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Will On-Chain Options Ever Take Off In DeFi?

Adoption of on-chain options remains low, but one firm sees a bright future for the asset class. It was only over the last few years that equity options really took off among retail investors, but once they began to understand the concept of options, a growing number of retail investors dove in. Could the same thing happen in DeFi with on-chain options?

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How To Spot The Differences Between DeFi And CeFi – And Why Crypto CeFi Is Collapsing

This year has been a rocky one for the crypto markets amid plummeting prices and a growing list of high-profile collapses by crypto firms. However, a closer look at what’s going on reveals that it’s the centralized firms that are buckling, leaving the DeFi firms unscathed. Here’s how to tell the difference between a DeFi and CeFi crypto firm.

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Bitcoin Isn’t Digital Gold… Or At Least Not Yet, Anyway

Many investors have heard crypto experts refer to bitcoin as digital gold, but an analysis of these two assets’ returns and volatility shows that bitcoin hasn’t yet earned the right to be called digital gold. A recent report also downplayed the correlation between cryptocurrencies and equities that has appeared this year.