How to Pay Lowe’s Credit Card: Online, Phone or In Store

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Lowe’s Companies Inc. (NYSE: LOW) consumer credit card gives customers financing options and special benefits on home improvement products at the company’s retail stores.

Cardholders can choose between discounts on daily purchases and special financing conditions for purchases over a certain amount. Like any credit card, Lowe’s credit card has terms and conditions that should be thoroughly reviewed by potential cardholders.

The Lowes credit card has the characteristics of a departmental store, with which you can make purchases with special discounts any day, even in an online shop. Anyone with a Lowe’s credit card can save up to $100 for $2,000 payments in a year.

There are several types –Lowe’s Advantage Card, the American Express Lowe’s Business Rewards card, Lowe’s Preload Discover, etc– so here you will find all you need to know about this branded card.

How to Apply for The Lowe’s Credit Card

Customers can sign up for a Lowe’s credit card at any store or via the company’s website, and the process takes a few minutes. Once the card is approved and activated, the cardholder can use it for any purchase made at Lowe’s up to a certain credit limit, based on the creditworthiness of the customer –business credit.

Types of Lowe’s Credit Cards

The Lowe’s Advantage credit card offers you 5% discounts for every purchase, either online or at any Lowe’s store. There is neither an annual fee nor monthly payments, and you can save up to $100 in your first in-store purchase. Like any other store card, the annual percentage rate (APR) is certainly high.

“The special financing offer only saves you on interest if you pay off your card within the promotional period. Interest is charged starting back to the purchase date if you don’t pay off the balance in full, so you could get hit with big bills.”

The Lowe’s Business Advantage card is similar to the Advantage for regular customers, although it’s addressed to people working as home renovators or in construction in general. Besides the 5% of every day for every purchase, holders of this credit card have the benefit of discounted delivery, convenient billing and invoicing options, and exclusive cardholder events.

You can request multiple Business Advantage cards, which will give you itemized transactions and product-level details via invoice. You can also download Excel, Quicken, or QuickBooks dating back up to six months of purchase activity to control your business

The American Express Lowe’s Business Rewards Card is one by American Express that you can use at Lowe’s and every place where the franchise is accepted. You can also get $100 back upon approval and earn 5% cashback on purchases at the store for the first six months and 2% back after, as well as cashback on every eligible purchase.

With Lowe’s Commercial Account card you get “itemized transactions, SKU-level details, PO/job name, and authorized buyer information.” Another handy feature is that you can be billed upon delivery, and receive invoice PDFs via email plus Net Payment Terms.

The Lowe’s PreLoad Discover card has no credit checks, and you can fund it with a debit/credit card or business checking account. A special feature of this particular card is that you can set up purchases by cardholder with customized categories.

Ways To Pay Your Lowe’s Credit Card

Making a Lowe’s Credit Card Payment in Store

If you’re about to pay with your Lowe’s credit card for the first time, you can get help from anybody at the customer service desk.

Making a Lowe’s Card Payment by Mail

To pay your bill, Lowe’s takes mail payments, for which you need to send a check or money order to the address found in your billing statement, or to any of the following addresses:

Card Type Address
Lowe’s Advantage Card or Lowe’s Project Card Lowe’s, P.O. Box 530914, Atlanta, GA 30353-0914
Lowe’s Visa Rewards Lowe’s, P.O. Box 960010, Orlando, FL 32896-0010
Lowe’s Business Account Lowe’s, P.O. Box 530970, Atlanta, GA 30353-0970
Lowe’s Accounts Receivable Lowe’s P.O. Box 530954, Atlanta, GA 30353-0954
Lowe’s American Express Business Rewards Find the address based on your state by dialing 866-537-1397

Making a Lowe’s Credit Card Payment by Phone

You can certainly pay your credit card by phone, although expedited phone charges may apply. Depending on your card or account type, you would want to dial the following numbers:

Account Type Phone Number
Lowe’s Advantage Cards 888-840-7651
Lowe’s Business Account 888-840-7651
Lowe’s Accounts Receivable 866-232-7443
Lowe’s American Express Business Rewards 866-537-1397

Who the Lowe’s Credit Card Is Best For

Lowe’s credit card is the way to go if you are a die-hard home decor purchaser, either as a consumer or business owner. It is a great alternative for those who are interested in getting the best out of Lowe’s special financing for purchases over $299, and the 84-month eligibility for those over $2,000.

The Lowe’s Advantage credit card for consumers offers 20% off for your first purchase plus no annual fees.

If you run a business, the Lowe’s credit card package that includes the Lowe’s Business Rewards and Lowe’s Business Advantage cards will give you very special perks besides the discounts, like thorough information of your purchases so you have budget and item control of your projects.


What Credit Score Do I Need for A Lowe’s Card?

“The Lowe’s Advantage card is a retail card, so it may be easier to qualify for than a traditional credit card. However, you’ll have the best chances of qualifying with a good-to-excellent credit score of at least 670.”

What Bank Is Lowe’s Credit Card?

Synchrony Bank –Synchrony Financial (NYSE:SYF)– is the issuer of Lowe’s credit cards. The bank specializes in promotional financing in several rubrics such as home, hobbies and leisure, auto, and health.​

Can I Use My Lowe’s Gift Card to Pay My Lowe’s Credit Card Balance?

You cannot make payments on any charge account using a Lowe’s gift card. This is especially so for several of Lowe’s competitors, but you would better check if that sort of payment is available.

Can You Use Lowe’s Card the Same Day?

Yes, you can use your Lowe’s card immediately after approval, and make purchases either online or in-store. “New cardholders are usually eligible for a discount on their first purchase, regardless of whether they’re approved the same day they apply.”

Does Lowe’s Have Contactless Payment?

Lowe’s does not accept any form of NFC contactless payments, including Apple Pay or Google Pay either online or in-store. This is something surely several customers, specially younger ones, would want Lowe’s to have in the future!

Final Consideration

When applying for any of Lowe’s credit cards to obtain business rewards, you will need no bank account and won’t pay for any finance charges. You can make a card payment for any of your home projects with great advantages and benefits, including accessing your purchase information via an online account.

As you can see, Lowe’s credit card offers great benefits to home improvement enthusiasts, DIYers, and Lowe’s frequent shoppers.

Even if financing specials are never used, a cardholder who buys a lot of home improvement products can save a lot of money each year with the 5% discount promotion.

A person who is planning a major home renovation and does not want to pay the full cost upfront can benefit from the card. The cost is financed over 36 months at 3.99% APR. This means paying less in interest than you would with most credit cards.

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