Russia Prepares Its Society For A War Against The West

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Moscow repeatedly insists that it has no aggressive plans and dismisses all reports that indicate that Russia is indeed interested in a confrontation with the West.

However, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s propaganda little by little creates a favorable environment to enhance military spirit in Russian society, according to Russian opposition.

Today’s Kremlin propaganda prepares the Russians for an all-out war against the West, according to a Russian opposition politician Konstantin Borovoy. The politician believes that there are way too many factors that prove his point.

“It’s clearly shown by a very serious and dangerous indication – the buildup of Russian forces at the Western borders, military propaganda within the country and a set of tools that Putin uses today,” Borovoy said in an interview with Obozrevatel news source.

Borovoy notes that Russian society has been driven to a state when the Kremlin can plant any idea or mental set. “The propagandist campaign carried out by Putin drives Russian society to the point when they can be convinced of anything. And the predominant idea that is being planted into the Russians is preparing for a war,” Borovoy said.

“The Russians are being told that there is a war against the United States in eastern Ukraine, that the whole world hates Russia and wants to take away all of its resource, that Russia is isolated and the sanctions imposed against Russia are aimed at weakening the country, which is all the result of aggressive policy conducted by the West,” Borovoy noted.

However, it is not the entire list of tools applied by the Kremlin to prepare Russian citizens for a big war. The Russian opposition politician also notes that these tools are not based on real facts, rather they are “being forced down into people’s minds and become their beliefs.”

Putin prepares its people for a nuclear war

Russia has already created five super-powerful space-rocket divisions and space-rocket forces. The country has manufactured about 1650 of new warheads, which cover the whole territory of Europe and the U.S. by responding to NATO stationing new anti-missile defense systems in the Baltics, Poland, Romania and the Black Sea.

All of the above indicate that Putin prepares the Russians for a scenario with a nuclear confrontation, which might lead to an all-out war.

However, not everybody share the belief that Russia is capable of waging an all-out war against the West. It is pointed out by anonymous Russian military experts that Russian invasion into Ukraine as well as an all-out war between Russia and NATO is unlikely, because Russian army would not manage to counter such a well-equipped enemy due to the fact that Russia’s military equipment is lagging behind compared to NATO.

It is also believed that even though the Russian leadership is known for their irrationality, they are not crazy. Invading the Baltic states would bring into action the Fifth Article of NATO’s treaty, which means that if a country attacks one member of NATO, it will be considered a military attach on the whole Alliance.

Russia would lose a war against NATO

Putin launched a $400 billion, decade-long military modernization campaign back in 2010. The modernization is aimed at replacing about 70 percent of old Soviet-era military hardware with new cutting-edge military ‘toys’ (including Armata T-14) by 2020.

However, even if Russia manages to modernize all of its military might, it would still not be able to counter NATO.

Russia did not modernize its military industry for 30 years. It is estimated that about 80 percent of Russian military equipment is too old to be put into a battlefield.

As for nuclear weapons, there are all kinds of threats coming from Russia: mostly stupid and irresponsible. In reality, Russia is lagging behind the U.S. in the number of nuclear weapons. It is estimated that the U.S. has 30 percent more strategic nuclear carries compared to Russia.

And while the U.S. is decreasing the number of its nuclear forces due to the Strategical Arms Limitation Talks (SALT), Russia would require a lot of time to match at least the decreased number of U.S. nuclear forces.

Will Russian society be driven to a war against the West?

Here is a short list of what Russia has come up with in the recent days: burning up sanction products at the borders – the idea was proposed to Putin by the minister of Russia’s agriculture. Is it really what Russia needs right now instead of improving the state of Russia’s agricultural industry?

Other ministers expressed an idea to ban the import of Dutch flowers as a response to the Netherlands initiating an international tribunal on the case for the Malaysian The Boeing Company (NYSE:BA) accident in Ukraine.

It was also proposed to create National rating agency, as if foreign investors would believe in Russia’s overblown ratings and start investing their money into the country.

The question is: when will Russian society open its eyes and start waking up from the nightmare called Putin’s propaganda? When will Russian people show their dignity by coming out on the streets of Russia, demanding their ‘leader’ to focus on internal problems of the country rather than trying to satisfy his imperial appetite?

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