America First Credit Union Bank Routing Number [Complete Guide]

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Finding the routing number for your America First Credit Union account is easy, whether you have a check for your account or not. Routing transit numbers are needed for a variety of financial transactions, such as direct deposit, wire transfers, paying utilities or making another type of payment, tax purposes, and more.

An ACH routing number is used with account numbers to identify banks or other financial institutions for receiving or sending money, making payments and more. This page will tell you everything you need to know about routing numbers and how to find your America First routing number.

What Is a Routing Number?

The American Bankers Association developed routing transit numbers in 1910 to identify banks or other financial institutions like the America First Credit Union (ABA).

The ABA originally created the ACH routing number to identify endpoints for check processing, but today, routing numbers are used with all types of bank accounts for various purposes, such as moving funds, making payments and other transaction types.

All routing numbers for all banks are nine digits.

What Are Routing Numbers Used For?

You will need to know your America First routing number to access your America First account for various purposes, including wire transfers, direct deposits, making an ACH transfer, paying bills, and more.

Each bank or financial institution organizes its routing numbers in different ways. Some financial institutions use different routing numbers to identify each local branch. However, America First uses only one routing number for all its local branches.

Finding Your Routing Number on A Check

If you have a check handy, it’s easy to find your America First routing number.

  • 1. Look at the numbers at the bottom of your check for your America First account.
  • 2. There will be three sets of digits at the bottom of the check.
  • 3. The ACH routing number is the first set of nine digits.
  • 4. The bank account number is the next set of digits, followed by the check number.

If you don’t have a check handy, there are other ways to find your America First routing number. The credit union only uses one routing number, which we have included on this page. However, you shouldn’t take our word for it.

You can also confirm your America First routing number on the credit union’s home page by scrolling down, and you don’t even need to log in to online banking like you do with other banks. For security, you may want to double check any America First routing number you see on any site, which you can do if you visit the bank’s online banking site.

America First Routing Numbers

According to the America First website, the only routing number the credit union uses is 324377516. Unlike other banks, America First does not have multiple routing numbers, which makes identifying your America First routing number easy.

It’s also important not to confuse America First Credit Union with American First Credit Union, which has a different routing number.

Routing numbers Vs SWIFT codes Vs BIC Vs IBANs: What’s the Difference?

It’s important to realize that a routing number isn’t enough for international transfers. A domestic wire transfer uses the bank’s routing number, as does an ACH transfer and various financial transactions.

To receive money, you will need to give the person who is sending it your routing number. For example, if you are setting up direct deposit for easy access to your paycheck, you will need the routing numbers to receive your

However, a wire transfer that crosses international boundaries requires a SWIFT code, also referred to as a BIC code. It’s important to know the difference between the routing number and the SWIFT code.

Sending money internationally or making transfers across country lines requires a SWIFT code, which acts similarly to a routing number in that it identifies banks for the purpose of transfers or payments.

America First has not published its SWIFT code on its website, so if you want to make international wire transfers, you will have to call the bank’s customer service to find it.

Additionally, the IBAN or international bank account number, will represent the number for your account internationally. European banks were the first to adopt IBANs, but banks in other parts of the world are starting to use them too.

How to Find Your America First Routing Number Online

The easiest way to find your America First routing number online is to go to the credit union’s online banking site. If you scroll to the bottom of the website, you will find the only America First routing number in use.

Whenever you are planning to receive money or funds in your personal bank account, it’s important to make sure that you have the correct routing number. Wire transfers, an ACH transfer, payments, or another type of transaction all require you to have the correct routing number.

For example, if you get this number wrong, the funds or transfers won’t make it into your account, or your payment will not go through.

Other Places to Find Your America First Routing Number

A great place to find the routing number for your


How Many Numbers Is an America First Account Number?

Most accounts have numbers between eight and 12 digits. America First has not publicly stated how many digits its account numbers are. On the other hand, every routing number has nine numbers.

How Can I Find My Bank Account Number Online?

You will need a login to view your accounts on your bank website. Your bank may provide it somewhere after you log in, but if you aren’t sure, you can download your bank statement, which should have it listed.

Final Considerations

Whether you’re completing a wire transfer or carrying out other services like sending a payment or money to a friend or relative, knowing your ABA routing numbers for your bank is a necessity.

Many customers of America First feel it is a great place to do business, and the fact that it does not have multiple routing numbers makes everything much easier for customers. There is no guessing about which of the many routing numbers the bank uses is the correct one.