World War 3: Russia Is Officially Ready

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With reports that Russia is deploying its deadliest weapons to Syria, there are high chances that World War 3 is coming and Russia is among the few ones who is actually ready for it.

U.S. foreign policy is focused on only one thing: to prevent the emergence of a power or powers capable of challenging U.S. unilateral dominance across the world, according to Brazilian journalist Pepe Escobar, who wrote a piece for Sputnik News.

In his article published on Tuesday, Escobar argues that the U.S. is losing its “Full Spectrum Dominance” due to recent developments in Syria, particularly – Russia’s military involvement in the Syrian crisis.

Washington is now engaged in a Vietnam-style escalation of boots on the ground across Syria and Iraq, with 50 commands already on the ground in northern Syria advising the YPG Syrian Kurds as well as a number of moderate Sunnis. But the author interprets it as not “advising,” but rather as telling them what the U.S. wants them to do.

Moreover, additional 200 Special Forces will soon be sent to Iraq to allegedly “engage in direct combat” against ISIS (aka Daesh, ISIL, IS, Islamic State), Escobar reminds.

“These developments, billed as “efforts” to “partially re-engage in Iraq and Syria” are leading US Think Tankland to pen hilarious reports in search of “the perfect balance between wide-scale invasion and complete disengagement” – when everyone knows Washington will never disengage from the Middle East’s strategic oil wealth,” the author of the article noted.

U.S. profits from Turkey vs Russia tensions

As of today, there are at least four coalitions in Syria, according to the author: the “4+1” (Russia, Syria, Iran, Iraq plus Hezbollah) – the coalition that is actually fighting ISIS; the U.S.-led coalition involving 34 countries; the direct military collaboration between Russia and France; and the newly-created Saudi-led “Islamic” charade.

And these four coalitions constantly encounter a great number of Salafi-jhadi coalitions and alliances of convenience that last from a few hours to a few months, according to Escobar.

“And then there’s Turkey, which under Sultan Erdogan plays a vicious double game,” the author of the article notes, saying that there are no signs that the escalated tensions between Russia and Turkey are abating.

The tensions come after Turkey – a NATO member state – shot down a Russian warplane in Turkish airspace last month. The incident has already been named the most alarming military encounter between NATO and Russia’s forces in over 50 years.

“The Empire of Chaos lavishly profits from it as a privileged spectator; as long as the tension lasts, prospects of Eurasia integration are hampered,” Escobar notes, referring to the United States as to “the Empire of Chaos.”

Russia will use nuclear weapons if necessary

But Russia is prepared for World War 3, in case Turkey provokes one: Russian President Vladimir Putin has already deployed ships and submarines capable of launching nuclear missiles in case Turkey decides to strike Russian positions under the cover of NATO and the Alliance’s 5th Article, according to Escobar.

But “President Putin has been clear; Russia will use nuclear weapons if necessary if conventional forces are threatened,” the author reminds, warning that if any NATO member state decides to destroy yet another Su-24, or Su-34, Moscow will “simply clear the airspace all across the border via the S-400s.”

And Turkey could also draw NATO into war against Russia not only in Syria but also in Europe by ordering the Turkish Army attack Russian positions, Escobar wrote, warning that Russia would respond with nuclear weapons to keep Russian strategic use of the Bosphorus open.

World War 3: Russia Is Officially Ready

Russia can destroy New York in 18 minutes

But NATO and the Pentagon are actually terrified to fight Russia, since they are aware of the “tremendous heavy metal Russia may unleash” if Putin is provoked, according to Escobar. So what’s so terrifying about Russia’s military capabilities?

Let’s take Russia’s SS-18, for starters. The Pentagon has already named the missile ‘Satan’, because it is capable of destroying an area the size of the New York state. The SS-18 missile carries 10 warheads, each having a force ranging from 750 to 1000 kiloton, while some of these missiles have a single ‘secret’ deadly 20,000 kiloton warhead. And that’s 1333 times Hiroshima.

Russia’s Topol M ICBM is the world’s fastest missile at 21 Mach (16,000 miles an hour), and NATO has no defense against it. If launched from Moscow, the missile hits New York City in 18 minutes, and Los Angeles in 22.8 minutes, according to Escobar.

Meanwhile, Russia’s S-500 anti-missile system is capable of not letting enemy’s ICBMs and cruise missiles from striking Russia’s forces. While Russia officially admits that the S-500s will be rolled out in 2016, Escobar suspects that the anti-missile systems may be already operational due to the fact that the S-400s are set to be delivered to China soon.

“The S-500 makes the Patriot missile look like a V-2 from WWII,” according to Escobar.

NATO, do you still wanna go to war with Russia?

And then there’s Russia’s supersonic bomber fleet of Tupolev Tu-160s, which can be deployed from any part of Russia, fly over the North Pole, fire nuclear-equipped cruise missiles from safe distances over the Atlantic, return back to Russia and watch the whole show on TV.

Escobar claims that Russia can cripple pretty much every forward NATO base with tactical and battlefield small-yield nuclear weapons. And given the fact that Russia has tested NATO response times on multiple occasions over the past few months, Moscow is fully prepared for such a scenario.

But in order to get to the S-400s – or, worse, S-500s – NATO would first had to destroy Russia’s Iskander missiles, which travel at seven times the speed of sound with a range of 400 km, the author notes, warning that Russia is capable of arranging defense zones in “nearly every conceivable theater of war.”

And positioning the S-400s – not to mention the S-500s – in Kaliningrad, Russia’s enclave between Lithuania and Poland, would cripple all NATO air operations deep inside Europe.

Escobar concludes the article by asking Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and NATO: “do you still wanna go to war?”

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