How to Buy Scotty the AI – Buying Guide

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As the power of artificial intelligence is growing at an exponential rate, so are its use cases and application to real-life industries. Scotty the AI is one web3 project that has innovatively introduced an AI personal assistant for anyone to use that can leverage algorithms to analyze specific patterns and help navigate the crypto markets.

This guide will cover the project features, key highlight points, and some quick steps on how to buy Scotty the AI through its ongoing presale, while also evaluating the project’s feasibility and potential growth.

Scotty the AI Presale Key Points to Highlight

Here are a few key pointers about the Scotty the AI presale:

  • The presale has already completed its first three phases, whereby the price increases at every stage as the milestone is reached for that round
  • During the initial launch, $SCOTTY saw major mainstream attention and within its first few days has already raised $100,000. This shows us that there is positive sentiment surrounding the project amongst the web3 community
  • Users can participate in the presale, which is currently priced at $0.0053. Early contributors can buy $SCOTTY tokens and immediately stake them for over 250% annual rewards.

How To Buy Scotty the AI ($SCOTTY) – Step by Step Guide

The power of artificial intelligence is ever-growing, and since its initial mainstream attraction, artificial intelligence has found its way into expanding into various industry sectors.

One of the most popular industry sectors that has adopted A.I. is blockchain and the cryptocurrency markets. Scotty the AI innovatively brings forth a new approach by training a GPT chatbot in all facets of blockchain tech architecture.

Below we will cover a step-by-step guide on how to buy $SCOTTY tokens in the ongoing presale campaign.

how to buy scotty the AI

Step 1: Visit the Presale and Connect your Wallet

The first step is to visit the official Scotty the AI website and, at the exchange window where users can purchase tokens, you will see a “connect wallet” button.

We recommend using MetaMask for ease of use and convenience, although you can check out some of the best ERC20 wallets to assist your decision-making.

Click the button and select MetaMask. A connection request will pop up at the wallet extension which you can accept.

Step 2: Deposit Cryptocurrency to the Wallet

To participate in the $SCOTTY presale you must ensure that your wallet has some cryptocurrency tokens which are accepted. Users can participate in the Scotty the AI presale by swapping ETH, USDT, BNB & MATIC.

Alternatively, users can participate via card payments which are processed by a trusted fiat on-ramp provider, Web3Payments.

Step 3: Initiate Token Swap

Once the funds appear in your wallet and are connected to the presale site, you can proceed with the swap.

Navigate to the exchange widget and select the desired currency you are using to initiate the swap. Now you can enter the amount you wish to use to swap with $SCOTTY tokens.

Click the buy button and a transaction authorization will pop up in your wallet extension, which you will need to confirm.

It is crucial to remember to leave a small amount of crypto in your wallet to cover the gas fees, which is required to process the transaction.

Step 4: Stake $SCOTTY to Receive More Tokens

The Scotty the AI presale allows users to immediately stake tokens when purchasing. The current APR% is over 200% and users can stake $SCOTTY tokens and lock them in smart contracts until launch, which will start earning passive rewards.

To start staking your $SCOTTY tokens, navigate to the “staking” tab. Users can allocate the amount they wish, and see statistical insights about the staking contract.

Staking early can prove to be beneficial. Users are simply holding tokens while waiting for launch, whereas with staking the tokens purchased can be earning passive annual percentage yield rewards.

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What is Scotty the AI?

Scotty the AI is a project that combines the power of artificial intelligence with the cryptocurrency markets. The platform features an AI-based companion with expertise on blockchain security, fraud analysis, and smart contracts.

The assistant also mirrors security methods commonly used in the blockchain sector, being able to detect suspicious on-chain activity, maintaining the integrity and incorruptibility of blockchain transactions within the web3 ecosphere.

Scotty the AI is characterized as a Scottish Terrier. As stated in the project’s whitepaper, the digital guard dog provides AI-powered solutions that aim to improve security and detect potential malicious and fraudulent transactions in the blockchain sector.

Key Features

Artificial intelligence integration: Scotty the AI utilizes advanced AI algorithms that are specifically designed for blockchain data analytics. This allows Scotty to dissect information, analyze laborious patterns, and detect potential threats and risks.

Speedy Response Rate: Scotty the AI chatbot has a speedy reaction time. Our experts tested out the functionality and asked Scotty some questions – responses we received in less than 10 seconds. Scotty can quickly scan his intelligence membrane to respond promptly and take action against any vulnerability.

Fraud Detection: One of Scotty’s main duties is to identify potential fraudulent activity by constantly monitoring blockchain transactions and on-chain activity to scan for potential security breaches. By mitigating the potential for fraud Scotty can contribute to the transparency of the blockchain as a whole.

Community-Centric Transparency: One fundamental principle of the project is the community focus and transparency among them. Using the principles of decentralization, Scotty can ensure that the actions and policies are matched with users’ expectations.

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Presale and Tokenomics Digest

The number of $SCOTTY tokens in the total supply is 1,734,567,890. Below is a breakdown of how the token supply has been distributed.

  • Presale Allocation: 30% (520,370,367)
  • Project Development: 30% (520,370,367)
  • Staking Rewards: 20% (346,913,578)
  • Marketing Funds: 10% (173,456,789)
  • Exchange Listing: 10% (173,456,789)

Insights and Assumptions

Scotty the AI’s developer team has renounced all ownership of the token smart contract, meaning that the architecture is now operating in a trustless environment, free from tampering, disruption, and modification.

There are no risks of liquidity draining as the team has burned all the liquidity keys, increasing the community trust and creating a fair and transparent environment for anyone to participate in without fear or worry of manipulation.

With other popular crypto presales, the founding team usually allocates between 5-20% of the token to themselves as payment for their efforts. Usually, these tokens are vested over a year or two, ensuring that team members can not dump mass amounts of tokens to drain the liquidity.

Based on this, the $SCOTTY token could potentially be poised for an upcoming Binance listing or on other top-tier exchanges like OKX or Kraken.

To find out more, join the Scotty the AI social communities on Telegram and Twitter for updates.

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Scotty the AI’s Roadmap – The Journey Ahead

There are three main phases in Scotty the AI’s roadmap plan for the project to reach its desired achievements and goals.

Stage 1: Community-Building, Improving Features, Marketing

  • $SCOTTY Token Presale: The project allows early contributors to obtain $SCOTTY tokens at the discounted presale price
  • Token Audit: Smart contract audits from third-party auditors will assist Scotty the AI to identify any flaws in the contracts to ensure compliance and security, and will identify changes before contracts are renounced
  • Token Generation (TGE): After the third-party audit, Scotty the AI project team can conduct the token generation event
  • Marketing Campaign: Marketing efforts will see the project raise awareness amongst the web3 and crypto community

Stage 2: Greater Visibility to a Wider Audience

  • DEX Token Listing: $SCOTTY tokens will be listed on DEX initially to create a liquid trading market
  • Public Launch of $SCOTTY: The public launch will be the official token release to the wider crypto community
  • CEX Listings: Centralized exchange listings can propel the growth and exposure of the token
  • Community Partnerships: In expansion efforts Scotty the AI is aiming for 10,000 holders, increasing the market presence
  • List on CoinGecko/CoinMarketCap: Listing on crypto price tracking websites will allow viewership to a wider audience
  • Uniswap & Bitmart Listing: Exchange listings will create more liquidity for the token and increase the market cap

Phase 3: Innovation and Decentralized Governance

  • Scotty Swap Tool: A unique feature that optimizes crypto swaps, finding the best trading routes with the lowest transaction costs
  • Chat With Scotty: The interactive AI-powered Scotty GPT chatbot that uses natural language processing (NLP)
  • Blockchain Takeover: Scotty will launch its native blockchain which aims to improve scalability, efficiency, and overall security

Benefits of Early Participation in the $SCOTTY Presale

Crypto investors are always on the hunt for the next crypto which can give explosive growth. Scotty the AI’s presale offers users the chance to participate early and obtain tokens at a highly discounted price.

There are some key positive factors to consider about participating in the Scotty presale:

  • Early Stage Discount Price: Participating in the presale gives users the chance to obtain tokens at a discounted rate as compared to the launch rate. When centralized exchange listings occur, the potential growth factor can be in the multiples.
  • Immediate Passive Staking: Users who participate in the presale can immediately stake tokens, which offers the possibility to start earning high APY% rewards. This can help users increase their tokens, especially considering that they will sit idle until the full launch date and token claim.
  • Priority Access to Future Features: Crypto presale projects tend to value their early participants and will often give exclusive early access to newly launched features.
  • Community Engagement and Governance: Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) are community-led projects giving the right of voting power in the hands of the community members. By owning $SCOTTY, users can have a say in the future direction of the project and contribute with a vested interest in the project roadmap.
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Our Final Verdict on Scotty the AI

Taking everything into account, our expert review panel thinks that Scotty the AI is a valuable crypto presale project that can potentially provide early contributors with a rewarding journey.

The platform introduces an innovation in artificial intelligence that bridges over to the world of blockchain, cryptocurrency, and web3 technology. The primary mission is to improve the overall security and early detection of fraud and potential malicious attacks.

Based on this, we consider $SCOTTY to be one of the best cryptos to watch under $1, especially considering the low presale price of $0.0053. Should the project be successful, there is a good chance for this crypto to see major growth.

What is $SCOTTY token?

$SCOTTY is the native cryptocurrency of a blockchain project which is bringing to life an AI Powered crypto intelligent chatbot GPT. Scotty the AI will also bring several other features such as a DEX aggregator which will optimize crypto swaps.

How to invest in $SCOTTY?

Users can purchase $SCOTTY tokens by participating in the presale on the project’s official website. Users can connect to the site with MetaMask or many other popular web3 wallets.

Do I need to own crypto to buy $SCOTTY?

No, the platform allows users to obtain $SCOTTY tokens via card payment, process through an established fiat on-ramp provider (Web3Payments)However, you will need to own a cryptocurrency wallet to receive tokens. Check the step by step guide in the above cover of how to buy $SCOTTY.