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13 Potential and New Kraken Listings in 2024

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Kraken, a US-based cryptocurrency exchange renowned for its robust platform and user-centric approach, is again making waves, winning awards not just in crypto but also in the global arena.

As the sixth-largest cryptocurrency spot exchange by traffic and trading volumes, Kraken consistently attracts seasoned traders and newcomers.

In a strategic move to bolster its financial standing ahead of a potential initial public offering (IPO), Kraken is reportedly considering a funding round to raise over $100 million. This influx of capital is expected to enhance its services, potentially paving the way for exciting developments within the crypto industry.

With digital currencies’ ongoing evolution, Kraken listings continue to captivate investors and enthusiasts, promising fresh opportunities and dynamic market shifts. This article analyzes recently added crypto listings on Kraken to determine if these assets are worth considering.

  • $PEPU is a layer-2 blockchain designed for Pepe memes.
  • Lower gas fees and faster transactions than other Pepe meme coins on the Ethereum layer-1
  • Staking rewards for presale buyers and holders
Project Launched
June 2024
Purchase Methods
  • ETH
  • USDT
  • BNB
  • Debit
  • +1 more
  • Immensely popular meme token with zero fees, AI-driven trading, and MEV protection.
  • As a PoS token $WAI can be staked to earn 163% p/a passive rewards.
  • WienerAI's AI-powered predictive technology gives crypto enthusiasts exclusive insights to help find the next 100x gems.
Project Launched
April 2024
Purchase Methods
  • ETH
  • USDT
  • BNB
  • Debit
  • +1 more
  • An upcoming play-to-earn game which combines Doge Memes with Tamagotchi-style game play
  • Stake your presale tokens and earn APR though the presale period and beyond
  • $PLAY is the in-game currency for transactions and unlocking special features
Project Launched
May 2024
Purchase Methods
  • BNB
  • ETH
  • USDT
  • Shiba-themed meme coin project with Wild West-inspired challenges and perks.
  • Offers 'Lucky Lasso Lottery' with big crypto prizes up for grabs.
  • Buy and stake $SHIBASHOOT tokens to earn 2288% APY passive rewards.
Project Launched
April 2024
Purchase Methods
  • ETH
  • BNB
  • USDT
  • Debit
  • +1 more
  • Multi-chain functionality
  • Generous token allocation for community rewards
  • Full token audit published
Project Launched
June 2024
Purchase Methods
  • SOL
  • ETH
  • BNB
  • USDT
  • +2 more
  • Established online casino with $50 million in monthly volume and 50,000 players
  • Daily rewards for $DICE stakers based on casino performance
  • $DICE holders eligible for 25% revenue share for referring new users to the platform
Project Launched
April 2024
Purchase Methods
  • SOL
  • ETH
  • BNB
  • USDT
  • +1 more
  • New token with Learn to Earn (L2E) model with exclusive courses
  • Integration with BRC-20, opening the ability to build on top of the Bitcoin network
  • Stakers enjoy high staking rewards every Ethereum block
Project Launched
April 2024
Purchase Methods
  • ETH
  • USDT
  • BNB
  • Debit
  • +1 more
  • A meme token with up to 257% in rewards
  • CEX listing and a play to earn game on the roadmap
  • Sponge V1 made 100x in 2023. Join V2 presale
Project Launched
December 2023
Purchase Methods
  • ETH
  • USDT
  • Debit
  • Boost your earnings with eTukTuk: a thrilling P2E taxi-themed game offering tons of rewards.
  • $TUK tokens are flying off the presale shelf with over $3.5M raised so far.
  • Zoom up & down the streets in the fun eTukTuk play-to-earn ecosystem, & stake $TUK tokens to earn passive rewards.
Project Launched
January 2024
Purchase Methods
  • ETH
  • BNB
  • USDT
  • Debit
  • +1 more

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13 potential and new Kraken listings

  1. Pepe Unchained (PEPU): Redefining PEPE with improved tokenomics and a new Layer 2 chain. Early buyers will enjoy high staking rewards.
  2. WienerAI (WAI): Combining AI with the irresistible charm of sausage dogs, WienerAI offers a unique twist on the meme coin craze. Secure $WAI at a discount during the presale, unleash the power of the “Sausage Army,” and join a project poised for dominance.
  3. PlayDoge (PLAY): Leveraging the iconic Doge meme, PlayDoge injects a dose of nostalgia into the P2E gaming world. Players nurture their digital PlayDoge pet while earning $PLAY tokens through engaging gameplay.
  4. Shiba Shootout ($SHIBASHOOT): This is a gamified meme coin with a Wild West twist. Holders can stake tokens for yield, participate in a play-to-earn game, and earn rewards through referrals and community events.
  5. Base Dawgz ($DAWGZ): More than just a meme coin, Base Dawgz is fueled by community and innovation. $DAWGZ utilizes the power of the Base Chain and transcends isolated blockchains by integrating with ETH, SOL, BSC, and AVAX to create a truly global experience.
  6. Mega Dice Token ($DICE) combines the thrill of online gambling with the innovation of blockchain, offering genuine utility through cashback, airdrop rewards, and NFT perks to create a rewarding gaming ecosystem.
  7. 99Bitcoins (99BTC) offers a gamified approach to crypto education, allowing participants to earn $99BTC tokens while engaging with a community of over 100,000 students. The platform harnesses Bitcoin’s established network to explore DeFi possibilities.
  8. Sponge ($SPONGE): After a stellar launch with 100x gains, Sponge V2 is back with a vengeance. Inspired by a beloved cartoon, this zero-tax gaming meme-coin leverages the power of the Polygon network for lower fees and positions itself as a future Play-to-Earn leader.
  9. eTukTuk ($TUK) offers electric TukTuks powered by AI to developing nations. Play their Play-to-Earn game to earn TUK tokens while supporting eco-friendly transportation. Invest in a greener future.
  10. PlayDapp’s (PDA) approach bypasses traditional token sales, generating revenue through a sustainable freemium model and a transparent NFT marketplace. This signals progress toward a “Meta-Blockchain Entertainment Network.”
  11. Pendle (PENDLE)‘s future yield tokenization in DeFi allows you to trade the future yield of your assets, creating new investment opportunities and a novel approach to risk management.
  12. Doland Tremp (TREMP) is a meme coin on Solana that features a cartoon of former US President Donald Trump (“Doland”). Launched in February 2024, it gained notoriety for its meme-inspired branding and price volatility linked to real-world events like Trump’s pro-crypto stance.
  13. Jeo Boden (BODEN): Boden, Solana’s meme coin, features a caricature of Joe Biden (“Jeo”). It was launched with Tremp, tied to the meme trend and the 2024 US election. Like Hunter Biden’s guilty verdict, political news has affected Boden’s price.

Our preferred 13 potential and new Kraken listings

With a constant stream of innovative crypto projects emerging, we’ve identified 13 assets with exciting potential.

This section analyzes these prospects in-depth, meticulously assessing each for suitability on the Kraken exchange.

Ultimately, our goal is clearly showing which listings are most promising for our platform and our valued users.

1. Pepe Unchained (PEPU): A new meme coin with its own L2 chain, capitalizing on PEPE’s success

Pepe Unchained presale | Source

Pepe Unchained ($PEPU) aims to disrupt the meme coin market by blending internet culture with innovative blockchain technology.

Unlike traditional meme coins, $PEPU builds on its own Layer 2 blockchain, Pepe Chain.

Pepe Chain promises faster, cheaper transactions. It’s 100 times faster than Ethereum. This makes everyday transactions within its ecosystem more practical.

Staking allows holders to earn rewards, providing a passive income stream. Community building is a core focus, with tokenomics designed to reward early adopters.

Pepe Unchained unique features

  • L2 chain: The meme coin will have its own L2 chain
  • Pepe enthusiasts: There are many PEPE holders due to its extraordinary gains. A new ‘PEPE’ coin may garner greater attention.
  • Improved tokenomics: Pepe unchained tokenmoics were set to enhance the current PEPE tokenomics.

    Why PEPU is worthy of a Kraken listing

    $PEPU addresses Ethereum’s limitations with Pepe Chain. Faster speeds and lower fees enhance its utility. A strong presale performance indicates investor confidence.

    The project’s focus on community and staking rewards creates a robust ecosystem. These factors position $PEPU with a high potential for being listed on Kraken.
pepe unchained tokenomics
Pepe Unchained tokenomics


  • A meme coin will its own blockchain network (L2)
  • Building on PEPE’s success
  • Enhanced tokenomics compared to the current PEPE tokenomics


  • L2 must draw attention
  • Meme coins are at a higher risk of extreme volatility.

2. WienerAi ($WAI): AI-powered Dachshund meme coin with daily staking rewards

$WAI presale campaign | Source

WienerAi is the first Wiener/Dog/Artificial Intelligence hybrid, designed to merge the appeal of dogs with cutting-edge AI technology. Themed as a cybernetic being in the universe, WienerAi aims to revolutionize the meme coin space.

With its unique concept, WienerAi offers substantial staking rewards during its presale, attracting a rapidly growing fan base known as the Sausage Army. The project also promises daily rewards and strong community backing, making it an attractive option for early investors.

WienerAi’s unique features:

This AI-powered sausage dog aims to dominate the meme coin space with its unique features:

  • Staking rewards: Earn high daily rewards during the ongoing presale.
  • Continuously growing community: The project’s official community, known as the “Sausage Army,” is rapidly growing and actively promoting the project’s core agenda.
  • Limited supply: Only 69 billion $WAI tokens will ever be created.
  • Advanced AI: WienerAI is built for endless upgrades and future advancements.

Why WAI is worthy of a Kraken listing

WienerAi is unique and innovative, and it is the first Sausage/Dog/AI hybrid token. $WAI combines humor with advanced technology, appealing to both meme coin enthusiasts and serious investors. The ongoing presale offers increasing prices, ensuring that early adopters benefit most.

Recent news highlights a surge in community growth, with thousands joining the Sausage Army daily. $WAI is an ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain, ensuring security and scalability.

Its upgradeable nature means WienerAi will stay at the forefront of AI advancements. This combination of novelty, community strength, and technological foundation positions WienerAi as a potential top performer in the new Kraken listings and the broader crypto market.

In a display of solid community support, $5,387,068.43 / $5,607,253 in USDT was raised during the presale. This translates to 4,992,728,734 $WAI staked, representing 64% of the total supply.

A breakdown of WienerAI tokenomics
$WAI tokenomics illustration


  • First-mover advantage: WienerAI capitalizes on the meme coin trend with a unique AI-powered dog theme.
  • Strong community: The “Sausage Army” fosters project hype and potential long-term growth.
  • High staking rewards: Earn significant daily rewards during the presale.


  • Meme coin volatility: Meme coins are inherently volatile, with unpredictable price fluctuations.
  • Joke token element(s): The lighthearted, meme-based theme may deter some serious investors.

3. PlayDoge ($PLAY): Get a blockchain makeover with Tamagotchi and earn while caring for virtual pets

PlayDoge game environment | Source

PlayDoge is a mobile-based play-to-earn (P2E) game transforming the iconic Doge meme into a Tamagotchi-style virtual pet.

Embracing 90s nostalgia, users buy $PLAY tokens in a presale to embark on classic 2D adventures and earn more crypto.

Players care for their digital pet, PlayDoge, by feeding, training, and playing with it. The game features an 8-bit world where users engage in mini-games to earn $PLAY tokens.

The project operates on the Binance Smart Chain and offers a unique blend of retro gaming with modern crypto rewards.

Why PlayDoge is worthy of a Kraken listing

PlayDoge stands out due to its innovative blend of nostalgia and crypto gaming. The project has a clear roadmap with a phased approach: starting with a contract audit and presale, moving to app development and marketing, and culminating in the full app release.

Recent news highlights successful presale and strong community support. PlayDoge’s unique appeal lies in integrating the beloved Doge meme with a play-to-earn model, ensuring high engagement. Its $PLAY token fuels in-game activities and holds value in the broader crypto market.

This engaging gameplay, strategic roadmap, and strong community backing position PlayDoge as a promising addition to the new Kraken listings.

PlayDoge presale campaign | Source

PlayDoge’s strong community rallied behind the project, raising over $3.8 million in under two weeks since its launch. 

This momentum perfectly aligns with their roadmap, strategically placing App releases, exciting mini-game launches, and major CEX listings within a short timeframe, primed to maximize user engagement and token adoption.


  • Play-to-earn with real rewards: Offers tangible rewards for players who nurture their virtual pet and succeed in mini-games.
  • Mobile-first accessibility: The mobile app format ensures easy access for a wider range of players.
  • Focus on community building: Focuses on social interaction, encouraging connection, competition, and collaboration.
  • Clear roadmap for growth: The well-defined roadmap demonstrates commitment to long-term success..
  • High-definition pixel graphics: The unique visual style combines pixel art with modern clarity for a nostalgic experience.


  • Early-stage development: The success of the game and token heavily relies on future development, adoption and $PLAY’s token value.
  • Competition: The P2E market is becoming increasingly crowded.

4. Shiba Shootout ($SHIBASHOOT): Wild west Shiba meme coin shoots for the moon!

Shiba Shootout | Source

Shiba Shootout is a game that borrows heavily from the Wild West, featuring characters such as Marshal Shiba, who is a fast-shooting marshal and the Shiba Sharpshooters who are a group of sharpshooting Shiba Inu cowboys.

This playful theme sets it apart from other meme coins that rely on the same dog breed without any exciting background information behind them. Indeed, this wild western setting would have more lore and perhaps better gameplay in their play-to-earn promise.

Shiba Shootout has several ways to earn. Stakers can earn high annual returns by depositing their tokens (“Cactus Staking”). They also have a referral program (“Posse Rewards”), Lucky Lasso Lottery, and community events where you can obtain rewards.

Shiba Shootout places great significance on community participation. Campfire Stories” and “community voting” are some of the things mentioned in their whitepaper, which create a fun interactive environment.

Shiba Shootout presale | Source

With over $500K raised capitalization and a discounted price of $0.0195 per $SHIBASHOOT as of now, Shiba Shootout shows its growth potentiality and sustainability aspect.


  • Play-to-Earn Potential: Earn $SHIBASHOOT tokens through an immersive Wild West-themed game.
  • Referral Rewards: Earn extra tokens by referring friends to the Shiba Shootout project.
  • Community Focus: Participate in “Campfire Stories” and community voting for a fun and interactive experience.
  • Discounted Presale: Get $SHIBASHOOT tokens at a reduced price during the ongoing presale.


  • Price Prediction Uncertainty: Difficult to predict future price due to the project’s newness.
  • Meme Coin Volatility: Meme coins are known for high price swings and unpredictable market behavior.

5. Base Dawgz ($DAWGZ): Seamless crypto experience across ETH, SOL, BSC, AVAX with rewarding airdrop

Base Dawgz resource | Source

Base Dawgz ($DAWGZ) is poised to disrupt the crypto landscape with innovative multi-chain capabilities.

Built on the Base Chain ecosystem, $DAWGZ transcends boundaries by seamlessly integrating with Ethereum (ETH), Solana (SOL), BNB Chain (BSC), and Avalanche (AVAX) networks. The project raised $1.5M so far since the presale started.

This interoperability frees users from limitations, enabling them to navigate the decentralized world with unparalleled ease.

Why Base Dawgz is worthy of a Kraken listing

  • Multi-chain model: $DAWGZ shatters limitations by operating across multiple blockchains, offering users a frictionless experience.
  • Strong ecosystem ties: Anchored within the burgeoning Base Chain environment, $DAWGZ leverages a supportive and thriving community.
  • Engaged user base: The project’s interactive airdrop campaign rewards meme creation and social sharing, fostering a passionate community.
  • Clear Roadmap: With a well-defined plan and a focus on innovation, Base Dawgz is poised for a successful future.

This unique combination of features makes Base Dawgz a strong contender for a new listing on Kraken. Its commitment to multi-chain functionality and community engagement positions it for significant growth within the ever-evolving crypto landscape.

Recent news highlights the successful presale of $DAWGZ. With a total supply of 8.453 billion tokens and a starting price of 0.00479, the token shows significant potential. This strong foundation and its multi-chain capabilities position Base Dawgz for success as a new Kraken listing.

Base Dawgz tokenomics breakdown
Base Dawgz tokenomics illustration


  • Multi-chain integration: Trade $DAWGZ seamlessly across ETH, SOL, BSC, and AVAX.
  • Built on Base Chain: Benefits from a secure and growing blockchain ecosystem.
  • Unique airdrop formula: The interactive airdrop campaign incentivizes content creation and social sharing.
  • Utility-focused token: Beyond meme coin status, multi-chain functionality offers real utility for users.


  • Relies on multiple external blockchains: This could introduce potential integration complexities in case of unfavorable updates.
  • Price differentials: Price may vary across the chains including liquidity.

6. Mega Dice Token ($DICE): Established crypto casino offering token benefits with casino cashback and airdrops

Mega Dice explainer | Source

Mega Dice Token ($DICE) is an innovative token based on the successful online gambling platform Mega Dice Casino. It integrates the dynamics of crypto casinos with the potential of blockchain technology.

Mega Dice offers over 4500 games, including slots, live casino experiences, and game shows. Additionally, the platform features a robust sportsbook with over 60 sports and market-leading odds.

The $DICE token provides genuine utility, such as casino cashback, airdrop rewards, and NFT perks. This integration transforms the conventional casino landscape by rewarding player engagement and loyalty.

Why DICE is worthy of a Kraken listing

Mega Dice Token ($DICE) deserves a spot among the new Kraken listings due to its unique features and robust roadmap. The platform’s successful model combines two trending industries: Solana coins and GambleFi/GameFi, ensuring it appeals to a wide audience.

$DICE holders benefit from casino cashback, airdrop rewards, and NFT perks, providing tangible value. The token will be airdropped to Solana whales, which is expected to drive significant buys and price spikes.

The roadmap is promising, with plans to expand gaming options and integrate more advanced technologies. Recent news highlights a 10% referral commission on presale investments, incentivizing early adopters.

$DICE presale campaign | Source

With over $1.4M raised so far, the project has consistently demonstrated strong profitability and has amassed a large and dedicated user base, indicating a high likelihood of success. Additionally, other tokens such as Rollbit and TG.Casino experienced significant growth in 2023, pointing to a positive market reception and potential for expansion.


  • Real utility: Offers cashback, airdrop rewards, and NFT perks.
  • Strong ecosystem: Integrates with an established and profitable crypto casino.
  • Market appeal: Combines popular metas like Solana coins and GambleFi/GameFi.
  • Robust roadmap: Plans to expand gaming options and integrate advanced technologies.


  • Adoption uncertainty: Success dependent on widespread user adoption.
  • Competitive market: Faces strong competition from other crypto casino platforms.

7. 99 Bitcoins ($99BTC): Learn about blockchain and earn crypto on a Bitcoin-focused interactions platform

$99BTC presale campaign | Source

$99BTC is a new initiative from 99Bitcoins, aiming to revolutionize the cryptocurrency learning experience. Through a Learn-to-Earn platform, the $99BTC token serves as both an access and reward mechanism, incentivizing users to expand their knowledge on cryptocurrency topics.

The ecosystem offers staking opportunities, where users can earn rewards in $99BTC based on their staking pool percentage and estimated annual rewards. By tokenizing the platform and focusing on educational content, 99Bitcoins empowers its audience to become more informed and engaged crypto investors.

99 Bitcoin’s unique features:

  • Interactive Learning: Their platform offers tutorials, news, and an interactive learning experience through the $99BTC token.
  • $99,999 Airdrop: To jumpstart their learning model, they’re giving away $99,999 worth of tokens to early participants.
  • Staking Rewards: Users can stake $99BTC to earn more tokens and be part of a growing ecosystem.

Why 99BTC is worthy of a Kraken listing

  1. Unique learn-to-earn Model: $99BTC offers innovative educational tools, such as guides on BRC-20 tokens and insights into the Bitcoin halving event. These resources enhance the community’s understanding of blockchain technologies and investment strategies.
  2. Well-laid roadmap: A strategic transition from an ERC-20 token on Ethereum to a BRC-20 token on the Bitcoin network aligns with 99Bitcoins’ vision to expand the ecosystem and engage with the growing interest in Bitcoin-based applications.
  3. Focus on Bitcoin education: The platform’s community-focused initiatives, such as regular AMAs with industry experts and community challenges, underscore 99Bitcoins’ commitment to fostering a vibrant and knowledgeable crypto community.
  4. Growing Community: With a large user base of over 100,000+ students and an established curriculum, 99Bitcoins could bring a new wave of crypto investors to Kraken.

Overall, by offering educational rewards, incentivizing participation, and embracing Bitcoin’s unique advantages, the $99BTC token exemplifies the potential for innovation and growth, positioning it as a strong candidate for a new crypto listing on Kraken.

99Bitcoins tokenomics breakdown
99 Bitcoin tokenomics illustration


  • Gamified learning, engaged users: Learn-to-Earn model with $99BTC rewards incentivizes user participation.
  • Riding the BTC wave: As Web3 adoption rises, 99Bitcoins’ focus on Bitcoin education positions it to capitalize on this trend.
  • First mover in DeFi on Bitcoin: 99Bitcoins pioneers DeFi applications on the Bitcoin blockchain as a BRC-20 token.
  • Community focus 99Bitcoins prioritizes user engagement through features like forums, AMAs, and competitions.


  • New token, uncertain price: $99BTC is a new token with limited market history.
  • Competitive crypto education space: 99Bitcoins must differentiate itself in the competitive crypto education and Learn-to-Earn sectors.
  • Unproven DeFi Integration: The viability of $99BTC as a BRC-20 token and DeFi applications on Bitcoin blockchain is uncertain.

8. Sponge ($SPONGE): Gaming meme coin plans a comeback to $100M market cap with a Play-to-Earn focus

best active icos, upcoming ico | SPONGEV2 resource
SPONGEV2 resource | Source

Sponge (SPONGE) is a zero-tax gaming meme coin inspired by, but not affiliated with, the beloved cartoon character SpongeBob.

Initially launched on the Ethereum blockchain, it achieved remarkable success, reaching 100x milestones and nearly a $100 million market cap.

The project has now migrated to the Polygon network to take advantage of lower transaction fees and increased gaming utility. Sponge aims to grow its market cap to $1 billion, attract over 100,000 holders, integrate fiat currencies, and secure listings on “tier 1” crypto exchanges.

Why $SPONGE is worthy of a Kraken listing

Sponge (SPONGE) stands out due to its strategic transition from Ethereum to Polygon, optimizing for lower trading fees and greater accessibility.

The V1 token’s previous high was $0.002394. With lower fees on Polygon, SPONGE has the potential to surpass that mark. The V2 token bridges the original 40.4 billion supply with additional tokens allocated for staking rewards, marketing, and Play-to-Earn game development.

Screenshot of staking rewards dashboard for $SPONGE
$SPONGE presale campaign

Given the speculative nature of meme coins, investors are advised to conduct thorough research.


  • Lower fees: The Polygon network offers significantly lower transaction fees compared to Ethereum, making SPONGE more accessible for investors and gamers.
  • Strong community: A dedicated community fuels SPONGE’s growth and can contribute to its success.
  • Past performance: The V1 token’s impressive 100x gain demonstrates SPONGE’s potential for explosive growth.


  • Anonymous team: The lack of transparency regarding the team’s identities raises concerns for some investors.
  • Competition: The Play-to-Earn market is crowded, and SPONGE needs to carve out a unique niche.
  • Dependence on market trends: SPONGE’s success relies heavily on overall market conditions and memecoin popularity.

9. eTukTuk ($TUK): Sustainable rides & blockchain tech translates into clean transportation revolution for developing nations

$TUK presale campaign | Source

eTukTuk is revolutionizing urban transport by introducing electric tuk-tuks to replace traditional, polluting models. This new crypto project raised $3 million from investors, showcasing early solid interest.

The project aims to build an ecosystem around these electric vehicles, including solar-powered charging stations, an AI-driven mobility platform, and a play-to-earn (P2E) game called “TukTuk Crazy Taxi.”

By leveraging blockchain technology through its native TUK token, eTukTuk promotes sustainable, affordable, and fun urban transportation.

eTukTuk’s unique features:

  • Eco-friendly: Replaces gas-guzzling tuk-tuks with electric vehicles, reducing emissions.
  • AI-driven: Optimizes routes for efficiency and minimal fuel use.
  • Play-to-earn game: Earn TUK tokens by playing TukTuk Crazy Taxi, a P2E mobile game.
  • Blockchain-powered: Leverages blockchain for secure transactions and a self-sustaining ecosystem
eTukTuk poster on the side of a London bus
eTukTuk on London Buses | Source

Why eTukTuk is worthy of a Kraken listing

eTukTuk stands out with its ambitious vision and innovative roadmap. The project aims to raise $10.7 million across 26 presale stages, with a rising price model to incentivize early investment.

The AI technology integrated into the eTukTuks optimizes routes, reduces traffic, and minimizes fuel consumption. These electric vehicles also support green initiatives and sustainability efforts.

The upcoming new Kraken listing of the TUK token is expected to attract significant investor interest. The presale’s success and the growing demand for sustainable transport solutions suggest a promising market debut.

The planned listings on decentralized and centralized exchanges will enhance accessibility, driving TUK’s adoption and value.

This eco-friendly initiative’s focus on developing nations and its innovative approach make eTukTuk a compelling addition as one of the potential Kraken new crypto listings.


  • First-mover advantage: eTukTuk has a unique opportunity to dominate the electric TukTuk market in developing nations.
  • Engaging Play-to-Earn model: The P2E game adds a fun element, attracting a wider user base and potentially increasing token demand.
  • AI-powered efficiency: AI optimization results in cost savings, improved service, and a stronger business model.


  • New and unproven technology: Integrating electric TukTuks with AI at scale could present technical challenges.
  • Regulatory uncertainty: EV and blockchain regulations in developing nations could impact the project.

10. PlayDapp (PDA): Advancing interactive entertainment with a multi-chain freemium gaming

PlayDapp token (PLA) is central to the PlayDapp Blockchain gaming ecosystem. Users leverage PLA to purchase and trade NFT items within games and on the global C2C marketplace, playdapp.com.

PlayDapp seamlessly brings casual gamers into the blockchain space through diverse game dApps. The project’s strategy has evolved from “mobile first” to a “dApp first” approach.

This focus ensures users integrate current gaming entertainment with blockchain technologies. The ultimate goal is to create the Meta-Blockchain Entertainment Network, a multi-blockchain, interoperable entertainment platform.

The PlayDapp ecosystem supports meta-blockchain activities, connecting different blockchains on a single network for enhanced gaming experiences.

New Kraken Listings | PlayDapp
PlayDapp listed on Kraken | Source

Why $PDA is worthy of a Kraken listing

PlayDapp’s uniqueness lies in its strategy and roadmap. The project skipped a public token sale and launched with the CryptoDozer dApp on Ethereum instead.

This approach, alongside a freemium model and transparent marketplace, ensures long-term stability without early reliance on token sales.

PlayDapp 2.0 aims to build a blockchain-powered gaming ecosystem that supports meta-blockchain interoperability. The recent migration to a new ETH contract marks a significant upgrade, ensuring better functionality and security.

The project’s market cap of $46,245,180 highlights its strong position in the market. As PlayDapp expands, its listing on Kraken will enhance its visibility and accessibility, driving further adoption and success.

In February 2024, PlayDapp suffered a major smart contract exploit, resulting in nearly $300 million in losses. This stands as the biggest cryptocurrency hack since 2022. The exploit led to delistings on Bitthumb and Coinbase. However, Kraken continued to list the project, which has since shown some recovery.


  • Unique user acquisition strategy: Attracting casual gamers through familiar freemium models.
  • Sustainable revenue model: Generates income without relying on token sales.
  • Focus on user experience: Prioritizes user experience for mass adoption.
  • Ongoing development activities: Migration to a new Ethereum contract signifies ongoing efforts.


  • Limited public information: Details on future token sales or funding needs unclear.
  • Early-stage development: “Meta-Blockchain Entertainment Network” is ambitious and unproven.
  • Freemium model profitability: Long-term profitability of the freemium model needs confirmation.

11. Pendle (PENDLE): Trade future yield of DeFi assets while tokenizing crypto earnings

Pendle USP | Source

Pendle is a decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol for trading future yield. It allows users to separate ownership of an asset from its future yield, enabling the creation of new financial instruments that can be traded on the platform.

The core innovation is an AMM designed to support assets with time decay. This AMM addresses the valuation challenges of future yields. By tokenizing future yield, Pendle offers liquidity providers and traders the option to sell future yield for immediate liquidity or speculate on future yield.

Pendle’s unique features

  • Tokenization of future yield: Pendle allows users to separate and trade the future yield of an asset independently from the asset itself.
  • Automated Market Maker (AMM): The protocol introduces an AMM specifically designed to handle assets with time decay, addressing valuation challenges of future yields.
  • Yield optimization: Pendle provides various strategies for yield optimization, allowing users to tailor their investments according to their financial goals and risk tolerance.
  • Strategic partnerships: Pendle has formed key partnerships with notable platforms such as Sushiswap, Crypto.com, and Chainlink, enhancing its ecosystem and utility.
  • Comprehensive security measures: The protocol has undergone rigorous audits and implemented robust security protocols to safeguard user funds and ensure platform reliability.
New Kraken Listings | Pendle
Pendle listed on Kraken | Source

Why $PENDLE is worthy of a new Kraken listing

Pendle’s uniqueness lies in its approach to future yield. The protocol’s novel AMM and tokenization mechanism set it apart in the DeFi space.

As Kraken announced, Pendle has a clear roadmap with significant milestones, including rigorous audits by reputable firms and strategic partnerships with platforms like Sushiswap and Chainlink.

Recent news has brought attention to the collaboration between BitMEX co-founder and influential cryptocurrency figure Arthur Hayes and the crucial partnership with Avalanche, which has significantly bolstered Pendle’s ecosystem.

These factors contribute to Pendle’s potential success. Its innovative features and strategic alliances make it a compelling addition to Kraken listings and an attractive option for investors interested in new crypto coins.


  • Trade future yield: Unlock the potential of your crypto holdings by trading their future earnings.
  • Innovative DeFi tool: Pendle’s AMM facilitates a new frontier in yield management strategies.
  • Tailored risk management: Separate ownership from future yield to manage DeFi investment risk with more flexibility.
  • Increased returns potential: Pendle opens doors to potentially maximizing returns through strategic trading of future yield.
  • Enhanced DeFi experience: Pendle empowers users with a novel approach to interacting with DeFi earnings.
  • Evolving DeFi landscape: Pendle contributes to the advancement of DeFi by introducing future yield tokenization.


  • New and untested: As a new project, Pendle’s long-term viability and potential risks are yet to be fully understood.
  • Complexity for beginners: The concept of future yield tokenization might be challenging for new DeFi users.
  • Reliance on AMM efficiency: The effectiveness of Pendle’s trading strategies hinges on the efficiency of its AMM.

12 & 13. Doland Tremp (TREMP) & Joe Boden (BODEN): Election-themed parody coins on Solana

New Kraken Listings | Tremp x Boden
Tremp and Boden face-off | Source

Parody coins and meme coins on Solana are popular, fueled by the upcoming US elections. These coins are creating buzz with their satirical takes on political figures.

As a result, the market for these tokens is expanding rapidly. According to CoinDesk, the price of Solana (SOL) has increased by 60% over the last month due to the growing interest in these meme coins.

  • Doland Tremp (TREMP) is a meme coin that references Donald Trump. It’s part of the Solana blockchain ecosystem and trades on decentralized exchanges like Raydium. TREMP depicts Trump in a satirical cartoon format and has a strong community that spreads the meme across social channels. Users can send, store, and receive TREMP on Solana.
  • Jeo Boden (BODEN) is another political parody token, this time based on Joe Biden. BODEN features satirical cartoons of Biden and has a dedicated community sharing its iterations on social media. Key features of BODEN include zero taxes on transactions and burnt liquidity provider (LP) tokens, which aim to increase scarcity and value.

BODEN has a total supply of 690.33 million tokens, all in circulation.

New Kraken listings for June | Source

Why $TREMP and $BODEN are worthy Kraken listings

Due to being listed on Kraken, TREMP and BODEN are expected to experience increased visibility and liquidity. This exposure could attract more investors and traders, enhancing their market presence and value.

The recent news of Kraken Co-Founder Jesse Powell donating $1 million in Ether to support pro-crypto candidate Donald Trump has added more attention to this industry.


  • High growth potential: US election timing boosts political coins (PoliFi) growth.
  • Strong community: Engaged communities can drive token value through hype and demand.
  • Zero transaction Fees (BODEN): Saves investors money on transactions.
  • Scarcity through Burnt LP (BODEN): Limited supply could increase token value.


  • Extreme volatility: Meme coin prices can fluctuate wildly, leading to significant losses.
  • Reliance on trends: Value heavily depends on unpredictable social media trends.
  • Limited utility: Meme coins often lack real-world applications, impacting long-term value.
  • Meme fatigue: The market may become oversaturated with meme coins, diluting value.

Kraken’s TrustScore | Source

How does Kraken’s streamlined listing process benefit investors?

Kraken’s streamlined listing process benefits investors by providing faster access to a broader range of assets and options, such as margin trading, enhancing portfolio diversification opportunities.

This efficient process reduces the time and complexity of adding new cryptocurrencies, ensuring investors can quickly capitalize on emerging market opportunities.

As with most crypto exchanges, Kraken’s rigorous vetting of assets ensures high-quality new crypto listings, mitigating risks associated with less reputable cryptocurrencies.

The transparency and reliability of Kraken’s process also build investor confidence, encouraging more active participation in the market.

Overall, this streamlined approach facilitates a more dynamic and responsive investing environment, aligning with investors’ needs for agility and trust.

Why is a Kraken listing so highly desired?

Kraken listings are in high demand among blockchain projects for various reasons.

  • Increased liquidity: The official Kraken website boasts a large user base and high trading volume, potentially leading to a more liquid market for the project’s token, making it easier to buy and sell using crypto or fiat currency.
  • Enhanced credibility: Being listed on a reputable exchange like Kraken can add legitimacy and trustworthiness to a project, attracting more investors and users.
  • More comprehensive market reach: A Kraken listing exposes the project to a broader audience of potential investors and users, increasing its visibility and reach within the cryptocurrency ecosystem.
  • Potential price boost: Increased demand from Kraken users can raise the price of the project’s token.
  • Improved project image: A Kraken listing signifies that the project has passed a certain level of scrutiny and met the exchange’s listing requirements, potentially enhancing its image.
  • PR and media attention: News of a Kraken listing can generate positive media coverage, further boosting awareness and interest in the project.
  • Potential investor confidence: Investors often view a Kraken listing as a sign of a project’s long-term potential, which increases their confidence and attracts further investment.
  • Regulatory compliance: At the beginning of the year, the SEC sued Kraken. Despite facing SEC issues, the trading platform remains committed to strict regulations. Being listed here indicates that the project may be compliant, which is vital for confident investors.

The process of selecting new Kraken listings

Kraken has a rigorous process for listing new cryptocurrencies on their platform. This ensures they offer high-quality, legitimate projects for their users. Here’s a breakdown of the typical listing journey:

  1. Application submission: Projects interested in listing apply to Kraken’s listing page. This application details the project’s purpose, team structure, underlying technology, and tokenomics (distribution and supply of coins).
  2. Required documentation: Projects must also provide supporting documents. This often includes a whitepaper outlining the project’s goals and functionalities, audit reports verifying the code’s security, and KYC (Know Your Customer) details for team members.
  3. Listing evaluation: Kraken’s Listing Committee thoroughly reviews each application. They consider factors like:
    • Compliance with regulations
    • Technical soundness of the project
    • Market potential and viability
    • Geographic Restrictions
    • Potential risks associated with the project
  4. Integration and Llsting (if successful): If the project meets Kraken’s standards, they collaborate with the project team to integrate the cryptocurrency with their platform. Once the integration is complete, the crypto is officially listed for trading on Kraken.
  5. Ongoing monitoring: Kraken continuously monitors all listed assets to ensure they continue to meet their listing standards. This protects the user’s Kraken account and maintains trust in the platform.

By following this process, Kraken aims to provide a secure and reliable marketplace for investors to trade cryptocurrencies.

While Kraken facilitates trading for these coins, inclusion on their platform does not constitute an endorsement or investment advice regarding the underlying asset.

Comparing potential and new Kraken listings

TickerMax. SupplyChainToken priceListing Status
PLAY9.4BBSC$0.00506[In Presale]
WAI69BETH$0.000717[In Presale]
SEALSOL$0.022[In Presale]
DAWGZ8.45BBASE$0.00502[In Presale]
DICE420MSOL$0.075[In Presale]
99BTC99BETH/BRC$0.00109[In Presale]
SPONGE8BETH$0.0001708[In Presale]
TUK2BBSC$0.033[In Presale]
TREMP100MSOL$0.9426[ Listed]
BODEN690.33MSOL$0.1743[ Listed]

The prices mentioned are current at the time of this article’s release.


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