The Party Of “No”

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Just in case you didn’t get the memo, in recent years the Republican Party has completely transformed itself into the party of “No.”


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The Republican Party Does Not Support A Positive Agenda

In other words, no longer does it support a positive agenda, except, of course for vague slogans. For example, what exactly does “Make America Great Again” promise to achieve, other than to make America white again?” But most Americans are already white, while the rest of us don’t want to be white, and can’t be even we wanted to be.

Ex-President Donald Trump officially made the Republicans the party that opposed most immigration – especially of people who were not white. And he even wanted to deport “the dreamers,” children who were brought here illegally by their parents, and who grew up here as Americans. Even after Trump left office, the Republican Party continues to say “no” not just to the dreamers, but to most other immigrants as well. All this, even though it was the immigrants who made this country great in the first place.

Nearly all Republican governors and members of Congress oppose COVID-19 vaccination mandates, even though they would save hundreds of thousands of American lives. And they oppose commonsense gun control laws even though they would save tens of thousands of additional lives.

Why, you might ask, are Republicans so opposed to these life-saving measures? Because they oppose any law that curbs our rights.

OK, then what about a pregnant woman’s right to choose whether or not to have her baby? Sorry ladies, but the Republican Party does not protect that right.

The Republican members of Congress don’t want to raise the national debt ceiling, even though not doing so potentially hurts our nation’s credit rating, and may set off another recession – or even a depression.

There was a slogan that became popular during the administration of President Ronald Reagan back in the 1980s – “Just say no!” I would respectfully suggest that today’s Republican Party choose that as its official motto.