How to Buy eTukTuk in 2024 – Buying Guide

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eTukTuk ($TUK) is a new crypto project revolutionizing the future of transportation. The platform is launching a play-to-earn game with the mission of reducing carbon emissions and CO2 related health issues, in addition to furthering equality in developing nations.

The project’s primary offering is to implement electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure in cities and suburban areas in developing countries. To accompany the initiative, the project will also see the launch of the eTukTuk EV – an attempt at offering a more affordable entry point to the EV market.

The project is launched on the Binance BNB Chain which helps to provide scalability, efficiency, security and values that align with the project’s mission.

With this in mind, we have composed a detailed guide on how to buy eTukTuk amid the ongoing presale.

eTukTuk ($TUK) Presale Key Points

Here is a summary of the key points for investors to keep in mind for the eTukTuk presale:

  • The eTukTuk presale is allocating 200,000,000 tokens, which is 10% of the total supply
  • At the time of writing, $TUK can be purchased at $0.026. At the next presale stage, the price will increase to $0.02625
  • Presale participants can immediately stake $TUK tokens to obtain 378% annual rewards. $TUK rewards are currently distributed to the staking pool at a rate of 4.75 $TUK per BSC block
  • The presale hard cap is $5,693,500, with the project currently having raised just over $500,000.

How to buy eTukTuk ($TUK) – A Beginner’s Guide

Here is a step-by-step walkthrough on how to participate in the ongoing presale and acquire eTukTuk:

Step 1: Download and set up a crypto wallet

To participate in the eTukTuk presale, individuals must be in possession of a suitable non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet. Suitable and popular choices include MetaMask, TrustWallet, and Coinbase Wallet.

First, investors must download their wallet of choice. For desktop users, Web3 wallets function as a browser extension. We suggest using Google Chrome for an uninterrupted and smooth experience.

Alternatively, investors can download their preferred wallet on both IOS and Android devices.

How to buy eTukTuk

Step 2: Purchase crypto and transfer to a wallet

In order to participate in the eTukTuk cryptocurrency presale, users must first own and hold some cryptocurrency in the wallet being used. The eTukTuk presale allows users to contribute using either BNB or USDT. Alternatively users can opt to purchase eTukTuk via card payment.

It is crucial for investors to ensure that they are using the BNB chain on their wallet, and if transferring USDT, ensure that they transfer assets on the BNB Chain.

Step 3: Visit the presale website and connect a wallet

The next step is to visit the eTukTuk official presale website. Users will find the token exchange window on the right hand side, and must click on the ‘Connect Wallet’ button.

Investors can then proceed to select their desired crypto wallet of choice, at which point a pop-up will appear in the wallet extension, requesting confirmation of the connection.

How to buy eTukTuk

Step 4: Buy eTukTuk tokens in presale

Once the wallet is connected, investors can proceed to purchase their chosen amount of $TUK.

At the exchange window, users must select the desired cryptocurrency they wish to make the purchase with, and enter the amount. The exchange window will then calculate and display the equivalent amount of $TUK.

Users who purchase $TUK in the presale can immediately stake tokens to receive 378% annual rewards.

Buy eTukTuk in Crypto Presale

Step 5: Claim tokens after presale concludes

Once the presale has concluded, users can claim their tokens from the official presale website. The wallet used for the purchase must be the same wallet used for the claim, as the smart contract will only recognize the wallet addresses used to participate in the presale.

Users can also choose to continue staking their tokens to keep receiving passive staking rewards.

What is eTukTuk?

eTukTuk is a cryptocurrency project with a mission to reduce carbon emissions through eco-friendly transportation. In practice, this sees the project launching an electric variant of the classic ‘TukTuk’ vehicle, which is known for being easily accessible to all income levels.

The project also aims to provide blockchain-powered EV charging infrastructure in these low-income regions. The primary aims of the initiative are as follows:

  • Reduce the number of combustion engines worldwide, including the 270 million TukTuks which are mainly powered by extremely polluting fuel
  • With rising fuel prices, eTukTuk aims to provide a cheaper solution for TukTuk drivers
  • Establish an affordable network of charging stations and electric vehicles
  • Develop sustainable transportation solutions using innovation and technology, with an overarching goal to tackle the issues of global pollution.

AI and Blockchain Solutions that eTukTuk is Offering

  1. AI-driven efficiency: Optimized routes, reductions in traffic and congestion and minimal fuel consumption
  2. Eco-friendly innovation: AI research is helping $TUK to support green transportation. This aligns the $TUK token presale with global environmental goals
  3. Smart infrastructure: Advancement of green initiatives by pioneering intelligent transport systems using AI-enhanced blockchain
  4. Predictive maintenance: AI integration schedules interventions for prolonging vehicle life – this minimizes waste and promotes a reliable and eco-friendly token

Obtain 378% in Staking Yields

Aside from introducing innovative play-to-earn mechanics, eTukTuk also has added utility to the token which rewards community supporters. The project offers multiple ways to utilize the $TUK token and one of them is by staking tokens in the smart contract.

The staking feature allows community members to lock their tokens to be rewarded with passive earnings per BSC block. Staking is a feature that assists a project to stay liquid and ensures there is enough liquidity for it to be traded without significant price movement on the open market.

Staking also benefits community members as they can earn positive APY% on their staked tokens, ultimately earning more $TUK. At the time of writing, there are over 13 million $TUK tokens currently being staked in the project’s smart contract.

Stake to earn passive APY

Power stake – Earn a share of charging fees

Power Staking is another added utility of the eTukTuk project. Once the EV charging infrastructure has been implemented, $TUK token holders have the option to participate in Power Staking.

This means that community members will be able to stake tokens and earn a share of the charging fees. This further promotes the sustainable ethos by sharing a percentage of proceeds with token holders, while also promoting the circular economy.

eTukTuk Tokenomics and Presale

The total supply of eTukTuk tokens is 200 billion, with 200 million (10%) allocated to the presale. A breakdown of the tokenomics can be found below:

Hardcap of the presale: $5,693,500
Total Supply: 200,000,000,000

Tokenomics breakdown and allocations

Project operations: 18% of the total supply | 360,000,000 tokens
Power staking: 20% of the total supply | 400,000,000 tokens
Company reserve: 14% of the total supply | 280,000,000 tokens
Marketing: 10% of the total supply | 200,000,000 tokens
Team: 10% of the total supply | 200,000,000 tokens
Community fund: 9% of the total supply | 180,000,000 tokens
Presale: 10% of the total supply| 200,000,000 tokens
Presale staking: 4% of the total supply | 80,000,000 tokens
Liquidity: 5% of the total supply | 100,000,000 tokens

eTukTuk Play-to-Earn Game

eTukTuk has added utility to the project by launching a play-to-earn game that will intertwine with real-life driving of TukTuks.

Similar to the well-known taxi game Crazy Taxi, drivers will whiz around the streets of Sri Lanka to pick up and drop off customers. The quicker journeys are completed, the more eTukTuk tokens a driver can obtain. This is a unique play-to-earn model which has not been seen before in the Web3 sector.

Similar to the likes of Sweat Coin where users are paid in tokens to walk distances, eTukTuk has taken a similar approach to implement play-to-earn mechanics to real-life activity. According to the project’s roadmap, more cities will be added to the eTukTuk network in due course.

eTukTuk Roadmap

Prospective investors can find the details of the eTukTuk roadmap in the image below. The roadmap has four stages, with Phase 2 currently underway.

Roadmap milestones of eTukTuk

Why Participate in the eTukTuk Presale?

There are a number of reasons to participate in the eTukTuk presale, with the project’s eco-friendly ethos standing out among them. Find below some further detail on the advantages of investing in eTukTuk.

Power the future of sustainable transport

By participating in the presale, community members can join an eco-friendly ecosystem that is promoting a greener future and a sharing economy. Investors can become a part of the revolution towards a greener future, and demonstrate their support for reducing carbon emissions.

Early token entry opportunity

During presales, tokens are priced at a discounted rate, with the price for 1 $TUK token currently sitting at $0.026. The next stage of the presale will see the price increase to $0.02625.

The presale is currently in Stage 8 of the initial raise, with the price increasing as it progresses up towards stage 26, at which point the price will hit $0.033. Participating early on in presales gives investors preferential pricing, ultimately increasing the chance of profit.

Earn staking rewards

During and after presale, $TUK token holders can stake their tokens by locking them into the smart contract. The current rewards are distributed at every BSC block. The current APY for staking is 378%, which will decrease as time goes on and as more people stake tokens.

If choosing to participate in the presale, investors can stake tokens immediately until launch, which will allow the opportunity to stack up $TUK tokens while they wait for the presale to end.

eTukTuk Price Prediction – What is $TUK’s potential?

Participating in presales early gives investors the best chance of positive returns, especially when paired with staking tokens. According to the eTukTuk roadmap, the project aims to list the token on centralized exchanges, which opens the door for more volume and extra exposure to the wider crypto community. Additionally, taking into account the functionality for staking, power staking, and drive-to-earn mechanics, $TUK token seemingly boasts a strong variety of use cases.

Furthermore, our expert panel does feel encouraged that eTukTuk is providing a valid solution to the issue of rising carbon emissions in lesser economically-developed countries. According to the Asia Foundation, greenhouse gas emissions increased by an alarming 56% between 2008 and 2018, clearly demonstrating the urgency of the issue.

And with the new play-to-earn game being launched, the community of eTukTuk could quickly expand from mere crypto community members, to millions of real life TukTuk drivers, which is bound to provide a boost to the token’s market cap.

Should the project follow through on its roadmap milestones and expand its electric vehicle and charging stations globally, we could see token soar in value in the multiples.

However, it is strongly advised that investors perform their own research and keep in mind that profit is not guaranteed when investing in cryptocurrency projects. We recommend referring to the eTukTuk communities on X (Twitter) and Telegram for more information.

Our Final Verdict on Investing in eTukTuk in 2024

Not only is eTukTuk proving to be a project tackling a real life issue in dire need of attention, but it is also innovating the TukTuk experience by bringing play-to-earn mechanics to real life driving. Both of these factors have the potential to see the project gaining mass adoption on a wider scale.

In addition, with the project launching in Sri Lanka, we can expect that it has ample resources to quickly expand its operations to other regions. Taking this and other factors into account, we feel that eTukTuk is a highly promising and potentially worthwhile project to invest in.



What is eTukTuk?

eTukTuk is a revolutionary crypto project which is promoting a more sustainable future by tackling the issue of carbon emissions and reducing the requirement of fossil fuel dependency on mass scale. It targets TukTuks which are a heavily polluting vehicle widely used across Asia and Africa for cheap and fast public transportation.

What is the price of eTukTuk?

eTukTuk is currently in its presale stages with the current price of 1 $TUK being $0.026. As the presale progresses the price of 1 $TUK increases as it moves towards its hardcap.

How to buy eTukTuk?

In order to buy $TUK tokens, users must participate in the ongoing presale. You must have a compatible cryptocurrency wallet (MetaMask suggested) and load it with either BNB or USDT on the BEP20 network. Visit the official presale website, connect your wallet and then enter the amount of crypto you wish to use to purchase $TUK tokens at the exchange window. Once the transaction is confirmed you will have made your purchase. Tokens can immediately be staked and claiming tokens will be possible once the presale finishes.