How Russia vs. West Tensions Could Trigger World War 3 [INFOGRAPHIC]

How Russia vs. West Tensions Could Trigger World War 3 [INFOGRAPHIC]
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According to a Gallup poll, Russia’s anti-American sentiment has reached the highest level since the end of the Cold War. In April, Moscow threatened nuclear war to drive NATO out of Baltics. Russia is concerned about NATO’s growing influence, especially in the Baltic states like Estonia. The U.S. is deploying heavy military equipment in Estonia to counter any Russian aggression.

The precursor to World War 3

Western policymakers fear that Russia could do the same thing in Estonia that it did in eastern Ukraine last year. Estonia, though a NATO member, has a large Russian minority served by Russian state media. If things in Estonia escalate, it could spiral out into a full-fledged World War 3. Javier Zarracina of Vox has illustrated all the possibilities, the decisions that Russia and the U.S. might make, and where these decisions would take the world.

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If Moscow stirs up ethnic Russian minority in Estonia, NATO will have two options: either deploy military muscle to deter Russian invasion or stay calm. In either case, there is possibility that the pro-Russian protests would dissipate, leading to peace. But what if Russia warns of impending genocide? Clashes may lead to more violence. The pro-Russian minority could take over the city of Narva.

NATO will be treaty-bound to protect Estonia’s sovereignty and retake Narva. The violence could escalate into an open conflict. In that case, Germany may veto any NATO action due to fear of World War 3. Inability to protect its member states would dissolve NATO. Earlier this year, the U.S. Army Europe Commander Ben Hodges said Russia wanted to destroy NATO, not by attacking it, but by splintering it.

NATO may eventually invade Russia

The end of NATO alliance will allow Russia to dominate Eastern Europe once again. But the United States, arguably the most powerful member of NATO, is not going to give in to Russians. And Russian President Vladimir Putin has proved that he is not the one to back off. Putin revealed in March that Russia was fully prepared to use nuclear weapons against any country that came in its way of annexing Crimea.

So, Russia could overtly invade and seize Estonia even before the U.S. troops arrive in sufficient numbers to defend it. Such a move could trigger a direct war between NATO and Russia. Sensing the Western military alliance’s conventional superiority, Moscow may attack NATO from within Russia. In response, NATO may invade Russia. And then Moscow may deploy tactical nuclear weapons. What’s next? World War 3. It may turn into a full-blown nuclear war with destructive consequences.

NATO Russia World War 3

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  1. The U.S will be the cause of World war 3 NOT Russia. Ukraine is on Russia’s doorstep and they do have a legitimate claim to it but the U.S are all over the world invading and bombing. This is just bullshit western propaganda. Take the log out of your own eye

  2. NATO will not invade Russia if Russia attack Estonia, Litva or Latvia. They will just make them return back home and publish a free map for all Russians that shows exactly where Russia is and where is NOT Russia. And after a great wall around Russia will be build and all Russians will be the slaves of their mighty ones and nobody will care about them, like now nobody really cares about people in North Korea. And that will be so until Russians wake up, maybe they never wake up. It will be wasted land and culture, but others will be safe.

  3. Estonia is a Baltic Country so through it Russia has access to other countries like Sweden through the sea. The same goes for Latvia and Lithuania. Estonia also has one of the highest GDP per capita in Central Europe and the Baltic region. High rates of growth recorded in recent years have been attributed to foreign direct investments in the timber, textile, computer, electronics and automotive industries. Don’t say there isn’t anything in Estonia that Russia wants. Estonia is just as important as any other country and deserves to be protected just as much. Was it the UK or a bigger country in danger, people would be rushing to help.

  4. if russia gets involved so does china, pakistan and iran and believe me collectively they would be a force to be reckoned with …..its a sad situation but this is the described armageddon so nobody wins the whole world loses…

  5. If Russia and Putin are insane enough to invade a NATO member country then NATO will get involve deep enough that it might just trigger World War three but in this scenario I can see NATO winning the war but with tremendous casualties and collateral damage in Europe…..the only consolation is, there will be no more Russia and Russia will never again be free..

  6. Wow, What a bs..What is in those Baltic State’s that Russia so desperately wants?? Absolutely nothing.And all the rhetoric about Russians wants attack Estonia, Latvia or Litva is a lie there is no prove there is no evidence but all propaganda.But having Nato infrastructure in those countries whould make those countries a primary targets in case of a conflict between Usa and Russia.Every one else in Eu don’t have the voice even Germany, events in Ukraine prove that.

  7. What’s with all this WWIII and if Russia does this and Russia does that – wake up America, you have been at war with at least 3 countries for the past 15 years. And now America has troops in Ukraine and are thinking of putting more in the Baltics and EU countries – Get real !- America will start the next war with all its Propaganda and all its metaling in other countries. And blame Russia or China LOL

  8. So, what if Russia decides it wants Poland next should we just give it up to them because otherwise Putin with throw a temper tantrum and launch nukes? Hell maybe we will just give them Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Georgia and Kazakhstan and throw Finland in as an extra prize, then he can hoist up the old hammer and sickle again. Unless Putin is a total retard he isn’t going to launch nukes at countries that border Russia because wind has this strange way of spreading nuclear fallout and the memory of Chernobyl, K-19 reactor accident and the various criticality experiment lethal exposure accidents still relatively fresh in Russian minds; and he knows that if he launches a strategic strike against the US mainland he may as well bend over and kiss his ass goodbye because our retaliation will get him.

  9. Hmmm..lemme think here..give up Estonia to Russia? or have an all out Nuclear War. I pick give up on Estonia. But i do not the word Genocide.

  10. FINALLY! OSCEPA in Helsinki passed a resolution to condemn the Russian actions in Ukraine and Crimea.

    The resolution is titled “The Continuation of Clear, Gross and Uncorrected Violations of OSCE Commitments and International Norms by the Russian Federation”.The most interesting moment in this story is that the Russian Delegation to the OSCE PA was not present for the vote following its decision to not attend the 2015 Annual Session.

    What more proofs do we need?

  11. So, the way to prevent this is to have permanent NATO garrisons in all the 3 Baltic republics. West Berlin is the model – the Russians will fume and complain, but never do anything, so long as the garrisons are obviously much too small to be a threat to Vlad, but also large enough to assure that any invasion will be resisted and hence would trigger a general war.

  12. We all know its coming … Almost on a daily basis PUTIN threats a Nuclear action .. No one wants a nuclear war , but Putin has made it very clear he is prepared to do just that ,, May be U S should let it be VERY CLEAR … If nothing do him ? were prepared to do just that … First punch means a hell of a lot ….

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