6 Best Crypto Margin Trading Exchanges in 2024

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Cryptocurrency prices are soaring again, and with them, the allure of margin trading. By leveraging your holdings, you can multiply your potential profits.

But be warned, magnification works both ways – losses can be brutal too. So, before you jump in, choosing the right platform is crucial.

This guide unveils the top 6 crypto margin trading exchanges besides binance in 2024, considering factors like security, leverage options, fees, and the recent boom in altcoin markets.

best crypto margin trading exchanges, leverage trading crypto | Popular cryptocurrency exchanges
Popular cryptocurrency exchanges

Best crypto margin trading exchanges and leverage platforms in 2024

  1. Coinbase: A well-established exchange known for its user-friendly interface, Coinbase offers limited margin trading options for select cryptocurrencies with leverage up to x3. While a good starting point for beginners due to its educational resources, Coinbase might not cater to experienced margin traders seeking a wider range of assets and higher leverage.
  2. Kraken: Renowned for its security and liquidity, Kraken provides margin trading for a vast array of cryptocurrencies with leverage up to x5. The platform caters to experienced traders with advanced order types and margin features, but its interface might be less intuitive for beginners.
  3. Paybis: An emerging cryptocurrency exchange, Paybis allows margin trading on a decent selection of cryptocurrencies with leverage up to x20. While Paybis offers competitive fees, its relatively new presence in the market might be a consideration for some users seeking a more established platform.
  4. OKX (formerly OKEx): Global cryptocurrency exchange, OKX provides extensive margin trading options on many cryptocurrencies with leverage up to x75. The platform caters to both beginner and advanced traders with various margin modes and tools, but users should be aware of potential regulatory restrictions in certain jurisdictions.
  5. MEXC: An up-and-coming exchange, MEXC boasts margin trading on several cryptocurrencies, with leverage reaching x50. MEXC offers various margin products and features tailored to experienced margin traders, but its customer support might be limited compared to more prominent platforms.
  6. ByBit: A focused derivative exchange, ByBit primarily offers margin trading on popular cryptocurrencies, with high leverage reaching x100. Although ByBit's interface is streamlined for margin trading, users new to margin trading might benefit from starting with a platform offering a less risky environment.

In the news: Japanese exchanges are urging regulators to ease the restrictions on margin trading for cryptocurrencies to prevent slowed market growth. The 2022 regulations limit exchanges to a leverage of only twice the principal capital. 2020/2021, exchanges could leverage up to 25x the principal capital, which pushed trading volumes reaching as high as $500 billion annually.

Discover the best crypto margin trading exchanges and leverage platforms to invest your money

This guide will break down the top exchanges for crypto margin trading, helping you find the perfect platform to maximize your crypto gains (and minimize risks).

1. Coinbase: Trusted Platform for Leverage Trading Crypt

Coinbase Pro caters to experienced traders seeking entry into the world of leverage trading crypto. It leverages Coinbase's renowned reputation for security, compliance, reliability, and deep liquidity, which assures traders of a secure platform to execute even intricate portfolio strategies.

best crypto margin trading exchanges, leverage trading crypto | Coinbase icon

Crypto margin trading on Coinbase:

  • Available to Qualified Users:
    • Individual accounts in 23 states with active Coinbase Pro accounts based on trading history and account activity.
    • Institutional accounts in 43 states and 9 international countries.
  • Maximum Leverage of 10x:
    • Limits per contract and a $90,000 cap on total leveraged positions exist for risk management.

Is Coinbase right for you?

Coinbase Pro carves a niche for qualified users to delve into leverage trading crypto.

Coinbase Pro cultivates a trusted environment for traders to implement leverage strategies by marrying its deep liquidity pool with industry-leading security. This can be especially appealing for experienced traders aiming to magnify potential gains..

Margin trading is only available on Coinbase Pro. Visit the website for information on fees and qualifications.


  • Boasts a deep liquidity pool, which helps ensure smoother execution of trades and minimizes slippage, especially for larger orders.
  • Coinbase Pro’s margin trading features cater specifically to experienced traders. This translates to a more professional trading environment.


  • Margin trading on Coinbase Pro is currently restricted to specific states for individual users and a select group of countries for institutions.
  • Coinbase Pro offers a maximum leverage of 10x, which might be considered less appealing for some experienced traders seeking access to higher leverage ratios.

Margin rates (Margin on trading)Not Available (Coinbase Pro required for margin trading)
Minimum account balanceNot Applicable
No. of cryptos available for margin trading (approx.)150+

2. Kraken: Secure platform for leverage trading crypto

Kraken is a secure and reliable crypto exchange that caters to both beginner and experienced traders. It offers a user-friendly platform for leverage trading crypto, also known as margin trading crypto. This is distinct from CFD (Contract for Difference) trading.

best crypto margin trading exchanges, leverage trading crypto | Kraken icon

Crypto margin trading on Kraken

  • Up to 5x Leverage: Amplify your buying power (go long) or short-sell cryptocurrencies with up to 5x leverage in over 100 markets.
  • Spot Margin Trading: Trade the underlying crypto assets, not financial contracts, for potentially higher returns (and greater risk).
  • Stable Fees: Plan your trades effectively with predictable margin fees, starting from 0.01% per opening position.
  • Advanced Order Options: Use a professional trading interface with various order types to precisely control your leverage trades.
  • High Margin Limits: Qualified clients can access significant margin allowances, enabling larger trades.
  • Broad Asset Coverage: Manage risk and diversify your portfolio with a wide selection of margin-tradable cryptocurrencies.

Kraken charges stable fees for margin trading that range from 0.01% to 0.02% for opening a position. Rollover fees of the same amount are charged every 4 hours for open positions.

Is Kraken right for you?

Kraken is a secure and feature-rich platform for experienced traders interested in leverage trading crypto. It offers various margin-tradable cryptocurrencies, a professional trading interface, and stable fees.

Kraken also provides educational resources to help you learn more about leverage trading crypto

See Kraken vs. Coinbase


  • Offers a wide range of cryptocurrencies with competitive margin rates and high leverage options.
  • Kraken caters to high-volume traders with potentially millions in margin allowance for qualified users.
  • Kraken’s spot margin lets you own the underlying crypto, potentially offering tax benefits and simpler settlements.


  • Kraken’s 5x leverage might be limiting for traders seeking very high leverage ratios.
  • Accessing Kraken’s high margin limits requires qualification, potentially hindering newer traders.

Founded2011, 2013 (Launched)
Margin rates (Margin on trading)Starting from 0.01%
Minimum account balance$10,000
No. of cryptos available for margin trading (approx.)60

3. Paybis: Streamlined crypto exchange with leverage trading

Paybis caters to beginner and experienced crypto investors seeking a user-friendly platform for buying, selling, and trading cryptocurrencies. Notably, Paybis offers leverage trading, allowing users to amplify their potential returns (and risks) with borrowed funds.

best crypto margin trading exchanges, leverage trading crypto | Paybis icon

Crypto margin trading on Paybis:

Paybis doesn't offer margin trading but you can short Bitcoin on the platform by borrowing it from a broker and selling it at the current market price. If the price drops, you can buy it back at a lower price, return the borrowed Bitcoin to the broker, and keep the profit.

  • Leverage Options: Paybis offers leverage options of 2x, 3x, 5x, and even 10x. This magnifies profits if the market moves favorably but also increases potential losses.
  • Example: With 1 BTC, you can short 10 BTC using 10x leverage. Paybis lends you 9x additional capital, amplifying your profits (or losses) by 10x for every price movement.
  • Margin Requirement: Paybis requires a margin deposit, typically 50% of the borrowed amount. This acts as collateral, ensuring you can repay the loan.
  • Margin Calls and Liquidation: If your short trade incurs losses exceeding your margin, Paybis will issue a margin call, requiring you to add more funds or close the position. Unattended margin calls can trigger automatic liquidation of your position.

Is Paybis right for you?

Paybis is a user-friendly and secure platform for leverage trading. It offers beginner-friendly leverage with clear explanations and a straightforward interface.

You can choose from multiple leverage options (2x - 10x) and directly short Bitcoin for more strategic control.


    Allows users to directly short Bitcoin through leverage trading, giving you more strategic control over your trades.
  • Offers a user-friendly interface with clear explanations, making it easier for beginners to grasp leverage trading concepts.


  • While Paybis allows direct shorting of Bitcoin, their leverage options might be limited for other altcoins compared to competitors.
  • May lack some advanced order types like stop-loss take-profit orders commonly found on other margin trading platforms.

Margin rates (Margin on trading)Not Available (Paybis does not offer margin trading)
Minimum account balanceNot Applicable
No. of cryptos available for margin trading (approx.)Not Applicable

4. OKX: Streamlined crypto margin trading for active investors

OKX positions itself as a leading exchange for crypto margin trading. It offers a variety of features to suit different trading styles and risk tolerances.

best crypto margin trading exchanges, leverage trading crypto | OKX icon

Crypto margin trading on OKX:

  • Multiple Margin Modes: OKX provides three margin modes: portfolio margin, single-currency cross margin, and multi-currency cross margin. These modes cater to both beginner and experienced margin traders.
  • Wide Asset Selection: Trade over 30+ crypto assets with leverage up to 10x.
  • Cross Margin Flexibility:
    • Single-Currency Cross Margin: Isolate margin for specific trading pairs.
    • Multi-Currency Cross Margin: Utilize all assets in your account for margin, maximizing buying power.
  • Isolated Margin:
    • Auto Transfers: Automatically allocate margin from your cross-account to isolated positions.
    • Quick Margin: Manually transfer collateral to trade-specific positions.
  • Leverage Options: Depending on your risk appetite and liquidation preference (full or partial), select leverage levels between 10x and 100x.

Is OKX right for you?

OKX empowers leverage enthusiasts. Are you new to margin trading? Isolated margin eases you in. Seasoned trader? Explore flexible leverage and cross-margin modes. Risk-aware? Lower leverage options provide control. Leverage crypto's potential on a user-friendly platform built for you.


  • Offers demo accounts to practice margin trading strategies.
  • Cross margin modes utilize single-currency or portfolio margin for broader asset use in borrowing strategies.
  • Flexible Leverage Options allows investors to choose between risk-focused options (10x-20x) or potentially higher reward (1x-100x) with partial liquidation.


  • Margin trading restrictions might apply in certain regions.
  • While it offers flexibility, cross margin calculations can be more complex for new traders.

Margin rates (Margin on trading)Starting from 0.005% (varies by asset and loan term)
Minimum account balanceVaries by asset
No. of cryptos available for margin trading (approx.)300+

5. MEXC: A top contender for leverage trading crypto

MEXC stands out as a strong contender for those seeking the best crypto margin trading exchanges. This platform empowers users with leverage trading, allowing them to amplify their positions and trade with more capital than what's initially available in their account.

best crypto margin trading exchanges, leverage trading crypto | MEXC icon

Crypto margin trading on MEXC:

  • Short-Selling Benefits: Engage in short-selling on MEXC to potentially profit when an asset's value declines. This feature is valuable in bearish markets where prices are expected to fall.
  • Hedging with Leverage: Utilize margin trading as a hedging strategy to manage risk during volatile market conditions. By strategically leveraging positions, you can potentially offset losses in one trade with gains from another, minimizing overall risk exposure.
  • Advanced Trading Tools: MEXC equips users with advanced trading tools for informed decision-making. Leverage comprehensive charting and analysis tools, real-time market data, and customizable trading interfaces to effectively execute your margin trading strategies.

Is MEXC right for you?

MEXC's margin trading platform caters to experienced traders with a solid grasp of market dynamics and effective risk management practices.

By leveraging the platform's features and employing sound trading tactics, users can potentially elevate their trading performance and capitalize on market opportunities.


  • Competitive fees and high leverage options.
  • Offers a vast selection of coins for margin trading with a user-friendly interface.


  • Limited customer support options outside of Asia.
  • Less established brand compared to some competitors.

Margin rates (Margin on trading)Up to 1:x125 (varies by asset)
Minimum account balanceVaries by asset
No. of cryptos available for margin trading (approx.)1700+

1: - represents your initial margin while x125 - represents the leverage. This means if you deposit $1000 as your initial margin and the exchange offers 1:x125 leverage, you can control a total position of $125,000 ($1000 x 125).

6. ByBit: Leverage crypto trading on the spot market

ByBit offers leverage trading through Spot Margin, a derivative product built on their Spot account. This allows users to borrow funds and amplify their potential profits (or losses) by using their existing crypto holdings as collateral.

best crypto margin trading exchanges, leverage trading crypto | ByBit icon

Crypto margin trading on ByBit:

  • Collateralize Assets: Use crypto in your Spot account as collateral to borrow funds for leveraged trades.
  • Amplify Profits: Increase your buying power to potentially maximize profits in volatile markets.
  • Margin Fees: Incur standard Spot trading fees, interest on borrowed funds, and liquidation fees if applicable.
  • Margin Insurance Fund (MAF): This fund helps cover losses during forced liquidations to maintain platform stability. A liquidation fee applies to replenish the MAF.
  • Maximum Leverage: Limits vary by coin and VIP level (details on ByBit's Margin Data).
  • Hourly Interest: Interest accrues on borrowed funds every hour (including partial hours).

Is ByBit right for you?

ByBit is a great option for experienced and active traders who want to maximize their profits in the crypto spot market. It offers leverage options, risk management features, and potential benefits in volatile market conditions.


  • Safeguards your trades with automatic SMS and email alerts at high-risk levels, giving you a chance to add more collateral and prevent forced liquidation.
  • Margin Insurance Fund (MAF) acts as a safety net, potentially covering losses during forced liquidation to ensure platform stability.


  • Margin trading incurs additional costs like interest on borrowed funds, liquidation fees, and standard Spot trading fees. These can significantly eat into your profits.

Margin rates (Margin on trading)Up to 1:x100 (varies by asset)
Minimum account balanceVaries by asset
No. of cryptos available for margin trading (approx.)30+

1: represents your initial margin, while x100 represents the leverage. If you deposit $1000 as your initial margin and the exchange offers 1:x100 leverage, you can control a total position of $100,000 ($1000 x 125).

Define margin trading in crypto

Crypto margin trading, or leverage trading crypto, lets you amplify your returns by borrowing funds from an exchange. This increases your buying power, allowing you to control a larger position than your capital allows.

Note: While crypto margin trading and Contracts for Difference (CFDs) are leveraged products, they differ fundamentally.

CFDs are contracts between you and a broker, where you speculate on the price movement of an asset without owning it. In crypto margin trading, you borrow actual cryptocurrency from an exchange to trade, and you directly own the crypto you buy on margin.

The next. section provides a springboard for exploring the best crypto margin trading exchanges, empowering you to make informed decisions as you navigate the exciting world of leverage trading in crypto.

best crypto margin trading exchanges, leverage trading crypto | MEXC margin trading banner
MEXC margin trading banner | Source

What are the benefits of margin trading in crypto?

Margin trading emerges as a powerful tool for traders seeking to magnify their returns in the dynamic world of cryptocurrency.

Unlike CFD (Contract for Difference) trading, which deals with contracts and not the underlying asset, margin trading in crypto allows you to leverage your holdings to amplify your profits.

But before diving in, understanding the key benefits is crucial.

  • Magnified profits: The core advantage of leverage trading crypto is controlling a larger position with a smaller initial investment. This means even minor price movements can translate into significant gains (and, conversely, losses).
  • Enhanced short-selling opportunities: Margin trading empowers you to speculate on falling prices. By borrowing crypto from the exchange, you can initiate a short position and profit if the price decreases.
  • Increased portfolio diversification: Leverage trading allows you to allocate less capital towards multiple assets, potentially enhancing your portfolio's diversification and mitigating risk.
  • Hedging existing holdings: Advanced crypto traders can utilize margin trading to hedge their existing holdings, potentially mitigating potential losses in a volatile market.

Disclaimer: Margin trading magnifies profits and losses. It's crucial to employ robust risk management strategies and only invest capital you can afford to lose.

Pros and cons of engaging in crypto margin trading

Engaging in crypto margin trading can lead to greater gains, but it also exposes traders to the possibility of larger losses. Carefully weigh both sides before deciding if it's right for you.

Magnify profits: Leverage lets you control a larger position with a smaller investment, potentially increasing profits.Amplify losses: Losses are also multiplied by your leverage ratio. A small downturn can wipe out your entire investment.
Short selling: Margin trading allows you to bet on falling prices, unavailable in standard spot trading.Liquidation risk: If your position falls below a certain threshold, your collateral gets sold to cover losses (liquidation).
Increased potential gains: Skilled traders can use margin trading for advanced strategies to maximize returns.Higher volatility: Crypto markets are inherently volatile, making margin trading riskier.
Higher volatility: Crypto markets are inherently volatile, making margin trading riskier.Margin calls: Sudden price movements can trigger margin calls, forcing you to deposit more funds to maintain your position.

Crypto margin trading can be a tempting tool for amplifying gains, but it's crucial to understand the multiplied risks involved. Before venturing into the leveraged world, let's explore a simpler alternative: spot trading.

Margin Trading versus Spot Trading

Spot trading offers a more measured approach, perfect for those starting their crypto journey. We'll compare the pros and cons of each method to help you decide which aligns best with your trading goals.

FeatureSpot TradingLeverage Trading (Margin Trading)
Capital requiredFull amount upfrontSmaller initial investment
Profit potentialLimited to price increaseAmplified profits (and losses)
RiskLower riskHigher risk of liquidation
ComplexityShallow Learning CurveSteeper learning curve
Best forBeginners, long-term investorsExperienced traders seeking higher returns

Overall, spot trading suits those starting or looking to hold crypto long-term. In contrast, leverage trading offers the potential for magnified gains but comes with a significant risk of losing your entire investment.


What is the best margin trading cryptocurrency?

There isn't a single "best" cryptocurrency for margin trading. It depends on your trading strategy and risk tolerance.

Due to their established markets, popular choices include Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). However, other volatile altcoins can offer amplified gains (and losses) with leverage.

Is crypto margin trading profitable?

Margin trading can be profitable, but it carries significant risks. Using borrowed funds to magnify your position can amplify gains, but losses are also magnified.

Extreme price movements can quickly lead to margin calls and liquidation of your holdings.

Is it safe to trade with crypto platforms?

Reputable crypto platforms prioritize security. They employ strong measures like two-factor authentication and insured funds to safeguard your assets.

While no platform is entirely risk-free, these measures significantly reduce the chance of unauthorized access. For added security, only store the crypto you actively trade on the exchange, keeping the rest in a secure personal wallet.

What are the risks of margin trading crypto?

Margin trading magnifies both profits and losses. Even small price swings can lead to significant losses if your position is highly leveraged.

Additionally, crypto markets are inherently volatile, increasing the risk of sudden price movements that trigger margin calls and force you to sell assets at potentially unfavorable times.

What is long and short positions in margin trading?

Traders maintaining long positions expect the price of a coin to rise in the future and can profit from the price difference by buying at a low price and selling at a higher price.

On the other hand, traders maintaining short positions expect the price of a coin to drop in the future and can profit from the price difference by selling at a high price and then buying at a lower price.

With margin trading, traders can borrow USDT to buy/long more coins and return the borrowed USDT and interest once they sell the coins.