How the Anti-Vaxxers Can Help Make America Great Again

How the Anti-Vaxxers Can Help Make America Great Again
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I can still remember a passage I read decades ago in the classic antiwar novel, All Quiet on the Western Front, by Erich Maria Remarque. It described what a sadistic German corporal did to “cure” two inveterate bedwetters who were under his command.

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He forced them to sleep in a bunkbed that had no mattress in the upper bunk. Only a thin set of springs separated the top bunk from the lower bunk. The corporal forced the bedwetters to switch from the top bunk to the lower bunk and vice versa each night. He reasoned that if they peed down upon each other each night, it would “cure” them of their affliction.

A Cure For The Anti-Vaxxers

I would like to propose an updated version of this cure for all freedom loving Americans, the folks who just love to shout, “USA! USA” at Trump rallies, and who refuse to wear face masks, social distance, or get vaccinated. Their freedoms are clearly much more important than the lives of the rest of us.

OK, I can understand how they feel. So why not let them kill each other – all in the name of the freedoms they are protecting?

Let’s just ask them to confine their socializing to virus super-spreading events and avoid the rest of us. Rather than pee on each other, they can infect one another. That would be their ultimate contribution to making America truly great again.

Since most of them are white supremacists, their demise can greatly improve race relations, and even raise our nation’s average IQ by 20 or 30 points.

Their loss would be everyone else’s gain. These freedom loving folks are anti-gun control, deny climate change, and oppose a pregnant woman’s right to choose.  Just think of the great contribution they can make to our quality of life by killing themselves.

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