Best AI Coins with Strong Performance in 2024

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AI cryptos are trending right now. With Nvidia’s surge and the rise of platforms like ChatGPT, AI and cryptocurrencies are colliding.

AI-powered tokens are surging, fueling projects leveraging decentralized technology for tasks like data analysis, smarter trading, and decentralized governance.

This promising synergy isn’t a coincidence. With its secure and transparent nature, blockchain provides the perfect foundation for AI’s vast data needs.

In this article, we explore the top-performing AI cryptos, deciphering which tokens lead the charge at the intersection of artificial intelligence and blockchain.

The best AI crypto coins in 2024

Ready to explore 2024’s top contenders? Here are 6 of the best-performing AI cryptos currently leading the charge. They represent a range of innovative projects, each tackling unique challenges in the AI and blockchain space. Let’s explore what makes them stand out.

  1. SingularityNET ($AGIX): Blockchain platform creating a decentralized marketplace for AI services. Developers can publish and monetize their AI creations, while users can discover, test, and purchase them using the AGIX token. This fosters collaboration and innovation in AI development.
  2. Scotty the Al ($SCOTTY): Merges AI with blockchain, leveraging the strengths of both for enhanced security and fraud detection. This innovative approach capitalizes on the power of AI to analyze vast amounts of data and blockchain’s secure, tamper-proof nature, paving the way for a future of secure transactions and empowered crypto users.
  3. eTukTuk ($TUK): Leverages blockchain to revolutionize transportation in developing countries. They aim to replace gasoline tuk-tuks with electric vehicles, building a network of charging stations powered by a Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Network (DePIN). Adding to the project’s appeal is an upcoming play-to-earn game in which players virtually navigate Sri Lanka, earning rewards in TUK tokens.
  4. ($FET): AI lab building a decentralized machine learning network. Users leverage its global data power by building AI-powered digital twins for various applications. The project focuses on decentralization and data security, making it attractive for secure and collaborative AI development.
  5. Cortex Labs ($CTXC): A decentralized platform that enables developers to upload, execute, and monetize AI models. This platform fosters the creation of AI-powered smart contracts and DApps, potentially revolutionizing various industries.
  6. Numerai ($NMR): Blockchain platform leveraging AI for stock predictions. Data scientists compete in creating models through tournaments. The platform’s token (NMR) incentivizes participation and fuels model refinement.

Uncovering the highest-performing AI Cryptos for 2024

If you’re considering investing in cryptocurrency, you may want to explore some of the latest coin launches that have shown promise. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite crypto coins you may want to consider investing in.

It’s important to do your research and make informed decisions before investing, but we believe these coins have great potential for growth.

1. SingularityNET ($AGIX): Decentralized marketplace for AI services

SingularityNET is a blockchain-based platform that democratizes access to Artificial Intelligence (AI) by creating a decentralized marketplace for AI services.

This initiative envisions a future with open-source Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), fostering collaboration and innovation.

ai crypto, best ai crypto | SingularityNET [buy/sell] interface
SingularityNET [buy/sell] interface

Open infrastructure for future AI

SingularityNET leverages blockchain technology to establish a global marketplace where developers can publish and monetize their AI creations. Users can browse, test, and purchase these services using the platform’s native token, AGIX.

The platform fosters interoperability, facilitating the development of AI-powered decentralized applications (dApps).

To streamline integration of AI services, SingularityNET offers:

  • Daemons: These act as helper programs, handling blockchain interactions like payments and smart contract execution, freeing developers to focus on AI development.
  • SDKs (Software Development Kits): These toolkits provide developers with the necessary resources to build and deploy AI services on the SingularityNET marketplace easily.
  • AI Marketplace: This user-friendly DApp lets you discover, test, and purchase AI services. Payments are facilitated through the platform’s secure escrow system.

SingularityNET Review

SingularityNET offers a unique perspective on AI development, promoting a decentralized and open-source approach. While the project holds promise, its long-term success hinges on the widespread adoption of its marketplace and the continued evolution of AI technology.

ai crypto, best ai crypto | SingularityNET price chart | Source
SingularityNET price chart | Source


  • Open and accessible AI marketplace
  • Streamlined AI development with tools (daemons, SDKs)
  • Potential for wider AI adoption


  • Reliant on successful marketplace adoption
  • Long-term success hinges on AI advancement

Max. Supply2,000,000,000
Blockchain PlatformEthereum and Cardano

2. Scotty the AI ($SCOTTY): Utility token revolutionizing security in crypto

Scotty the AI positions itself as a next-generation crypto project that merges artificial intelligence (AI) with blockchain technology to enhance security and fraud detection within the crypto realm.

$SCOTTY, the project’s native token, fuels the ecosystem and incentivizes user participation.

ai crypto, best ai crypto | Scotty AI
ScottytheAI | Source

AI Security for Crypto Transactions

Scotty the AI leverages advanced AI-powered threat detection to analyze vast amounts of blockchain data. This allows for real-time identification of suspicious patterns and potential security breaches, proactively mitigating risks.

The project fosters a community-driven approach and empowers crypto investors with insightful market analysis through AI-driven solutions, like ScottyChat, an AI-powered chatbot.

Scotty the AI Review

Scotty the AI stands out for its unique blend of AI and blockchain technology. The project’s focus on security, user education, and a utility-driven token, alongside a successful presale that raised $3.7 million, has garnered investor interest. However, the long-term success of SCOTTY hinges on its ability to deliver on its promises and navigate the ever-evolving crypto landscape.


  • Enhanced Security with AI-powered Threat Detection
  • AI-driven Market Analysis for Smarter Trading Decisions
  • Successful Presale Raises $3.7 Million in Funding


  • New Project with Unproven Technology
  • Reliant on Future Development and Market Adoption

ProjectScotty the AI
Max. Supply1,734,567,890
Blockchain PlatformEthereum

3. eTukTuk ($TUK): Blockchain EVs for developing nations

eTukTuk is a blockchain-powered project that aims to revolutionize sustainable transportation in developing nations. It plans to achieve this by replacing traditional gasoline-powered tuk-tuks with electric vehicles (EVs) and building a charging station network.

ai crypto, best ai crypto | eTukTuk introduction
eTukTuk | Source

Sustainable Tuk-Tuks Powered by Blockchain

eTukTuk’s solution centers around a Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Network (DePIN). This network will manage the rollout of eTukTuks, charging stations, and AI-powered routing systems.

The project will also incorporate a play-to-earn (P2E) game where players virtually navigate Sri Lankan streets, earning TUK tokens for completed journeys.

With the presale attracting significant interest, nearly $2 million was raised with over 36 million TUK tokens staked. This strong start positions them well to reach their $10 million hard cap and secure exchange listings.

Learn how to join eTukTuk Presale

eTukTuk Review

eTukTuk capitalizes on two key trends: the burgeoning eco-friendly and sustainable investment markets. According to the Global Sustainable Investment Alliance (GSIA), the value of sustainable investments in major financial markets globally stood at a staggering $35.3 trillion at the beginning of 2020.

This trend shows no signs of slowing down, with investors increasingly seeking assets aligned with environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles. eTukTuk’s commitment to clean transportation benefits them from this massive shift.

The project also leverages the popularity of blockchain gaming through their planned P2E game, offering players a unique way to engage with the TUK ecosystem and earn rewards.

While still in its early stages, eTukTuk’s innovative approach and focus on sustainability have garnered significant attention, making it a project to watch in the coming months.

ai crypto, best ai crypto | eTukTuk Audit
eTukTuk Audit | Source


  • Addresses climate change through sustainable transportation
  • Capitalizes on the booming eco-friendly investment market
  • Unique play-to-earn game fosters engagement and token utility


  • Early-stage project with execution risk
  • Success hinges on the mainstream adoption of eTukTuks

Max. Supply2,000,000,000
Blockchain PlatformBinance Smart Chain (BSC)

4. Leveraging blockchain for trustworthy AI development is an artificial intelligence (AI) lab building a decentralized machine learning network powered by blockchain technology. Their goal is to democratize access to AI by creating an open and permissionless network where anyone can connect and leverage its global data power.

ai crypto, best ai crypto | [buy/sell] interface [buy/sell] interface

Decentralized AI Development’s utility token, FET, fuels the network. Users can employ FET to build and deploy digital twins, essentially AI-powered replicas of real-world systems, for various purposes.

These digital twins can optimize complex systems like DeFi trading or smart energy grids. Staking FET tokens allows users to participate in network validation, further enhancing its security and reputation.


The project recently launched a major upgrade called “Capricorn” on their mainnet. This upgrade enables Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC), allowing the $FET token to be accessed across IBC-enabled chains, potentially increasing its reach and liquidity within the Cosmos ecosystem.

Furthermore, is fostering innovation by launching Resonate Social, the first-ever social NFT platform. Currently in public beta, Resonate leverages the network to provide a secure and trust-centric space for users to share and connect through NFTs. Review’s unique blend of AI and blockchain technology offers developers a powerful platform for building intelligent applications across various industries.

The project’s focus on decentralization and data security makes it a compelling option for those seeking to leverage the power of AI in a trustworthy and collaborative manner.

ai crypto, best ai crypto | price chart price chart | Source


  • Democratizes AI development with a permissionless network
  • Improves efficiency across industries with digital twins
  • Offers a secure and collaborative environment through blockchain


  • Project complexity can be a barrier for some users
  • Limited adoption in the current stage of development
Max. Supply1.15 billion
Blockchain PlatformEthereum
InceptionFounded (2017), Launched (2019)

5. Cortex ($CTXC): Redefining smart contracts with AI

Cortex ($CTXC) aims to bridge the gap between Artificial Intelligence (AI) and blockchain technology. It offers a decentralized platform where developers can upload, execute, and incentivize AI models. This fosters the creation of AI-powered smart contracts and decentralized applications (DApps).

ai crypto, best ai crypto | Cortex [buy/sell] interface
Cortex [buy/sell] interface

Bridging the AI and Blockchain Divide

Cortex tackles the limitations of current blockchain smart contracts, which struggle with complex computations required for AI models.

They’ve developed the Cortex Virtual Machine (CVM) to address this. The CVM is a game-changer, allowing AI models to run on the blockchain by leveraging the processing power of GPUs. This innovative infrastructure empowers developers to integrate smart contracts with machine learning models seamlessly.

Furthermore, Cortex boasts a unique incentive mechanism. Developers worldwide can contribute their AI models and code to the platform. These contributors are rewarded whenever others within the ecosystem utilize their AI frameworks, fostering collaboration and growth.

Cortex Review

Cortex presents a unique approach to AI development on the blockchain. By enabling AI-powered smart contracts, Cortex has the potential to revolutionize various fields, including finance, security, and content delivery.

The company has also established partnerships with leading universities like Tsinghua University’s Laboratory of Brain and Intelligence, Stanford University, and UC Berkeley’s Blockchain Labs to solidify its position. Additionally, they’ve secured investments from industry giants like Bitmain and FBG Capital.

Notably, Cortex recently partnered with Ubitus, Asia’s largest GPU cloud service platform, marking a significant step towards real-world application as a payment method within the AI ecosystem.

ai crypto, best ai crypto | Cortex price chart
Cortex price chart | Source


  • Enables complex AI on blockchain
  • Incentivizes AI development and collaboration
  • Focus on strategic partnerships


  • New technology with an uncertain adoption rate
  • Relies on external cloud service providers

Max. Supply299,792,458
Blockchain networkCortex Blockchain

6. Numerai ($NMR): AI-powered hedge fund with a twist

Numerai is a blockchain-powered platform that leverages the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to create financial prediction models.

Unlike traditional hedge funds, Numerai relies on a global community of data scientists to compete in creating these models through weekly tournaments.

 | Numerai resource
Numerai resource | Source

AI + Blockchain = Stock Predictions

The platform utilizes the Numeraire token (NMR) to incentivize participation. Data scientists stake NMR on their models, and the accuracy of those models determines their rewards or penalties. Winning models are rewarded with NMR, while underperforming models have their staked NMR burned through the “Erasure protocol.” This ensures participants have “skin in the game” and incentivizes high-quality predictions. Numerai also offers two applications: Signals and Tournaments.

  • Signals allow users to submit individual stock market predictions to earn NMR. Users stake NMR on their predictions, and the accuracy of their predictions determines whether they win or lose tokens.
  • Tournaments facilitate weekly competitions where data scientists submit their machine-learning models. These models are evaluated based on their predictive power, and winners are rewarded with NMR. This continuous influx of data and competition helps refine the overall accuracy of Numerai’s combined model, known as the Numerai “meta model.”

Numerai Review

Numerai offers a unique approach to financial prediction by combining AI, machine learning, and a crowdsourced data science community. The NMR token incentivizes participation and fuels the platform’s model refinement process through staking and the Erasure protocol.

NMR also fosters a dynamic environment for individual predictions and model development with its Signals and Tournament applications. This innovative approach positions Numerai as a significant player in AI-driven hedge funds.

ai crypto, best ai crypto | Numerai price chart
Numerai price chart | Source


  • Democratizes financial prediction with crowdsourcing
  • AI-driven approach for potentially better results
  • Earn rewards for contributing your expertise


  • Potentially inaccurate models from users
  • Complexity for non-technical users (needs data science background)

Max. Supply11,000,000
Blockchain networkEthereum

Real-world applications for AI Crypto

AI tokens are more than just lines on a chart. These digital assets fuel projects tackling real-world problems. Imagine decentralized AI marketplaces where anyone can access cutting-edge algorithms. This future isn’t science fiction – projects like are making it a reality.’s token, FET, powers transactions within this marketplace, allowing businesses to automate tasks with AI.

The recent hype surrounding Nvidia’s AI advancements highlights the growing demand for this technology. AI is seeping into everything from drug discovery to self-driving cars. This demand creates fertile ground for AI crypto projects.

Consider Scotty the AI (SCOTTY). Scotty AI can analyze large amounts of data in real time through machine learning algorithms. This enables the AI to identify patterns and anomalies that human operators may struggle to detect. By swiftly detecting potential security breaches, SCOTTY helps minimize the impact of attacks.

ai crypto, best ai crypto | Scotty AI resource
Scotty AI resource | Source

OpenAI’s groundbreaking ChatGPT chatbot also represents a glimpse into the future powered by AI. AI’s ability to process information and generate human-quality text has vast implications. Imagine AI-powered customer service chatbots that can truly understand your needs. This is the kind of innovation that AI crypto projects are enabling.

The potential growth of the AI market is undeniable. According to Precedence Research, the global artificial intelligence (AI) market was valued at USD 193.12 billion in 2023, but it is expected to reach around USD 2.5 trillion by 2032.

This signifies a massive growth potential for AI crypto projects that can offer the required infrastructure and services to support this revolution. Investors who comprehend the real-world applications of these projects are well-positioned to take advantage of the future of AI.



What exactly are AI cryptos?

Cryptos, or AI tokens, are digital assets that power projects integrating artificial intelligence and blockchain technology. AI-related cryptos function as either utility tokens to pay for transactions within these projects or governance tokens allowing holders to vote on decisions.

Are AI cryptos a risky investment?

Due to the burgeoning AI field, AI cryptos hold exciting potential. However, they could carry investment risk. This sector is relatively new and unproven, with the success of individual projects depending on factors like team expertise and market adoption of their AI solutions.

Where can I buy AI cryptos?

Several cryptocurrency exchanges allow you to buy AI crypto tokens like Bitcoin or Ethereum. MEXC is one such exchange offering a user-friendly platform for buying and selling various tokens. Remember, different exchanges may have varying fees and supported AI Cryptos.

What are the ethical considerations surrounding AI cryptos?

The ethical implications of AI-related cryptos are a developing area of discussion. Concerns exist regarding potential biases within AI algorithms and the responsible development of artificial intelligence. Additionally, the environmental impact of some blockchain technologies AI cryptos uses is a consideration