Windows 10 Update: What To Expect

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Windows 10 will hopefully undo all the damage done by Windows 8, and so far, it looks like Microsoft might be back in business. We’ll find out much more on Wednesday when executives will share details about their progress on the new operating system since the last update and show off even more features.

What we know about Windows 10 so far

Microsoft management has said that so far, over 1 million people have already downloaded the preview of Windows 10 and almost half a million are actively using it. The company revealed the first features of the new operating system at an event focused on enterprise customers in September and announced another event scheduled for Wednesday which will be more focused on consumers.

According to Mashable, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is expected to start the event with an overview of what they’re planning for this year and also unveil big plans for Windows 10. Other executives will likely explain other details that are more specific to the Windows Phone and desktop versions.

We already know that Microsoft is bringing back the Start menu, which is perhaps one of the most important moves the company could possibly have made with Windows 10. Management also showed off how users can switch from systems with a keyboard attached to them to devices that have touchscreens.

What Microsoft might add to Windows 10

Since the September event, Microsoft has unveiled one new build and some extra fixes for bugs. Mashable’s Lance Ulanoff said he thinks Microsoft executives will focus on explaining how the Windows 10 traditional desktop could become more easily used on touchscreens.

It certainly seems unlikely that Microsoft will really dissect the operating system for consumers. However, management will certainly want to talk about different types of devices Windows 10 will run on and how they will work with the new operating system.

We’ve been hearing a lot of rumors about the Spartan browser, which could replace Internet Explorer and is expected to feature Microsoft’s Cortana digital personal assistant. Management will probably show off the new browser as well and explain how it integrates with Windows 10.

Ulanoff thinks Microsoft will actually show off some new hardware. He suggests that it will be related to the Internet of Things category, possibly a wearable or some kind of “middleware device.”

Shares of Microsoft dipped as much as 0.5% during regular trading hours on Tuesday.

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