How To Pay Your Ulta Credit Card: Online, Phone or Mail

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Ulta Beauty is the largest beauty retailer in the U.S., offering more than 25,000 products across all categories and price points, including its own private label. The company offers consumers the chance to earn rewards in the shape of beauty products through its Ulta credit card.

Ulta stores offer the Ultamate Rewards credit card and the Ultamate Rewards Mastercard, issue by Comenity Capital bank. In this article, you will know more about both cards, how to manage the card’s account, how to pay your bill, bonus points, and more!

Online Account Access

To gain access to your Ulta credit card online account, you have to go to the Comenity site by clicking here. The account allows you to manage everything regarding your Ulta credit card.

Ultamate Rewards Mastercard Login

Login is the same for both the Ultamate Rewards Mastercard and the Ultamate Rewards credit card. You just have to choose between the two when you open the online account link provided above.

Ulta Credit Card Services

Depending on the card —we’ll go over the main differences below— you can use your Ulta credit card to make purchases at every Ulta store and

Both Ulta credit cards have no annual fee, and you can accumulate points that you can redeem —mostly in beauty products and store items.

Ulta Bill Pay Phone Number

To make an Ulta credit card payment by phone, you can dial the Comenity Capital Bank Services number, 866-257-9195. Follow the automated prompts to complete your payment.

Ulta Credit Card Payment Address

If you want to pay your bill by post, you must send your money order to:

Comenity Capital Bank
PO Box: OH – 659820
San Antonio TX, 78265-9120

Customer Service Hours

Comenity Capital bank customer services are one of the best in terms of schedule, as they’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Ulta Credit Card Alternatives For Poor Or No Credit

One thing is clear. If you want to apply for any of the Ulta credit cards you will need to have a good credit score.

This makes a case for the Capital One credit card, which allows people to build a credit history and increase their credit score. This is so as it has no annual fees and it applies a credit limit increase after five consecutive on-time payments.

Does Ulta Credit Card Help Build Credit

Ulta credit cards are indeed a solid way to build credit as it reports to every major credit bureau —Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian. Paying your Ulta credit card bill on due date and not trespassing your credit limit will help you improve your score.

Ultamate Rewards Credit Card vs. Ultamate Rewards Mastercard

Issued by Comenity Capital, the Rewards Card and the Ulta Mastercard have a lot to offer but benefits are slightly different.

These are the benefits of the Ultamate Rewards Credit Card:

  • Making payments at Ulta stores and
  • Earn two points for every dollar you spend.
  • 20% off on your first purchase.
  • No annual fees.

These are the benefits of the Ultamate Rewards Mastercard:

  • Making payments at Ulta Beauty stores and, and everywhere Mastercard is accepted.
  • Earn two points for every dollar spent at Ulta
  • One point for every $3 spend elsewhere.
  • 500 welcome points when you spend $500 in your first 90 days outside Ulta Beauty.
  • No annual fee.

How To Make an Ulta Credit Card Payment

Ula credit cards can be paid in several ways, so you just have to choose the one you find more convenient.


To pay online, just follow these steps:

By Phone

  • Make sure you have your credit card number, Social Security number, and your bank account information at your disposal.
  • Dial 866-257-9195 —the Comenity Capital Bank Services number.
  • Follow the automated prompts and execute your payment.

By Mail

  • Send a check or a money order to Comenity Capital Bank for the amount you want to pay to the above mentioned address.
  • To avoid extra charges —max late fee of $41— pay the minimum payment due.
  • Be mindful of delivery times so you pay on time.

Via Mobile App

  • Download and install the Ulta mobile app.
  • At the bottom right of the home screen, tap “More.”
  • Tap “Ultamate Rewards Credit Card” and the “Manage Account” button at the bottom left.
  • Choose your credit card and sign in with your login credentials.
  • Follow the prompts and finish your payment.


Do You Have to Buy Something at Ulta to Get Your Birthday Gift?

To be awarded a free birthday gift, there is no need to buy at Ulta Beauty. You just need a birthday coupon email. You can check for more information on the company’s website.

Can I Use My Ulta Credit Card Anywhere?

You cannot use your Rewards credit card outside of Ulta beauty and the Ulta website. However, you can indeed use the Ulta Mastercard to pay anywhere Mastercard is accepted.

How Much Are 100 Ulta Points Worth?

With 100 points, you’ll have $3.00 off; 250 points, $8.00 off; 500 points, $17.50 off; and 750 points mean $30.00 off.

Final Thoughts

Ulta credit cards are a good type of store card with lots of perks and benefits. Credit card offers by the beauty retailer are a solid option, and the ability to pay the bill via different payment channels is pretty convenient —just make sure you don’t incur late fees.

Any of the two credit cards is a no-brainer, you just have to apply to the one that better fits your credit score and benefit expectations.

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