Routing Number for Wells Fargo : Everything You Need To Know

Routing Number for Wells Fargo : Everything You Need To Know

Wells Fargo & Co (NYSE:WFC) is one of the biggest banks in the U.S., offering more than 13,000 ATMs and 5,400 branches across the nation. If you are a Wells Fargo customer, the routing number associated with your account can be hard to find. But why is the routing number important?

Truth is, without it you won’t be able to make transactions including direct deposits or fund transfers –this is why it’s very important to know what it is and find it! In fact, looking up the Wells Fargo routing number –as well as any bank’s– can be a grueling task, particularly for people who have never used it.

What Is A Routing Number?

A routing number is essential for any transaction in any bank. The number is a nine-digit sequence that helps all financial institutions in America to identify each other, so every bank has one. It’s also known as an ABA routing number, and it’s the proof that, whatever transaction you’re making, involves one of the Federal Reserve banks, –it’s especially important when transferring money overseas.

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It’s not unusual that bigger banks have several routing numbers assigned by the American Bank Association, depending on the state of the account holder. This is the case of the Wells Fargo routing number, which varies across the whole of the U.S. –which makes it so essential to know!

What Are Routing Numbers Used For?

Routing numbers are always necessary when ordering checks, paying consumer bills, making direct deposits –such as a payroll check– or paying taxes. American banks and credit unions use an ABA routing number to carry out several types of transactions, including check processing, initiating international wire transfers or an ACH payment.

Also, you’ll need it for receiving or transferring payments to the IRS, for social security deposits, and for setting up recurring automatic payments and making a direct deposit.

Finding Your Routing Number On A Check

The Wells Fargo routing number is a unique nine-digit number typically found on the bottom of a check, identifying the financial institution where it was issued or printed.

  1. Grab any check you have within reach!
  2. Take a look at the bottom-left corner and identify the 9-digit sequence
  3. The number to the bottom-center is the account number
  4. Grab some pen and paper and write it down or type it in your quicky notes app, so you find it every time you need it!

Routing numbers are generally printed on checks with magnetic ink, which allows bank machines to read the code more easily. However, whether there is magnetic ink or not, printers generally use the MICR font, making it easier for computers to recognize numbers.

This is especially useful when you deposit a check by taking a photo with your mobile device, for example.

Are All Wells Fargo Routing Numbers The Same?

As mentioned above, your Wells Fargo routing number will depend on the state in which you opened your Wells Fargo account. To find the one that corresponds to you, all you have to do is to take a look at the table below.

Wells Fargo Routing Numbers By State

State Wells Fargo Routing Numbers
Alabama 062000080
Alaska 125200057
Arizona 122105278
Arkansas 111900659
California 121042882
Colorado 102000076
Connecticut 021101108
Delaware 031100869
Florida 063107513
Georgia 061000227
Hawai 121042882
Idaho 124103799
Illinois 071101307
Indiana 074900275
Iowa 073000228
Kansas 101089292
Kentucky 121042882
Louisiana 121042882
Maine 121042882
Maryland 055003201
Massachusetts 121042882
Michigan 091101455
Minnesota 091000019
Mississippi 062203751
Missouri 113105449
Montana 092905278
Nebraska 104000058
Nevada 321270742
New Hampshire 121042882
Nueva Jersey 021200025
Nuevo México 107002192
Nueva York 026012881
Carolina del Norte 053000219
Dakota del Norte 091300010
Ohio 041215537
Oklahoma 121042882
Oregón 123006800
Pennsylvania 031000503
Rhode Island 121042882
Carolina del Sur 053207766
Dakota del Sur 091400046
Tennessee 064003768
Texas 111900659
Texas – El Paso 112000066
Utah 124002971
Vermont 121042882
Virginia 051400549
Washington 125008547
Washington, D.C. 054001220
Virginia Occidental 121042882
Wisconsin 075911988
Wyoming 102301092

After looking at this table you are probably wondering, why does Wells Fargo have so many routing numbers? Well, this is because the bank, throughout its history, has merged and acquired other smaller financial institutions while keeping the original financial infrastructure in the process and simply building on top of it.

It’s timely to remember that Wells Fargo was founded in the mid-1800s, so they’ve had plenty of time to acquire other banks over the years.

Wells Fargo Routing Numbers For Wire Transfers

If you have a Wells Fargo account and you want to make either international wire transfers or domestic wire transfers, here’s how to do it.

In the case of an international wire transfer, you should use what is known as the SWIFT code (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications), which, in practical terms, is the international transaction equivalent of the U.S. routing codes. The Wells Fargo SWIFT code is WFBIUS6S, and you must use it for all international transfers to or from your Wells Fargo account.

Besides, you will also need the following information:

  • The name of the beneficiary as it appears on your account
  • The name and address of the beneficiary’s bank
  • The beneficiary’s account number
  • The SWIFT code of your bank
  • The currency that is sent
  • Purpose of the transaction

If you’re receiving an international wire transfer to e.g. Wells Fargo savings accounts, you’ll need the routing number 121000248. Besides, you’ll need to give the following information:

  • Bank Name: Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.
  • Bank Address: 420 Montgomery, San Francisco, CA 94104

(regardless of where your account is located)

  • BNF/Field 4200 or beneficiary account number: Your complete Wells Fargo account number including leading zeros
  • Beneficiary account name and address: The name and address of your account as it appears on your statement
  • CHIPS Participant: 0407

For a domestic wire transfer, you’ll need the same number, 121000248.

Wells Fargo Routing Number For ACH Transfers

As mentioned above, for any domestic transfer, including an ACH transfer, the number is 121000248.

Wells Fargo Line Of Credit Routing Numbers

The table below shows the routing numbers for Wells Fargo line of credit. Just refer to the first three digits of your account number.

Account Number Routing Number
001 073000228
003 104000058
038 122105278
072 091300010
082 092905278
083 091400046
114 121042882
117 122000247
119 124002971
163 102000076
203 091101455
300 091000019
433 112000066
451 102000076
552 074900275
553 041215537
569 125200057
585 107002192
650, 651, 654 121042882
661, 662, 663 321270742
727 075911988
737 102100918
742, 743 122101191
746 071101307
748, 768 122101191
808 111900659
810 102301092
825 321270742


Does Wells Fargo have 2 routing numbers?

By being one of the biggest banks in America, the bank has several routing numbers. There is a unique routing number for Wells in every state in the U.S., depending where your account is from –check the table above to find the one you need.

Does it matter which Wells Fargo routing number I use?

Since every state has its own routing number –e.g. for a wire transfer or an ACH transfer– the number you use is of the utmost importance. Choosing the wrong one will stop you from succeeding in your transaction, so you must be very careful and not run into hiccups.

What address do I use for Wells Fargo ACH?

Wells Fargo’s address is 420 Montgomery, San Francisco, CA 94104. It’s important to have it at hand also for incoming international wires.

Where to find a Wells Fargo routing number on a check?

The routing number for Wells can be retrieved from a check. You can find it at the bottom-left corner, and remember: it has nine digits. You would want to write it down for quick access or save the number on any notes apps on your phone or PC.

How to find your Wells Fargo routing number online?

If you haven’t been able to find the routing number for Wells, you can go on to the bank’s website, and by marking a few options depending on what you want to do, you can get it very easily.

Final Thoughts

Wells Fargo is one of the biggest banks in America, and since it’s acquired other banks in the course of over a century, its routing number scheme is very complex. Every state has its own number, so it’s very important to know the one you need.

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