Windows 10 For Mobile To Be Unveiled On January 21

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Microsoft is all set to take the wraps off the consumer preview of Windows 10 at an invitation-only event in Redmond on January 21. Analysts were expecting the company to offer the first look at Windows 10 for mobile devices. Now Microsoft expert Tom Warren has confirmed that the software giant will indeed showcase the new OS for phones.

The new OS for phones will be called Windows Mobile 10

Microsoft will live stream the January 21 event. The regular Windows 10 will be focused on desktop while Windows 10 for phones will be for smartphones and tablets. The OS is expected to have some changes to Start Screen. It will also have a new version of touch-friendly Office for Windows and side-by-side apps. The new OS for mobile devices is expected to be available as a free upgrade to all Windows Phone 8 users.

The next Windows OS for phones will likely be called Windows Mobile 10. Nokia Power User has spotted a leaked image of Windows Mobile 10 user interface. The screenshot reportedly originated via Microsoft executive Joe Belfore’s keynote during the TechEd Europe conference. PCAdvisor reports that Lumia 940 will be one of the first smartphones to run Windows Mobile 10. It expects Microsoft to launch Lumia 940 in July or August this year.

Windows 10 For Mobile To Be Unveiled On January 21

Windows 10 to arrive in late summer

It’s still unclear when Microsoft will launch Windows 10. Chief operating officer Kevin Turner told Reuters that the company will be able to bring out the new OS by late summer or early fall. That’s the current plan, he said. This way, app developers will have plenty of time to tweak their apps. As the release inches closer, PC vendors are getting more excited about the OS.

World’s largest PC maker Lenovo says Windows 10 will breathe new life into Microsoft’s OS. Speaking at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Lenovo CTO Peter Hortensius said the Chinese company saw more customers wanting to upgrade to Windows 10. The new OS could trigger a round of PC upgrades in businesses, boosting PC shipments.

Microsoft shares surged 2.92% to $47.58 at 11:24 AM EST on Thursday.

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