Windows 10: Spartan Browser To Be Better Than Rivals

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When Windows 10 arrives, consumers may be surprised to discover just how much Microsoft has improved its operating system and particularly the browser that comes with it. Internet Explorer has been losing out to Google’s Chrome browser for years, so it’s been clear for a long time that Microsoft must make some improvements. Apparently the company is finally taking this seriously.

Windows 10 to bring new browser features

According to The Verge, which cites sources familiar with Microsoft’s plans, the browser which will be part of Windows 10 will bring several features browsers made by rivals simply don’t offer. The browser is codenamed Spartan, which it sounds like is a very fitting name if it really brings all of these rumored features.

One of the biggest new features is said to be the ability to use a stylus to make notes on a webpage and then send those notes to a coworker or friend. Microsoft reportedly intends to use its OneDrive cloud storage service to power the service. A copy of the webpage will be saved separately along with the notes, and that annotated page will be accessible on all browsers and platforms. Multiple users can also make their own notes on the page and share their notes and edits with each other.

Cortana to be integrated with Spartan

Another major addition to the Windows 10 browser is said to be the addition of Cortana, Microsoft’s digital personal assistant. This functionality seems to be similar to what Google is doing but possibly taking it a step further by integrating voice commands to bring up flight information, hotel bookings, tracking for package and other information. It would reportedly put the data into the address bar.

Users will also be able to use Cortana to search from Spartan’s tab interface as well. The report indicates that integration of the digital assistant could replace all of the capabilities Bing is currently used for in Internet Explorer.

Other possible features for the Windows 10 browser

The Verge also reports that the Spartan browser might have a new method of grouping tabs that aims to “de-clutter” the interface, which tends to get rather messy when there are multiple tabs open. The Windows 10 browser will supposedly enable users to decide how they want to group their tabs.

Microsoft had previously been planning to add custom themes but later scrapped that plan apparently. However, that could be added later.

In creating the Spartan browser, Microsoft seems to be continuing its Microsoft One plan for one experience across all devices. The browser is intended to be use on PCs, smartphones and tablets. The Verge’s sources said Microsoft will make it an app in the Windows Store so that it can be easily updated later.

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