AI Crypto Coins Rally as Artificial Intellgience Is in the Spotlight

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) coins posted substantial gains in today’s session, led by World Coin. AI-focused coins received high interest as more brands integrated AI systems into their platforms.

+10% were added to the market cap of AI crypto coins on Monday.

ai market cap

source: coingecko

A great example comes from the US Air Force, which conducted the first test flight of an AI-controlled F-16.

Blockchain technology offers businesses a secure environment with lower costs than traditional software. Each AI project offers different blockchain solutions.

Why have AI coins rallied today?

All fingers point at Worldcoin (WLD), a cryptocurrency that Sam Altman, the founder of ChatGPT, launched.

worldcoin rally ai

source: CMC

Worldcoin gained traction by offering free coins to those who scan their iris via orbs. The orb documents the scan using a biometric image on the blockchain, thus verifying the owner’s ID (similar to KYC). In exchange, free WLD are awarded.

Worldcoin came under scrutiny due to privacy concerns. It is currently banned in Kenya, Spain, and Portugal. Many regions, including South Korea, are investigating these concerns. However, it is still legal in most countries. The probes did not stop Altman from announcing WLD will expand to Mexico.

Expanding to Mexico and speculations that WLD will be integrated into ChatGPT have triggered a rally in AI cryptocurrencies.

The AI hype may also be seen in presales offering AI-focused projects, such as Wiener AI, which has raised over $350,000.

Will the AI Hype Continue?

The world is on the brink of transitioning into a digital era. AI-powered systems are expected to become more popular with a higher adoption rate.

The EU, Brazil, South Africa, and other regions are working on regulating AI technology. It greatly depends on how ‘tough’ the restrictions will be.

Nevertheless, AI is the future of modern technology.