Russia’s T-90MS Shows Off Capabilities At Testing Range

Russia’s T-90MS Shows Off Capabilities At Testing Range
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The T-90MS, an updated version of Russia’s T-90 main battle tank recently showed off its offensive and defensive capabilities at a Russian testing range.

Russia’s T-90MS was first revealed in 2011

It appears that the improved main battle tank for the Russian army is coming along after its unveiling in 2011. While it is to be utilized by the Russian Army, Russia is also in discussions with export customers like India. The Indians have already announced their plans to purchase 236 of the new and improved T-90.

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Russia recently began testing the new battle tank in a variety of conditions and climates.

Improved defenses for the T-90MS

“Since man-portable anti-tank weapons have become the new trend nowadays, we decided to upgrade both the tank’s weaponry and defense systems. The tank can now hold its ground against a large number of enemy infantry armed with anti-tank weaponry,” the head of the design department of the Transmash design bureau recently told the Russian TV channel Zvezda according to the news agency Sputnik.

This improved survivability is based on a number of factors. First, the T-90MS added a turret bustle that keeps additional rounds outside of the crew area. In addition to new composite armor, the T-90MS has built-in Relikt explosive reactive armor rather than the Kontakt-5 armor used on older models. Reactive armor essentially explodes when an anti-tank weapon strikes the tank, blowing the round away from the tank or at least keeping it from penetrating the tank. It also provides additional protection against tandem warheads and reduces the penetration abilities of APFSDS rounds by over 50%.  Lastly, the battle tank is outfitted with the Shtora-1 countermeasures system which fools anti-tank weapons with semi-automatic guidance.

Improved offensive capabilities for the T-90MS

The primary gun has changed with a new 125-mm high-accuracy smoothbore gun that has an increased range over previous models of the T-90. It also has the ability to firre 9K119 Refleks anti-tannk missiles that can also be used against low-flying helicopters. Forty rounds are carried for the main gun with 22 of those held in an autoloader for quick use.

Further upgrades include a new fire control system with panoramic sights over multiple channels. These sights are equipped with a thermal vision system that allows the tank commander to understand the vehicles position on the battlefield during the day and the night along with a variety of weather conditions.

The T-90MS also has a new tracking system that features a “hunter-shooter” mode for use against multiple targets. The tank commander can mark a target and hand its destruction over to the gunner while he continues his/her search for additional targets without moving the gun designated to the first target.

The crew of three will also enjoy the addition of an automatic transmission, two new air condition units and a rear-view camera.

The T-90MS has more power and a few other additions

The newest version produces 1130 horsepower with its new V-92S2F turbocharged diesel engine. The aforementioned automatic transmission has seven forward and one reverse gear with both improved handling and a higher top-speed than its predecessors. An auxillary power unit can run all systems even when the engine is turned off. Crew members can also install a deep wading kit in about 20 minutes which allows the tank to ford water up to a depth of five meters.

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  4. It would be a good idea if you would read before you post a comment. I never said the T-90 was a direct competitor, I said the T-90 was just an average tank. I said the Armata was built to compete with the Abrams and German Leopard II style tanks. So if you don’t agree with that assessment then tell the Russian news agency that it’s incorrect. They made a BIG HEADLINE about it when Russia had their national parade day and showed them off. Their direct quote was that they had an equal or better tank than the Americans or European designed models. They said nothing about mass producing numbers, ( which they can’t afford at this time anyway ) so they are going with QUALITY over numbers MR. KNOW IT ALL!!!!!

  5. Not really, you’re basically describing any modern FSV.

    The US Army’s next primary vehicle will be based on the Abrams chassis, and is in every way, an MBT.

  6. The new is not an MBT but a new concept. Ideas are floated around 25T which means 30T when done. 2 or 3 man crew. Hi mobility, active suppression systems. This seems to be the key in tech. Light reliable but effective. Apparently not reactive armor. NLOS guided mortar like round seems to have the edge now, who knows in 15 years what it might be.

    The main difference is a semi-reclined position in the tank, think F-16 or M1 driver.
    Turret is gun only or turreted TD.

  7. Sorry, tiredofcrap, I just couldn’t resist taking nadalotta for a ride after she asked that question. I can’t believe that anyone would actually take that serious. Hahaha

  8. I’m hoping that you knew I was just having a good joke at your expense, right. I just couldn’t resist after you asked that question (lol)

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  11. Defense of other countries? I cannot see one country we have defended; but the world can see our constant meddling around the world, and murdering everyone who will no bow to the US. See that’s different.. And the reality.

  12. Not sure what you mean…

    M1 is (now) receiving upgrades under the ECP programs. Ex; the new M1A2 SEP V3 is the ECP1 program. Such upgrades will come until the new vehicle comes out some time around 2027. It is said to be completely new outside of the chassis.

  13. Pointless now as the heat from the exhaust can be seen from modern senors as plumes. Also mixed IR, UV, VL senors can ID anything with the correct programming.

  14. Not true (but may always change).

    Four tracked vehicle programs and one wheeled vehicle enjoy significant ramp-ups in the 2016 request:

    $368 million for upgrades to the M1 Abrams tank, up 50 percent from $237 million in fiscal 2015.

    $225 million for upgrades to the M2 Bradley infantry fighting vehicle (a hybrid of tank and troop carrier), up 65 percent from $136 million in ’15.

    $230 million to begin detailed design of the Armored Multi-Purpose Vehicle (AMPV), a turretless support variant of the Bradley, up 150 percent from $92 million.

    $152 million to further refine the upgraded M109 Paladin howitzer — known blandly as Paladin Integrated Management or PIM — which rebuilds the vehicle with Bradley automotive components (notice a pattern?), up 90 percent from $80 million. (Note that’s R&D funds; actual procurement funding for PIM remains steady at $274 million for 30 vehicles).

    $308 million to buy 450 Joint Light Tactical Vehicles (JLTV), which replace the all-too-vulnerable Humvee, up 86 percent from $165 million.

    Current/near term support is for M1 upgrades. Last I heard was just under 1,000 to be in inventory and all to the latest standard (army downsizing).

    A friend in TRADOC said open literature has been released showing the future of heavy tanks is nill as they plan for fast lighter cheaper vehicles. Basically ATM precision has gotten so good the heavy armor can no longer be counted on to breach. Much like the heavy horse when muskets were introduced.

  15. The people that will overthrow the Russian Government might like these, do you still have gasoline? I would like to see our new tank buster bomb used on these, One bomb destroys 40 tanks.

  16. what are you mumbling about? Per sources..

    India currently operates more than 862 T-90S which were procured in three separate orders. Two batches (310 tanks and knockdown kits in 2000 and a further 300 in 2006) were purchased from Russia. Heavy Vehicle Factory (HVF) at Avadi has delivered 24 tanks in 2009-10; 51 in 2010-11; another 50 were supposed to be delivered in 2012. A further 1,000 were to be produced locally by 2020. Of those, the first batch of 10 were delivered in August 2009.10000 crore (US$1.5 billion) purchase of 354 new T-90MS tanks for six tank regiments for the China border has been approved. This takes total of T-90 tanks to 2011.

  17. The turret design is nothing like the M1; look at a diagram, what you ‘think’ looks like the M1 is the ERA and other external systems. Armour layout is completely different, and that’s what matters.

    The gun design? Are you kidding?
    Keep generalizing mate. By that logic, every tank takes after the M1’s gun. Not to mention that yes, the USSR used the first smoothbore.

    Hull is also completely wrong, look at the sloping profile frontally and on the sides. It’s also a lot smaller.

    The T-90MS’ general design can be traced all the way back to the T-64A and T-72, both predate the M1.

  18. On the contrary, the Armata serial production is already in full swing.
    As for the T-90MS, the author forgot to mention about the above tank that it is meant for EXPORT ONLY, it’s not for the Russian Armed Forces. The Russian T-90A’s were being brought up to M standard since 2006, they now serve to complement the MBT Armata, designated T-90AM which has even better equipment than the T-90MS.

  19. More like all the idiots commenting here who think they’re oh so cool by posting insults to others rather than talking about the article. Nothing against you, ;>)

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  21. LOL, I thought the author’s bio was hilarious. His qualifications as a failed restaurant employee who got his arse handed to him in China makes him a military expert on tanks. And his literary skills are demonstrated by, ” Well, two, his wife and her mother in the lovely town of Antigua, Guatemala.”

  22. Have you always been a troll or where just born that way? BFJ’s comment was of course a joke, but one has to have intelligence to appreciate humor. Evidentially, you did not get his comment. I doubt BFJ knows about the low tech methods of decreasing IR signatures, which with laser guided munitions is somewhat dated.

  23. And you don’t read Russian propaganda India only at 236 tanks comrade!! Putin will dock you 100 Kopecks for drinking vodka on your TROLL job. 22 rounds in the autoloader?? Really that dumb? Kinda hard to switch out AP round for HE. I think the author knows jack about a tank or just reporting BS from the Putin camp.

  24. The turret design, the gun design, the wheels running the tracks, the body. All you need do, is look at the initial design of the M1 from inception to see the basic body features and ports. Russia is good for one thing, which will ultimately lead to their downfall…overspending on a military that does next to nothing other than bully smaller baltic states and middle eastern nations.

  25. You seem to have spelled your last name wrong Mike. Here, let me help. It’s M.O.R.O.N.
    There ya go Mikey. Now run home to your Russian momma.

  26. Reservoir Engineer, these are exactly my words. Those who claim that Russian tanks are designed to imitate Western machines have forgot the Kursk battle quite rapidly. It was there where the Russians ultimately confirmed that their concept is viable, and they have remained with it ever since.

  27. The features illustrated in the article, save for the countermeasures, are pretty classic. Most tanks have most of what is indicated here. The difference might lay in the efficiency of the Shtora and the Relikt, The rest is conventional.

  28. The Geneva convention does not address drones.

    The US (and now others) have been using guided munitions from drone for years) Germany used the V1 (guided but not precision), Imperial Japan balloons (not guided at all).

  29. I must be wrong o wait.. hang on.. India: India currently operates more than 862 T-90S which were procured in three separate orders. Two batches (310 tanks and knockdown kits in 2000 and a further 300 in 2006) were purchased from Russia. Heavy Vehicle Factory (HVF) at Avadi has delivered 24 tanks in 2009-10; 51 in 2010-11; another 50 were supposed to be delivered in 2012. A further 1,000 were to be produced locally by 2020. Of those, the first batch of 10 were delivered in August 2009.A ?10000 crore (US$1.5 billion) purchase of 354 new T-90MS tanks for six tank regiments for the China border has been approved. This takes total of T-90 tanks to 2011.

  30. Americans are some of the most charitable, accepting folks in the world. Just look at the outrage over Trumps intention to cut off immigration to Islamic people. We let them in, provide housing and a food stamp card. I would like to see what an American of any variety would get if seeking asylum in Syria or Iraq or Iran, probably a no answer and slapped with prison time for trumped up spying charges.

  31. India never actually purchased the MS thusfar. They simply approved funding for a few hundred of them; given it has been many years since then, that has probably expired.

    The first MS user will probably be Kuwait, as they have tested it, and are looking to replace their M-84.

  32. I’ll forever owe you if you can tell me, on the spot, an important design characteristic that is taken from the M1.

    I can already tell you know jack about armored vehicles.

  33. ‘Nakidka’

    An IR-reducing tank “suit” first developed in the 70’s. Many other countries outfit their tanks with such a suit, even paint.

  34. When I was a boy I liked to play with my tanks, soldiers and
    airplane toys. Some of big gaffers have been adoring that all their life. The
    only problem is that they are sure that other people must play with these
    rattling toys too.

  35. This is like the kid in your neighborhood who always walked around with his chest out to show people how tough he was. Its not like anyone looks at Russia as though they are a threat to the US. Their newest tank looks like nothing more than a slimmed down version of an M1 Abrams…If anything, these pictures show you just how much like us the russians want to be.

  36. The Russians never intended to no ever designed the T-90 to be a direct competitor to the Abrams or Leopard.

    The Russian tank philosophy (until recently with the Armata was a cheap, fast, stealthy, but powerfully gunned forward charging vehicle.

    The intent was to find weak areas in the enemy defense and blast through them with a mass of tank- crucially backed up by a large number of IFV’s and infantry carrying other anti tank weaponry.

    NATO can’t compete in number basis (nation per nation) so they come out with more survivable, expensive tanks.

    The Leopard is a great example. It’s the Porsche of tanks. Fast as heck and a true sniper among tanks.

    The Challenger II also displays this. It has extremely thick frontal armor and an exceptionally accurate gun.

    The Americans decided to do a balance between firepower/mobility/armor to get the Abrams.

  37. Just basing My opinion on Russia’s documented past performance in the field is all. Lets face it there is more hype then substance with Russian armor.

  38. @nadalotta, The answer is NO!! it is against the Geneva convention for drones to drop bombs or to shoot missiles at a tank ( because they are unmanned of course ) it’s inhumane they say for an unmanned vessel to kill humans in an closed in vehicle type craft. It’s OK to attack jeeps and soldiers because they have a chance to escape but they can’t see it coming from a closed in tank, and again since it’s unmanned and a drone killing the tank and it’s crew wouldn’t be allowed. But if you’re asking a hypothetical question as to do these drones carry weapons that could destroy the tank the answer would be most definitely yes, it would be most vulnerable from the top.

  39. Also there is no use in being interested in a piece of junk, unless that’s who or what you are. ( just saying ) Well I guess you could also be a junk collector, then it fits.

  40. @Rostislav Melnyk, I agree with you totally the T-90 is a piece of outdated junk, and not like the T-14 which happens to be an updated piece of junk.

  41. This is nothing but Russian propaganda, everything that ValuWalk blogs is nothing but pure B S . The T-90 is just an average tank even with all of it’s upgrades, and had it been anything else then Russia would have never designed the T-14 Armata, which it can’t afford to do in mass. This tanks is suppose to be the equal to the German Leopard ll and the American Abrams, but as for now it’s just a big secret. We will find that secret out when they can figure out how to make it work properly. The last time anyone saw one of them was at Russia’s national parade earlier this year, and the tank was broke down on the side of the road looking for a tow. The driver that was operating it barely knew how to steer it off the road and had no idea how to get it restarted.

  42. As mentioned, don’t underestimate the capabilities and determination that the Russians have especially when you have a unstable man at the helm of a large country. We keep bailing out places around the world and using our arms and munitions while Russia borrows for our designs that we spend billions on and duplicates their capabilities at a drastically reduced rate. It’s a shame that we now are reliant on other countries because we’ve eroded our knowledge and skill set and now have to purchase Rocket Motors to get to space, circuits from China for our Air Defense systems and most mass transit systems. I hope that one day we can once again rejuvenate the drive we had in the past but I am not seeing it in our youth.

  43. We worry about Russia’s latest and greatest till we face it in combat then we find out its less then stellar in reality. Don’t forget they have the mind set quantity has its own quality.

  44. Russian machine building company UralVagonZavod claims that, in the near future, it can manufacture a T-90 that could be remotely controlled from a distance of three to five kilometers,

    Go to > you can order your T90

  45. Tanks are obsolete. That Russian junker is no different. Knock a tread off it and it becomes a unmovable target and then it becomes a mausoleum.

  46. did they have to tow it? all russian khhaaarrppp is outdated when it comes off the assembly line… at least it’s better then chinese khhaaarrppp i suppose

  47. The T-90MS is the modernized version of the export tank, the T-90S — it won’t be utilized by the Russian Army.
    (T-90MS – New modernised (M) version of the export tank T-90S, with a 1130HP engine, a PNM Sosna-U gunner view, a 7.62 mm turret UDP T05BV-1 RWS, GLONASS, inertial navigation systems and new explosive reactive armour (ERA). A new removable turret bustle is included, which provides storage for eight additional rounds. T-90MS is ready for serial production.)

  48. This article does not say enough.. Here are all technical specification.. I was very impressed with accuracy, speed, protection. Hell of a machine. y000u tube d00t c00m /watch?v=pfGP-dGjjnY

  49. This article does not say enough.. Here are all technical specification.. I was very impressed with accuracy, speed, protection. Hell of a machine. y0u tube d0t c0m /watch?v=pfGP-dGjjnY

  50. This article does not say enough.. Here are all technical specification.. I was very impressed with accuracy, speed, protection. Hell of a machine. y0u tube.c0m /watch?v=pfGP-dGjjnY

  51. This article does not say enough.. Here are all technical specification.. I was very impressed with accuracy, speed, protection. Hell of a machine. www . you tube . com /watch?v=pfGP-dGjjnY

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