Can Russia Possibly Use Nuclear Weapons In Syria?

Can Russia Possibly Use Nuclear Weapons In Syria?
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Russia is considering using nuclear weapons against ISIS targets in Syria, which has triggered fears over a potential global nuclear war in the West.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said the new cruise missiles could be equipped with nuclear warheads, but that he hopes they would “never be needed,” according to RT.

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Putin’s statements come after Russia fired cruise missiles from its submarine at the ISIS targets in Syria. Putin has praised the Russian cruise missiles fired against the militant group from the sea, and added that he hopes these weapons would not have to be armed with nuclear warheads.

“We must analyze everything happening on the battlefield, how the weapons operate,” the President said during his meeting with Russia’s Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu.

“The Kalibrs (sea based cruise missiles) and KH-101 (airborne cruise missile) have proved to be modern and highly effective, and now we know it for sure – precision weapons that can be equipped with both conventional and special warheads, which are nuclear,” Putin said.

“Naturally, this is not necessary when fighting terrorists and, I hope, will never be needed,” Putin added.

Russia’s growing nuclear potential in Syria

Shoigu reported to the President the latest results of the military operation against ISIS (aka Daesh, Islamic State, ISIL, IS) in Syria, and Putin then made the notable remark about the nuclear weapons.

The Defense Minister also said the TU-22 bombers were involved in the most recent raids against ISIS targets, and reported that the militant group’s munitions depot, factory manufacturing mortar rounds and oil facilities had been destroyed. Shoigu added that the Russian military had informed the U.S. and Israel prior to launching the airstrikes.

On Tuesday, the Russians used a Kilo-class submarine – the Rostov-on-Don – to launch rounds of cruise missiles against ISIS installations near the Syrian province of Raqqa, which is basically the capital of ISIS in Syria. A submerged submarine fired water-to-surface cruise missiles from the Mediterranean Sea, Shoigu told Putin.

Earlier this year, Kalibr and KH-101 cruise missiles have been deployed and used for the first time in Moscow’s counter-terrorist operations in Syria.

Russia launched its airstrikes campaign in Syria on 30 September.

Russia’s deploys ‘doomsday’ plane in preparation for nuclear war

Putin’s comments come amid heightened tensions between NATO and Russia. In late November, Turkey – a NATO member state – shot down a Russian jet over its airspace, which triggered a furious response in the Kremlin, with many analysts suggesting that Moscow is willing to unleash a nuclear war over the incident.

The incident with the Turkish military shooting down the Russian warplane has already been named the most alarming military encounter between NATO and Russia’s forces in over 50 years.

ValueWalk reported last week that Russia is now fully prepared for a nuclear war with NATO with its cutting-edge flying command center capable of maintaining full control over Russia’s armed forces in the event of nuclear war.

The airborne command center, which has already been named a ‘doomsday plane’ by the Pentagon, thanks to its technical capabilities, is capable of managing and distributing tasks to all units of Russia’s armed forces: ground forces, Navy, aerospace forces as well as strategic missile forces.

A potential enemy – whether it is NATO, the U.S. or Turkey – in case of a military confrontation against Russia, will struggle to destroy the flying command center because its main advantage is its “invincibility,” according to the production company that designed the command center.

Russia can destroy New York with one nuclear strike

According to a recently published report, Russia currently possesses 1,643 deployed strategic warheads, while the U.S. has 1,642, according to data exchanged between Russia and the U.S. on October 1, 2014.

But it’s not the number of warheads that matter in the event of nuclear war, but Russia’s land-based strategic forces, which have the kind of explosive magnitude that is greater than anything in U.S.’s military arsenal.

The report indicated that a nuclear exchange between Washington and Moscow will undoubtedly have “catastrophic consequences” for both sides, and even for the entire planet. But at the same time. there are certain factors that could result in Russia winning any nuclear war, according to the report.

Take Russia’s SS-18, for example. The missile has already been named ‘Satan’ by the Pentagon and NATO, and is capable of destroying an area the size of the New York state. The SS-18 carries 10 warheads, each having a force of 750 to 1000 kiloton, while some of these missiles have a single ‘secret’ deadly 20,000 kiloton warhead. And that’s 1333 times Hiroshima.

In what proves to be a yet another sign that Russia is actively preparing for a nuclear war, it was reported by ValueWalk last week that Russia has already started picking nuclear-powered allies for imminent nuclear war with NATO. In particular, the Kremlin wants to strengthen military ties with Pakistan and China.

Russia halts Turkey nuclear work

Russia has halted Turkey nuclear construction works, according to the Daily Mail. The British news outlet reported on Wednesday, citing Turkish energy officials, that Russia’s Rosatom has halted nuclear construction works at Turkey’s first nuclear power plant.

The move appears to be Russia’s response to Turkey shooting down the Russian jet in late November. Russia has not fully terminated the contract for the construction of the project, and will unlikely do so because of the severe compensation issues, according to Turkish energy officials.

But still, Turkey is forced to start looking elsewhere to find other potential candidates for the $20 billion project.

Russia halting the nuclear project in Turkey is unlikely to do any damage to the country’s energy supplies in the near term, since the nuclear power plant was scheduled to become fully operational after the year of 2022.

In an attempt to strip itself off extreme reliance on imported energy supplies, Turkey in 2013 offered Russia’s Rosatom to build four-1,200 megawatt reactors.

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  1. Yes, but the conclusion of the writer, captured in it’s headline, does not match the statements, actions, or apparent intentions of Russia *at all.* That is disconcerting. She could do better then the sensationalist nonsense and blatant falsehood that is the very first sentence of this article.

  2. I strongly believe that there is strong possibility that nuclear weapons will be used against terrorists in Syria and Iraq. The definition of the terrorist according to Russia is everybody attacking Syria. It is possible nuclear weapon could be used against Turkey or Saudi Arabia etc. It is really difficult for me to imagine that Putin would allow Turkey or Saudis killed his soldiers. According to Syrians I know “The life in Syria five years ago was better than in North America and everybody lived in peace but because of pipelines, gas and oil some ……….destroyed it”. The two Syrian I spoke live here for quite a bit and their yearly income is close to 100K.

    According to UN regulations Syria is being attacked by Turkey, Saudi Arabia, US etc so it is natural for a good ally to use all force necessary. The interesting fact for me is that right now Al-queda in Syria is called by US, Great Britain etc a moderate opposition. So why US administration under Bush and Obama spent a few trillion dollars fighting “moderate opposition”? It looks like American nation was involved in Ponzi scheme where under pretext of fighting with “moderate opposition” It was pushed a few trillion dollars into the debt unless US was fighting terror state and not “moderate opposition” like today Obama and Carter call Al-queda in Syria and its supporters America trusted allies.
    Most of us have good life. Roof above, warm water, not being ever hungry. There is a probability, not very high but still there is that we can lose it because Turkey, Saudi, Obama etc “Assad must go”.

  3. “Naturally, we do not need that (nukes in missile warheads) in fighting terrorists, and I hope we will never need it,” he continued. That was exact words. And the article is BS.

    But how interesting to discuss the thing somebody wants us to imagine?

  4. Again this author is bastating in a fantasy world. The mere facts in this article are scewed and plain to see, simply irrelevant. Any mention by Mr. Putter of his nuclear capability is simple saber radling and is nothing new. His intervention iin the Syrian conflict is aconventional weapons test bed and his nuclear capability has just received upgrades; country is broke and Putter understands that his economic means to sustain a conventional force on force war with the U.S. and or NATO would be short lived; therefore he threaten nuclear war. He’s just the kind of guy to resort to threat of nuclear war. He of course won’t pursue this course because he just reasserted himself and Russia as world power.

    So there so call merv-staged “Satan” weapon is and has been around for years. They just gave it a new name see: Janes Defense. We have the same type of weapons and hundreds of them. So they strike, we strike, it doesn’t matter, death to the world will follow. No one wins here..everyone loses. God Forbid

  5. I’ll never understand the current geopolitics. USSR is gone. Russia is the underdog. Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Balkans, Baltics, North America are all white Christian nations with Greco-Roman roots. Who gives a crap about the middle east? Just drop all this politically correct crap and set up mandates in the middle east again.

  6. You mean, Ivan, it was a “misunderstanding?” Vlad should not even say the word “nuclear” unless he portends serious connotations. Come to think of it, a patch of desert in the Middle East is not worth the destruction of a single hectre of territory of either country, nor the waste of a single kopeck. The muslim wants to destroy the world because they believe it is the “end times.” It is only true if one is a durak and allows them to lead us on.

  7. Dave, worry not. There has to be nastier stuff still in “in store” and we won’t even have to “make it”… There is no way that this country will allow any other nation to escape unscythed should they strike. Let the chittering little jesse runt rant on and wallow in their own filth and poverty for a while longer.

  8. Jesse chimeing in on the “american hour” from the slums of Caracas, where the Bolivar has fallen to such lows that its worth less than toilet paper, and so is used as.

  9. Bigger… is not always better. The suffering will be felt irregardless of “size” and there will be wailing and remorse on both sides. The muslim would love nothing better than to see the caucasians wipe each other out in the name of “allah.”

  10. Russia has more powerful nuclear warheads?
    The US can build the same magnitude warhead.
    Russia will not “win” a nuclear war. It will be Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD)

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