynamic ecosystem built on fun, engagement, and meme culture.

$MK Summary

Meme Kombat arrives amidst a wave of new Uniswap listings. Its lighthearted theme and P2E mechanics offer a unique twist on crypto gaming.

While tokenomics and long-term sustainability require monitoring, the engaged community and innovative approach deserve attention. For meme enthusiasts and crypto-curious individuals, Meme Kombat might be worth a playful battle cry.

ProjectMeme Kombat
TypeMeme coin
Blockchain PlatformEthereum

4. Scotty the AI: AI-Driven Protection for the Crypto Universe

New uniswap listings | Scotty the AI

Scotty is an advanced AI safeguarding the crypto universe from fraud, scams, and malicious activities. With unparalleled cognitive abilities and extensive knowledge of blockchain technology, capable of analyzing complex data and identifying vulnerabilities.

Scotty can navigate the blockchain swiftly, bypassing security systems to uncover abnormalities. Leveraging intuition, the AI detects and neutralizes threats proactively, ensuring a secure and trustworthy user environment.

Scotty the AI Ecosystem

1. The Scotty Token ($SCOTTY)

The Scotty Token ($SCOTTY) fuels the ecosystem as an ERC-20 utility token. It facilitates secure transactions through mechanisms like staking and incentivizes project growth by rewarding community participation in development and governance.

Its fixed supply of 1.2 billion tokens helps maintain long-term value, while its ERC-20 compatibility ensures seamless integration with various dApps and exchanges, making it both user-friendly and versatile.

2. Scotty Swap Tool

This tool boosts liquidity and accessibility, allowing users to explore diverse token pairs and conduct token swaps effortlessly. Scotty Swap leverages advanced algorithms and robust security measures to facilitate smooth and seamless exchanges between $SCOTTY and other tokens.

3. Scotty Chat

“Chat With Scotty” will be launched as an interactive platform for all-encompassing queries. From diverse subjects to intricate blockchain details and complex algorithms, Scotty Chat uses advanced natural language processing to ensure accurate responses, catering to both novices and experts.

4. Scotty Blockchain

Scotty will launch their blockchain signaling a commitment to decentralization, improved scalability, security, and efficiency.

This upgrade establishes a solid foundation, giving users more control over their assets and transactions within the Scotty ecosystem. It also represents a shift towards community governance.

The Scotty Swap Tool, Scotty Chat, and Scotty Blockchain are all slated for launch in Phase 2 (According to the project’s roadmap.)

$SCOTTY Summary

Scotty the AI is a name generating buzz in the cryptosphere, but before taking the plunge, consider its unique, fledgling nature.

One of the unique features of Scotty is its strong focus on building a community.

Unlike other projects, Scotty has burned all liquidity keys, which ensures that token distribution is fair and transparent. Additionally, the team has not kept any tokens for themselves, which aligns with everyone’s goals.

The team has also renounced ownership of the contract to further empower the community, making Scotty a truly community-driven project.

This philosophy extends to tokenomics. The fixed supply of $SCOTTY tokens guarantees scarcity and value, while decentralized exchanges for secure trading fuel liquidity.

ProjectScotty the AI
TypeAI-powered blockchain platform
Blockchain PlatformEthereum

5. 5th Scape: Promising AR & VR Ecosystem

New uniswap listings | 5th Scape

5th Scape aims to revolutionize the gaming industry by merging Web3 technology with Virtual Reality (VR) experiences.

Built on the blockchain, it promises a unique “play-to-earn” ecosystem where players can immerse themselves in 3D adventures while potentially generating income through gameplay and owning in-game assets.

With the $5SCAPE, 5th Scape offers exclusive access to premium VR content, animations, educational content, movies, and much more, creating a dynamic community within the virtual reality landscape.

Entering the VR Space

5th Scape emerges as a pioneer in the AR & VR space, aiming to build a comprehensive ecosystem catering to players and creators. This ambitious project encompasses several key components:

  1. VR Games: 5th Scape offers captivating VR games (MMA 3D, Cricket 3D, etc.) across genres, immersing players in adventures, sports, and more. With cutting-edge sound, music, and graphics, it provides unparalleled Web3 gaming and caters to creators and players seeking peak VR experiences.
  2. VR Equipment: Beyond software, 5th Scape aspires to design and manufacture its own VR headsets and ergonomic chairs, striving for seamless integration within the ecosystem.
  3. AR/VR Development Marketplace: To foster community and innovation, 5th Scape plans to launch a marketplace where creators can build and share AR/VR experiences using their tools and resources.
  4. Token Utility: $5SCAPE serves as the primary currency within the ecosystem. Users can leverage it for purchasing games, in-game items, subscriptions, and even virtual real estate. Furthermore, staking options are planned to incentivize token holding.

$SCAPE Summary

5th Scape presents an exciting vision for the future of AR & VR, blending entertainment, community, and tokenomics. However, a balanced assessment requires acknowledging both its pros and cons:

As an early entrant in the AR & VR ecosystem space, 5th Scape could potentially capture a significant market share if it delivers on its promises. The combination of games, hardware, and development tools holds the potential for a highly engaging and user-friendly experience.

5th Scape could cultivate a vibrant and thriving community around its ecosystem by empowering creators and fostering collaboration.

  • Early stage: As a new project, 5th Scape faces the inherent challenges of execution and delivering on its ambitious roadmap.
  • Cryptocurrency volatility: The reliance on $5SCAPE introduces an element of price volatility, potentially impacting user adoption and ecosystem stability.
  • Competition: The AR & VR space is becoming increasingly competitive, and established players pose a significant challenge.

In conclusion, 5th Scape offers a promising vision for the future of AR & VR, but its success hinges on execution, navigating a competitive landscape, and mitigating the risks associated with cryptocurrency integration.

While it’s too early for definitive judgments, 5th Scape warrants close attention from those interested in the evolution of immersive experiences and the potential of blockchain technology in this domain.

Project5th Scape
TypeAR & VR Ecosystem
Blockchain networkEthereum

6. Engines of Fury: Post-Apocalyptic 3D Combat and Exploration Game

New uniswap listings | Engines of Fury
Engines of Fury | Source

Engines of Fury is a free-to-play, online survival game set in a harsh post-apocalyptic world. Players craft, scavenge, and battle for survival, solo or against others (PvPvE).

EoF bridges the gap between traditional and blockchain gaming, offering a AAA-quality experience while introducing players to the benefits of crypto-gaming.

The game gradually educates players on blockchain’s advantages:

  • True ownership: Players fully own and trade NFT assets like characters, weapons, and armor.
  • Monetization: Earn by minting and trading champion and equipment NFTs.
  • Interoperability: Use your NFTs across other compatible games, expanding your gameplay possibilities.
  • Community-driven: Contribute to the world through user-generated content and vote on its development through a DAO.

Engines of Fury aims to be the premier gateway for standard gamers to discover the exciting potential of blockchain gaming, all within a thrilling and immersive survival experience.

Engines of Fury Gameplay

As a lone survivor navigating a perilous landscape teeming with mutants, your objective is clear: scavenge for resources, fortify your hideout, and hone your skills to become the ultimate warrior.

Thrilling Solo and Co-op Gameplay: Embark on a gritty solo campaign or team up with friends for an electrifying co-op experience. Battle formidable foes together, share the spoils of victory, and experience the amplified thrill of high-stakes encounters.

Deep Customization and Progression: Forge your path in EoF’s classless system, tailoring your character to your preferred playstyle. Utilize a unique item-fusing system to craft powerful new gear and leverage the power of “The Engine” to create randomized, high-tier NFT items.

Further, personalize your journey through cosmetic customization and engaging narrative elements woven into the various factions you encounter.

Benefit from the FURY Token: The FURY token is the lifeblood of EoF’s economy. Craft and customize your NFT equipment, upgrade your hideout, refine your items, and even reroll your character’s stats, all powered by FURY.

Seasonal loot boxes offer exclusive items while staking FURY unlocks additional features and grants access to even more limited-edition gear.

Forge a Community with Guilds: Band together with fellow survivors in a robust guild system. Pool resources, collaborate on projects, and construct an impressive shared guild hall testament to your collective strength. In a world where survival is a constant struggle, camaraderie becomes your most valuable asset.

Play-to-earn with a Focus on Skill: EoF embraces the play-to-earn model, rewarding skilled and dedicated players with in-game earnings that can be converted into real-world income.

Unlike many play-to-earn titles, EoF seamlessly integrates these aspects into the core gameplay loop, avoiding mindless grinding and botting. Instead, the focus remains on rewarding skillful play, leaderboard domination, and achievement-based progression.

$FURY Summary

Engines of Fury transcends tokenomics with an engaging, immersive post-apocalyptic adventure where asset ownership, interoperability, and rewards seamlessly blend into the gameplay.

Forget tedious crypto integrations; even non-blockchain enthusiasts can enjoy the intricate story and diverse challenges.

The key lies in Engines of Fury’s multifaceted design. Setting up your non-custodial wallet is a breeze, while the core gameplay loops function independently of blockchain elements. This removes barriers for traditional gamers while offering savvy players the option to earn through crypto assets and explore the web3 world at their own pace.

Think of it as finding rare items and forging alliances in a desolate wasteland with the potential to own and trade these assets in a broader digital marketplace. The game doesn’t force the crypto aspect but subtly integrates it, offering convenience and potential rewards for those who engage.

While the core experience shines, questions linger. How well does the “non-compulsory” crypto integrate? Will the promised depth hold up, or is it a web3 veneer on a traditional game?

Only time will tell if Engines of Fury lives up to its grand ambitions.

ProjectEngines of Fury
TypeFree-to-play PvP and PvE shooter
Blockchain PlatformEthereum

7. Patex Network: Elevating Blockchain Awareness and Building Expertise in LATAM

New uniswap listings | Patex Network
Patex Network | Source

Patex tackles the unique needs of Latin America’s blockchain ecosystem. Combining education, a Layer 2 blockchain, and a dedicated exchange, Patex fosters Web3 adoption and bridges the gap between regulators and users.

This Argentina-based platform empowers individuals and institutions to participate in the decentralized future.

Introducing C-Patex

C-Patex is a comprehensive digital asset platform built to empower traders and investors in the dynamic world of cryptocurrency. Our suite of tools and features streamlines the trading experience, providing confidence and security even in volatile market conditions.

The highly scalable and fault-tolerant exchange software ensures smooth operation, handling unexpected disruptions with ease. C-Patex boasts unmatched versatility, listing and integrating unlimited digital assets across various chains and fiat gateways.

At its core lies a professional trading platform front-end with intuitive native mobile apps for spot trading.

Developed with cutting-edge React, Swift, and Java technologies, the platform delivers exceptional performance, responsiveness, and user-friendliness.

By integrating with liquidity providers and leveraging smart order routing and custom market-making bots, C-Patex enhances liquidity and optimizes the trading experience.

Patex Ecosystem

$PATEX Token: The PATEX token is the central component of the PATEX ecosystem. It fuels transactions and governs various ecosystem products. It represents availability, improvement, knowledge, and creativity, driving progress in blockchain.

C-Patex Quick Exchange: The exchange offers many digital assets, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, Cardano, and more. This variety allows users to diversify their portfolios and capitalize on market trends. Deep liquidity ensures quick trade execution at competitive prices, even during high volatility.

Quick Exchange provides a user-friendly interface allowing users to purchase cryptocurrencies with a bank card with just a few clicks. It is ideal for occasional buyers seeking a streamlined process without the complexities of trading or dealing with order books.

C-Patex Launchpad: This infrastructure helps innovative early-stage blockchain projects sell their digital assets through IDOs.

C-Patex Trading Competition: This feature enables users to participate in trading competitions, offering opportunities to win prizes. Competitions are structured around trading volume, profits, and frequency, each with rules and prize distribution.

$PATEX Summary

Patex is a platform that aims to bridge the gap in Latin America’s blockchain industry. It offers a multifaceted ecosystem that caters to various needs.

The platform stands out with its CBDC Token Issuance feature, which allows governments and central banks to explore the possibilities of blockchain-powered currencies.

Businesses can benefit from Patex’s solutions for payments and operations, which streamline processes and enable cryptocurrency acceptance.

If Patex successfully addresses major regional challenges, such as regulatory uncertainty and economic instability, it has the potential to create opportunities for individuals from diverse backgrounds, irrespective of their experience in the blockchain industry.

ProjectPatex Network
TypeBlockchain ecosystem (Patex Network, C-Patex Exchange, Patex Campus, Patex Wallet)
Blockchain PlatformEthereum

8. TeleportDAO: Cross-chain Protocol Enabling Trustless Interoperability

New uniswap listings | TeleportDAO
TeleportDAO | Source

TeleportDAO is a blockchain interoperability solution that empowers users to move any data type between programmable and non-programmable blockchains, from contract calls to digital assets.

By empowering trustless, adaptable cross-chain interactions, TeleportDAO unlocks the full potential of decentralized technology, paving the way for a truly interconnected future.

Cross-Chain dApps

TeleportDAO utilizes a network of incentivized Relayers who submit data from the source chain to the target chain. Smart contracts on the target chain validate the submitted data, ensuring its accuracy and security.

This mechanism allows users to prove events or actions that occurred on one chain, enabling trustless interactions between different blockchain ecosystems.

TeleportDAO leverages a light client bridge (Relay) that eliminates the need for third-party trust, ensuring the security of cross-chain data transfers.

The cost of using TeleportDAO decreases as the number of users increases, making it an ideal solution for large-scale applications.

The project is one of the first to offer cross-chain transactions to Ordinals marketplace and BRC-20 tokens.

For developers: Build cross-chain dApps and applications that can leverage the power of multiple blockchain ecosystems.

For users: Access a wider range of DeFi, NFT, and other blockchain-based services and applications.

$TDT Summary

TeleportDAO boasts a game-changing design for the blockchain industry, offering a secure, universal, and scalable solution for cross-chain interoperability. However, its direct blockchain connection through a decentralized relay system introduces potential security concerns.

One primary issue with relay contracts is their vulnerability to exploitation through smart contract bugs or validation issues. If relayers become compromised, malicious actors could potentially submit false data, jeopardizing the integrity of cross-chain transactions.

Furthermore, the security of TeleportDAO is inherently linked to the underlying source chain. If the source chain’s security is compromised, vulnerabilities could infiltrate the relay process, impacting the target chain’s security.

TypeBridge protocol
Blockchain networkEthereum

New Crypto Listings on Uniswap in 2024

Below are new tokens that were recently added to Uniswap that have gained substantial attention from crypto traders.

  1. Moon App: Trade altcoins effortlessly, set parameters, deploy bots, and enjoy secure, automated execution on Moon App’s user-friendly platform.
  2. XAI: Unlocks real economies and item trading in future games, empowering Web2 and Web3 gamers to own and trade without crypto wallets.
  3. Alt Layer: Innovates by introducing Restaked rollups, enhancing security, decentralization, interoperability, and crypto-economic finality to existing rollups from various stacks like OP Stack, Arbitrum Orbit, ZKStack, Polygon CDK, etc.
  4. DMail: A secured AI-powered decentralized communication service. Users can send encrypted emails, notifications, and targeted marketing via multiple blockchain networks.
  5. Ondo Finance: Institutional-grade financial services and products including a decentralized lending and borrowing protocol dubbed ‘Flux.’
  6. LENX Finance: New native Bitcoin native liquidity based on Peer-to-Pool (P2Pool) lending with a native BTC bridge.

1. Moon App: Advanced Bots to Make Money On-Chain

New Uniswap Listings | Moon App
Moon App | Source

Moon App is pioneering a novel approach to altcoin trading by providing a retail-focused environment, and a user-friendly mobile interface.

Its innovative system allows users to sign in effortlessly, eliminating the need to manage complex crypto private keys. Utilizing fingerprint, email, and passcode credentials, Moon App ensures a secure experience.

Users can also experience the convenience of automated token management with fast transactions executed by bots upon command and customize trades by specifying parameters, making smart altcoin trading accessible through a simple, safe, decentralized front end.

Transactions Are Executed by Bots

The Moon App addresses a crucial gap in the lower-middle market of the cryptocurrency space, particularly for traders engaging in low-cap or nanocap token transactions.

In contrast to the well-equipped upper cryptocurrencies, where major assets like ETH, SOL, and MATIC thrive with professional trading tools and liquidity, the emerging environment of altcoins lacks access to essential information, tools, bots, and wallet trackers.

Operating within the DeFi trading landscape, Moon App offers automation and tooling capabilities that set it apart from conventional trading protocols. Unlike many DeFi protocols, Moon App does not hold user funds, prioritizing security.

The platform also facilitates an effortless onboarding experience for new users, emphasizing the automation of token management to enhance yields.

Moon App enables users to execute spot trades with zero extra fees, routing transactions across multiple decentralized exchanges for optimal outcomes. The platform also supports conditional orders, allowing traders to set price targets for limit orders, trail sell orders, and implement stop-loss strategies based on personalized parameters.

Additionally, Moon App provides features like running sandwich trades to generate yield from coin positions, sniping presales with automated bots, and copy-trading strategies that mimic the portfolios of chosen whales or channels, all contributing to a comprehensive and user-friendly DeFi trading experience.

$APP Summary

Moon App simplifies crypto trading with automated bots that execute your strategy, freeing you from manual work. This not only saves time but also unlocks potentially higher returns through strategic trade automation, making advanced altcoin trading accessible to everyone, regardless of their technical knowledge.

However, be aware that automated trading strategies, while designed to optimize gains, may also amplify risks by executing trades in response to market movements that can be difficult to predict or control due to the volatility associated with the blockchain asset market.

ProjectMoon App
TypeSmart altcoin trading platform.
Blockchain PlatformEthereum

2. XAI: Layer 3 Blockchain Network Designed for Gaming

New uniswap listings | XAI
XAI | Source

XAI is an industry-leading Layer-3 solution for AAA gaming that revolutionizes the industry through Offchain Labs’ Arbitrum Technology.

Developed by Offchain Labs, it powers the Vanguard League, featuring games from Ex Populus and other developers. XAI facilitates open trade in the next era of video games, empowering potentially billions of traditional gamers to own and trade in-game items seamlessly, eliminating the need for crypto-wallet interactions.

With the sentry node, anyone can support the XAI network, earn rewards, and engage in governance, contributing to this gaming ecosystem.

XAI Sentry Nodes

XAI flips the script on traditional blockchains, introducing a decentralized system where anyone can run nodes, earn rewards, and shape the network’s future. This open and democratic approach empowers users, aligning their contributions with the platform’s growth.

The network’s flexibility shines in its customizable gas limits and smart contracts, allowing developers to craft intricate games without cost or functionality constraints. The testnet’s impressive stability, with millions of daily transactions and thousands of wallets, speaks volumes.

XAI further simplifies the experience by letting users pay gas fees with XAI tokens, mirroring efficient sidechains, and prioritizing a seamless experience.

On top of its Layer 3 blockchain, XAI Sentry Nodes act as guardians, securely verifying transactions between layers for enhanced efficiency and security.

Acquiring a Sentry License Key and completing KYC enables users to participate in this groundbreaking network, reflecting a commitment to decentralization and accessibility within the blockchain domain.

The XAI Foundation champions the XAI ecosystem’s growth. They attract developers and games, bolster marketing efforts, and financially support web3 game creators. They also safeguard the blockchain and its token, ensuring platform integrity.

Anchored by Ethereum’s security, XAI Blockchain offers robust protection against vulnerabilities.

$XAI Summary

XAI Blockchain positions itself as a decentralized gaming platform with unique features, but a truly unbiased review requires examining both its strengths and potential drawbacks.

XAI emphasizes community involvement by allowing users to run nodes, contribute to network management, and potentially earn rewards. This aligns with the core principles of decentralization and can foster a sense of ownership among users.

Customizing gas limits and smart contracts offers developers more freedom to create complex and engaging games without traditional cost or functionality limitations.

The strong performance of the testnet, with high transaction volume and wallet numbers, suggests potential scalability and user adoption.

Integrating XAI tokens for gas fees mirrors efficient sidechain models and aims to simplify the user experience.

Sentry Nodes add an extra layer of security by verifying transactions between layers, potentially improving overall network trust.

XAI Blockchain presents an interesting proposition for decentralized gaming, but it’s crucial to approach it with cautious optimism.

While its focus on community involvement, developer flexibility, and user experience holds promise, its early stage, competitive landscape, and regulatory hurdles demand careful consideration.

Further transparency and a successful mainnet launch are crucial for XAI to establish itself in the competitive blockchain gaming market

ProjectXAI Network
TypeLayer-3 solution for AAA gaming
Blockchain PlatformXAI Mannet (EVM), Arbitrum

3. AltLayer: No-Code Rollups-as-a-Service (RaaS) Launchpad

New uniswap listings | Altlayer
Altlayer | Source

AltLayer revolutionizes blockchain development with its no-code Rollups-as-a-Service (RaaS) platform.

Catering to both developers and non-coders, our launchpad enables the creation of customized rollups in just 2 minutes through simple clicks.

Designed for a multi-chain, multi-VM environment, AltLayer supports EVM, WASM, OP Stack, Arbitrum Orbit, Polygon zkEVM, ZKSync’s ZKStack, Starkware, Espresso, Radius, Celestia EigenLayer, Avail, and various modular services.

AltLayer Restaked Rollups

AltLayer introduces a groundbreaking concept – Restaked rollup, enhancing existing rollups (OP Stack, Arbitrum Orbit, ZKStack, Polygon CDK, etc.) with superior security, decentralization, interoperability, and swift crypto-economic finality.

This innovative approach combines the simplicity of rollup creation using various stacks with EigenLayer’s restaking mechanism for robust security and decentralized networks.

Restaked rollups consist of three dynamically generated Actively Validated Services (AVSes) offering state correctness verification, faster finality, and decentralized sequencing. These services, named VITAL, MACH, and SQUAD, empower app-specific rollups with unparalleled functionalities.

$ALT Summary

Restaked Rollups: AltLayer introduces three Actively Validated Services (AVSes) for app rollups, offering decentralized sequencing, state correctness verification, and faster finality.

This product enhances rollup decentralization, security, and interoperability while utilizing Ethereum’s trust network through restaking.

Versatile Rollup Stack: AltLayer supports major rollup stacks, data availability layers, settlement layers, decentralized sequencers, and bridges. Key partners include Optimism, Arbitrum, Polygon, zkSync, EigenLayer, Celestia, and Hyperlane, providing a diverse range of modular rollup solutions.

No-code Dashboard: AltLayer features a user-friendly, no-code dashboard enabling developers and non-coders to set up a customized execution layer within 5 minutes.

The dashboard allows easy customization of network-level parameters (sequencers), chain-level parameters (block gas limit, gas token, contract size), and middleware solutions (bridges, rpc-providers) through simple clicks.

TypeRollups-as-a-Service (RaaS) launchpad.
Blockchain networkEthereum

4. Dmail Network: AI-Powered Decentralized Communication Channels

New uniswap listings | dMail
DMAILl | Source

Dmail Network is an AI-powered decentralized communication infrastructure built to provide encrypted emails, unified notifications, and targeted marketing across multiple chains and dApps for users, developers, and marketers.

The new encrypted email service is available in multiple chains including OpBNB and Base.

Dmail stands out as a Web3 communication hub, empowering users, developers, and marketers alike. Its core offerings include secure and private email, consolidated notifications across chains and dApps, and personalized marketing tools.

Its AI-powered platform also integrates with various blockchains, making it a versatile solution for the decentralized future.

DMAIL Ecosystem

Dmail Network’s Messaging Protocol streamlines communication in Web3. Spanning 18 networks, it connects apps, smart contracts, and users seamlessly. Emails and notifications flow securely thanks to its diverse identity support (DIDs, NFT Domains, wallets, emails). Developers can build user-friendly, interoperable Web3 experiences with ease.

Dmail dApp:

  • What: Decentralized, self-hosted email across blockchains.
  • Features: End-to-end encryption, data ownership, P2P communication, cross-chain & dApp interactions.
  • Benefits: Secure, anonymous, user-controlled data with profits.
  • Impact: Expands data & asset interaction in Web2/3, fosters new opportunities.

Subscription Hub:

  • What: Platform for developers & influencers to engage with users.
  • Features: Digital business cards, subscriber profiles, messaging, task points.
  • Benefits: Tailored messaging, loyalty program, bridges Web3 developers & users.
  • Impact: Closes the gap between Web3 projects and communities and enhances connectivity.

Marketing Hub:

  • What: Targeted marketing platform with rewards for users.
  • Features: AI-powered audience profiling, email marketing tools, and user rewards.
  • Benefits: Marketers reach ideal users, and users earn while controlling data & preferences.
  • Impact: Optimized marketing, empowers users, minimizes ad disruption.

$DMAIL Summary

The Dmail Network addresses challenges in Web3 communication by creating a decentralized information delivery system. Critical alerts and information transmission became cumbersome in the shift from Web2’s reliance on email and phone numbers to Web3’s focus on wallet addresses.

Dmail Network connects Web2 email communication with the Web3 environment, enabling efficient communication through wallet addresses and decentralized identities. This solution empowers users, developers, and dApps, ensuring data ownership, profit generation, and secure, anonymous information exchange.

TypeDecentralized communication infrastructure.
Blockchain PlatformEthereum

5. Ondo Finance: Enhancing Market Efficiency with Next-Gen Financial Products

New uniswap listings | Ondo Finance
Ondo Finance | Source

Ondo Finance bridges the gap between traditional and decentralized finance by offering institutional-grade investment products built on the blockchain.

Through their asset management arm, they craft tokenized versions of real-world assets like U.S. Treasuries and money market funds, providing on-chain investors with stable, high-yield alternatives to traditional stablecoins.

Unlike regular stablecoins, Ondo prioritizes investor returns, ensuring users capture the majority of the underlying asset’s yield. With a dedicated technology arm developing DeFi protocols and blockchain solutions, Ondo empowers investors with an innovative and secure financial experience.

Access US Money Markets

Unveiling a gateway to key US-based assets, Ondo Finance currently offers three innovative tokenized products:

  • OUSG: This token grants exposure to a robust basket of US Treasuries (UST), allowing investors to tap into the stability and security of the US government debt market.
  • OMMF: For those seeking a stable, low-volatility investment, OMMF provides access to US money market funds, offering attractive yields backed by high-quality underlying assets.
  • USDY: This yield-bearing stablecoin is a unique alternative to traditional stablecoins, offering potential returns while maintaining a peg to the US dollar.

These offerings collectively empower investors globally to access and hold tokenized versions of crucial US asset classes, unlocking new possibilities for portfolio diversification and yield generation.

Ondo Finance’s unique selling proposition (USP) lies in its ability to bridge the gap between traditional and DeFi. By tokenizing traditional assets, they are opening up new investment opportunities for DeFi users and bringing the benefits of DeFi to traditional investors.

Additionally, Ondo Finance is partnered with major institutions such as Morgan Stanley and BlackRock which lends credibility to their platform and its offerings.

Ondo Finance holds nearly 40% of the global market share in tokenized securities.

$ONDO Summary

Ondo Finance holds immense promise for the future of finance. The project offers exposure to high-quality TradFi assets that are typically inaccessible in the DeFi space.

The team behind Ondo Finance, formerly leading the Goldman Sachs Digital Assets team, comprises experienced professionals from both TradFi and DeFi backgrounds.

Overall, Ondo Finance presents a compelling opportunity for investors seeking exposure to high-quality TradFi assets within the DeFi ecosystem. However, it’s crucial to carefully consider the potential risks and limitations before investing.

ProjectOndo Finance
TypeTokenized securities provider.
Blockchain PlatformEthereum, Polygon, Arbitrum

6. LENX Finance: Native Bitcoin Liquidity Protocol for Lending and Borrowing

New uniswap listings | LENX Finance
LENX Finance | Source

LENX Finance is a new lending protocol that allows users to earn yields on their Bitcoin assets. It uses time-tested protocols and offers one-click transfers to move your assets between chains. Security is a top priority and LENX is partnered with leading security firms.

One-Click Transfers

One of the unique selling propositions (USPs) of LENX Finance is its one-click transfers to move your assets between chains.

This makes it easy for users to move their Bitcoin assets between different blockchains, such as Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. This can be useful for users who want to take advantage of different DeFi opportunities on different chains.

$XD Summary

LENX Finance is a new lending protocol that offers a unique way to earn yields on your Bitcoin assets. Its one-click transfers between chains make it easy for users to move their assets between different DeFi ecosystems.

However, it is important to note that LENX Finance is a new protocol and there is still some risk involved in using it. As with any DeFi protocol, it is important to dur own research before using Lenx Finance.

ProjectLENX Finance
TypeNative Bitcoin liquidity protocol.
Blockchain PlatformEthereum

Unveiling the Gems: Finding the Best New Uniswap Listings

Uniswap offers a vast landscape of new listings, but identifying those with true potential can be challenging. However, by following effective strategies, you can refine your search and discover projects with growth potential.

Online Tools: Websites like CoinMarketCap, C,oinbase, and Binance showcase new listings. Cryptorank.io goes deeper, filtering by exchange (Uniswap!), highlighting young tokens with good social sentiment and rising volume. Explore, but remember, these tools don’t guarantee success.

Roadmap & Liquidity: Dive into the project’s website. A clear roadmap outlining future development attracts investors. Check liquidity: healthy pools suggest community support and potentially smoother trading. Beware of low liquidity, which can lead to volatile price swings.

Social Media Buzz: Crypto Twitter and Telegram are goldmines for early whispers. Follow project accounts, track their engagement, and toten for announcements. Look for influencers discussing the project, but be wary of paid endorsements. Remember, online hype doesn’t translate to guaranteed gains.

Bonus Tip: Consider reputable communities like Messari and Delphi Digital — as their research reports often highlight promising early-stage projects, including potential Uniswap listings.

Finding the next Uniswap unicorn requires research, vigilance, and a healthy dose of skepticism. Use these tools wisely, and remember, even the most promising listings come with inherent risks.

Crypto Projects Face-Off: A Quick Comparison

TokenMax. SupplyChainStaking
Bitcoin Minetrix$BTCMTX4BETHYes
Sponge V2$SPONGEV2150BETHYes
Meme Kombat$MK120METHYes
Scotty the AI$SCOTTY1.23BETHYes
5th Scape$5SCAPE5.2BETHYes
Engines of Fury$FURY120METHYes
Patex Network$PATEX8METHYes
Moon App$APP3BETHYes
Ondo Finance$ONDO10BETH
LENX Finance$XD100METH

Our Verdict on the Best New Cryptos on Uniswap

This batch of upcoming Uniswap listings presents a diverse range of projects, each with its unique value proposition and potential risks. Here’s a quick breakdown:

User-focused: Bitcoin Minetrix and 5th Escape cater to Bitcoin enthusiasts, offering mining and VR experiences. While the Bitcoin mining space is established, its future is uncertain due to regulatory and environmental concerns. 5th Escape’s success hinges on user adoption and engagement within its gaming ecosystem.

AI-focused: Scotty the AI aims to leverage AI for on-chain analysis and trading, but the effectiveness and reliability of its AI capabilities remain to be seen.

Emerging platforms: XAI and Altlayer offer unique platforms for data analysis and blockchain infrastructure, respectively. Their success depends on their ability to attract developers and users within their specific niches.

Gaming-centric: Meme Kombat and Sponge V2 tap into the play-to-earn gaming trend. Meme Kombat’s meme-based approach carries the inherent risk of short-lived popularity, while Sponge V2’s focus on community governance and long-term development appears more sustainable.

Some projects address established markets with proven demand, while others venture into uncharted territory with innovative ideas. This group of upcoming Uniswap listings presents a mixed bag of potential, so the verdict on these projects remains open.

As with any investment, thorough research and understanding of the underlying projects and their associated risks are crucial before making any decisions.

Our Methodology: How We Arrived at the Best New Tokens on Uniswap

In the ever-evolving landscape of Uniswap listings, discerning potential gems from fleeting hype can be daunting. For this article, we’ve implemented a multi-faceted methodology that goes beyond surface-level analysis to help identify the most promising new additions to the platform.

Project Fundamentals: We conduct a thorough analysis of each project, meticulously examining its whitepaper, roadmap, and team composition.

We then assess the legitimacy, feasibility, and viability of the project’s goals, carefully scrutinizing the team’s experience and track record in past ventures.

Transparency and clear communication are paramount, with projects lacking detailed information raising red flags.

Token Utility and Value Proposition: We dissect the token’s intrinsic value and intended use within the project’s ecosystem. Does it offer tangible utility within the platform, or is it solely a speculative asset?

We evaluate the token’s distribution model, supply, and potential inflationary mechanisms, understanding how these influence long-term value.

Community Engagement and Ecosystem Growth: We analyze the project’s community engagement across various platforms, gauging active participation and network effects. A vibrant and engaged community often indicates strong project buy-in and potential for future growth.

We also assess the project’s partnerships and integrations within the broader DeFi ecosystem, as these collaborations can fuel innovation and adoption.

On-chain Analysis and Liquidity Metrics: We leverage on-chain data to gain insights into the project’s tokenomics and trading activity. We analyze metrics like total value locked (TVL), trading volume, and liquidity depth to assess the project’s financial health and market interest.

Sudden spikes in volume or rapid TVL growth, while potentially indicating excitement, also warrant caution as they could be signs of manipulation.

Independent Research and Due Diligence: We don’t rely solely on readily available information in our evaluation process. We actively engage in independent research, consulting with experts and conducting deep dives into the project’s code and smart contracts.

This additional layer of due diligence helps us uncover potential risks and hidden nuances not readily apparent on the surface.

It’s important to remember that this methodology is not a rigid formula, but rather a flexible framework that allows us to adapt to the ever-changing nature of the Uniswap ecosystem. Ultimately, our goal is to empower our readers with insightful analyses of new Uniswap listings, helping them navigate the dynamic and often opaque world of DeFi with greater confidence.



Why look for new tokens on Uniswap?

Gain early access to innovative projects on Uniswap, where you can be among the first to trade and explore a diverse range of tokens spanning various industries and use cases, with the potential for high returns alongside the inherent risk of explosive growth.

What are the benefits of new tokens on Uniswap?

Uniswap operates as a truly decentralized, permissionless, and community-driven exchange, empowering anyone to list tokens and participate in shaping its future through a transparent and inclusive governance system.

Is Uniswap a good DEX?

Uniswap shines as a leading decentralized exchange thanks to its trifecta of high liquidity for seamless token trading, open-source code for enhanced transparency and security, and a vibrant community driving continuous development and innovation.

Does Uniswap only support ETH tokens?

No. While Ethereum is dominating in terms of trading volumes, Uniswap also provides the ability to swap tokens on Polygon, Arbitrum, and Avalanche among many other chains.

What is the difference between Uniswap V2 and V3?

Uniswap V3 was deployed in 2021 with new and improved features. V3 offers concentrated liquidity, giving Liquidity Providers (LPs) more control over the price ranges the liquidity is provided for.

As opposed to V2 where only a small size of the provided liquidity was compensated for, in V3 LPs can customize the usage of the provided liquidity.

Besides more improvements to LPs, the oracles provided by the DEX are cheaper to integrate and provide time-weighted average prices (TWAPs) from the past nine days.

How to list a token on Uniswap?

Anyone can add liquidity to a pair, effectively “listing” a token. However, official project listings involve creating a pool and potentially community voting.

How many coins are listed on Uniswap?

While the exact number fluctuates, according to TokenInsight, Uniswap boasts an impressive 3150 trading pairs in its spot market, offering diverse options across various categories.

What is the most traded token on Uniswap?

Uniswap ($UNI) consistently ranks among the most traded tokens, alongside popular stablecoins and established DeFi projects, with the ETH-USDC pair boasting a 24-hour volume of $214,170,609.00 on Uniswap V3, solidifying its position as a leading decentralized exchange.

Who owns Uniswap?

Uniswap was created in 2018 by Hayden Adams, a mechanical engineer who used to work at Siemens.

Before the launch of Uniswap, Adams created a test token called ‘HayCoin.’ In late 2023, Adams burned 99.99% of the token supply he owned, sending HayCoin to over $4,000,000 per token according to Coingecko before dropping under $400,000 at the time of this writing.