Rodney Varner Genprex

Bringing Gene Therapies To The Masses

How one company seeks to provide hope to cancer patients through more effective treatments. Q4 2021 hedge fund letters, conferences and more Cancer is one of...
Chain Mail Fabric

Scientists Develop Chain Mail Fabric That Can Stiffen On Demand

Scientists from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU Singapore) and the California Institute of Technology (Caltech), United States, have developed a new type of ‘chain...

CRISPR Offers The Potential To Live Forever, But To What End?

Due to the unique consequences of the pandemic, we are able to catch a glimpse of a potential future. One where we sit, plugged...
Low-Carbon Technologies

A Comprehensive Guide To The Economic Benefits Of Climate Policy In The U.S.

As COVID-19 continues to create economic uncertainty around the world, will more progressive climate policies help or hurt state economies? An embargoed report from...
Ebo Forest Cameroon

Cameroon Approves Logging Concession that Will Destroy Ebo Forest Gorilla Habitat

Cameroon Approves Logging Concession that Will Destroy Ebo Forest Gorilla Habitat Concession Will Be a Blow for Many Endangered Primates and to Forthcoming Red Colobus...
Plastic Flow

Plastic Flows into the Ocean Expected to Triple by 2040

Research Finds Plastic Flows into the Ocean Expected to Triple by 2040 - but Immediate Action Could Stem Tide by More Than 80% Report lays...
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Impact of Emptying America’s Roads

When the novel coronavirus pandemic made its way to America, states across the country implemented stay-at-home orders. Millions of people were forced to stay...
Titicaca Water Frog

The Titicaca Water Frog Faces Uncertain Future

World's Largest Fully Aquatic Frog Faces Uncertain Future as Threats Continue to Mount. Global Amphibian Experts Applaud Binational Efforts in Bolivia and Peru to...
Good Air Quality

Good Air Quality Days Increase Due To COVID-19

According to a recent analysis by Trucost, S&P Global Market Intelligence, the number of "Good" air quality days across several major cities in 2019...
red colobus monkey

Wild Footage Of Miss Waldron’s Red Colobus Monkey

Tropical Treetop Cameras Capture First-ever Wild Footage of Critically Endangered Roloway Monkey Search for Lost Red Colobus Monkey Produces Striking Videos of Other Rare and...
Vaccination resistance NASDAQ:AZN amazon covid vaccination

These are some of the coronavirus vaccine candidates

There's a long list of coronavirus vaccine candidates in development right now, but it's too early to say which will enter production. Investors have...
Boosting Your immunity

Boosting Your Immune System: What Works & What Doesn’t

With COVID-19 breaking out almost uncontrollably, it's important to keep your health in pristine condition. Doing so starts with your immunity: our body's built-in...
Virunga National Park

Leonardo DiCaprio Assists Seed Funding Africa’s Virunga National Park

Leonardo DiCaprio, Emerson Collective and Global Wildlife Conservation Join the European Commission in Supporting New Virunga Fund After Virunga National Park Suffers Worst-Ever Attack on...
Mittermeier Fruits drove evolution of primates brains

Russ Mittermeier Becomes First Person in History To See All 80 Genera of Primates...

Renowned Primatologist Russ Mittermeier Becomes First Person in History To See All 80 Genera of Primates in the Wild New BBC Documentary Episode Featuring Record...
Ebo Forest Cameroon

Primate Experts Support Inclusive Process to Decide Future of Cameroon’s Biologically Rich Ebo Forest

The Ebo Forest is Home to the World’s Only Population of Chimpanzees That Both Fish for Termites and Crack Nuts Q1 2020 hedge fund letters,...