Putin Blames U.S. For Starting Arms Race

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Russian President Vladimir Putin blames the United States for restarting a new round of arms race. Meanwhile, Putin assured that Russia is not interested in having a confrontation against other countries.

Putin expressed his hope that there will be no new war in Europe. He also noted that Russia is strengthening its defense weapons in order to maintain strategic balance as a response to the U.S. deploying its anti-ballistic missile systems.

“I hope not,” he told the Swiss RTS TV channel during an interview, answering a question on whether a new war in Europe is probable or not today.

Meanwhile, Russian President expressed his desire for Europe to show more independence and sovereignty and be able to defend their national interests and the interests or their people. It does sound a little bit hilarious coming from Mr Putin, doesn’t it?

Putin also pointed out that the U.S. withdrawal from the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty signed in 1972 gave birth to “this new spiral of the arms race.” It must be noted that the U.S. unilaterally withdrew from the treaty back in 2001.

“This treaty was a cornerstone of the entire system of international security,” he said. When the U.S. withdrew from the treaty and started creating anti-ballistic missile systems of strategic arms, Russia immediately responded that they would ‘have to’ respond to it in order to maintain strategic balance of power, according to Putin.

Putin blames ‘dishonest and thoughtless people’ for nuclear rhetoric

Putin noted that strategic balance of power is a way of maintaining peace in the whole world, and a way to prevent major military conflicts in Europe and other parts of the world.

Putin also explained his recent announcement to add 40 new intercontinental ballistic missiles to Russia’s nuclear arsenal, which would be able to overcome “even the most technically advanced anti-missile defense systems.” He said that it was something that he had announced long ago, and has been in the Kremlin’s plans for a long time, but “publically” he announced it only now.

Russian President also underlined that any actions carried out by Moscow in the field of strategic defense ‘fully complies’ with international obligations by Russia, including those signed along with the U.S.

Answering a journalist’s questions about why the West so repeatedly claims about a nuclear threat from Russia, Putin noted that it is all being done by “dishonest and thoughtless people.”

Putin also hopes for a productive dialogue with both the West and Ukraine. He looks forward to establish relations with Europe and the U.S. on matters such as radical Islamism as well as other issues.

“I see now that the situation has changed. Europe and the United States have realized the real dangers of extreme manifestations of radicalism and joined in the fight. As the Russian people say – it is better late than never,” Russian President said.

Putin: the U.S. is a great power and Russians love Americans

Putin also said that with enough patience it is possible to work with their American counterparts on solving global issues, referring to the Iranian nuclear deal as an example.

“Undoubtedly, the United States is a great power. But it doesn’t mean that the current US authorities have any right to move around the world, seizing people and taking them to their prisons,” he said. He also added that he does not intend to “demonize” U.S. policy.

Putin also claims that U.S. “imperial policy” does damage to themselves. “Their imperial policy has long been around, and this is just a strengthening of this state,” Putin said.

Putin assured that Russia’s stance on U.S. foreign policy “has nothing to do with anti-Americanism,” adding that Russians “have respect and great love for the USA, and especially for the American people.”

Three scenarios for Putin to survive

So what does Moscow have left to do in order to ‘maintain strategic balance of power’? There are three probable scenarios that are worth looking into.

First of all, Russia might hunker down and focus on the country’s internal and foreign security. Russia would also attempt to increase the military might of Russia by modernizing its tactical and strategic nuclear weapons as well as stationing Russian forces closer to Western borders. Basically, this is something the Kremlin is already doing.

Second of all, Putin might attempt to divide and destabilize the West with the help of economic as well as political means. Russia would also have to go hardcore with its propaganda in some Russian-inclined Western states to form anti-Western forces in Europe. Also, it would allow the Russians to persuade the West to lift the sanctions. Basically, this kind of scenario would inevitably lead to a collapse of the European Union or even NATO as it is now.

Third of all, Russia might attempt to weaken the West by waging a war against it. Moscow would increase its military presence at the borders with NATO, triggering a round of fears over an upcoming war in Europe. This kind of scenario seem probable if Putin attempts to turn any kind of crisis in the West into an all-out war. And as we know, the West always has some crisis that it’s struggling with…

Unleashing an all-out war against the West would also be possible by attacking the Baltics. Ever since the crisis began, there has always been the risk of Putin ordering a military advance on the Baltic states of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

Russia would then rely on the fact that the West is too weak to risk waging a war against a nuclear power for the independence of three small countries.

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Polina Tikhonova
Polina Tikhonova is a writer, journalist and a certified translator. Over the past 7 years, she has worked for a wide variety of top European, American, Russian, and Ukrainian media outlets. Polina holds a Master's Degree in English Philology from the University of Oxford and a Bachelor's Degree in Journalism from the Saint Petersburg State University. Her articles and news reports have been published by many newspapers, magazines, journals, blogs and online media sources across the globe. Polina is fluent in English, German, Ukrainian and Russian.

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    I never said anything about “hatred”. I stated a fact based on many travels through Russia from St. Petersburg to Ekaterinburg and many places in between. Much of Russia’s apartment infrastructure is crumbling, and even dangerous to its residents. I don’t hate Russia, I have a girlfriend there. But Russia thinks everyone hates them. Russia (mostly Putin) needs to understand that the whole world isn’t out to get Russia. Instead of challenging the US on world affairs, why don’t you work with us instead? The words “hatred” and “challenge” were your words, not mine.

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    Russia doesn’t have the technology or expertise to drill wells in the Arctic.
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  14. Russia conquered part of a foreign country and you blame the US for not letting him get away with it.

  15. Every time, when Europe get close to Russia or the east, US will stirring some fire sparks to turn those countries into animosity.

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    Obama gets duped by Putin but Joe Biden is tough. He can see through Putin’s eyes the best.

  18. Yes, you’re correct in your assessment. That and it’s the Russians who keep talking about an imminent major war in Europe. Wonder why? The problem is those clowns are deranged and dangerous clowns.

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  26. http://www.napoleon-series.org/faq/c_russia.html Russia army didn’t beat Napolean. They partnered with Hitler & took over Poland. They would have lost to Hitler if not for help for D-Day & US supplying them with aircraft, ammo, supplies. Until they gathered enough strength to go on the offensive. Don’t they have History books in Russia? Not the ones in the fiction section of the library.

  27. Not by a long shot. If you can’t sell what you have, what good is it. China was to redo the oil deal, since Putin is over a barrel. Iran selling oil again will only make Russia worse off.

  28. People who hear the news reports not put out by RT, but reputable news agency’s. Saying the complete opposite in jack step with Putin’s propaganda machine, are “trolls.” They are paid a stipend for lying. How respectable can that be? Stop posting your commie dribble. Problem solved Nancy.

  29. Why has Putin turned whimpy all of a sudden? He is up to something. The sanctions are killing Russia. He can’t get all the new toys he wanted. Crimea & east is a drain on the economy. He wanted to be even a bigger pain in the butt bully.

  30. US expansion where? Putin has expanded west & south, In Ukraine, Crimea, & Georgia. Europe was slacking off in maintaining their military & participation in NATO. Thanks to Putin, NATO is in a arms race & membership is increasing. Co-operation is at a high against a common evil enemy.

  31. You know what?? The Obama Administration is so incompetent that they’ll probably believe Putin. And to make amends they’ll offer to accelerate America’s unilateral nuclear disarmament.

  32. Putin does know how to spin doesn’t he? Yes the US isn’t innocent but neither is Russia. There is truth in what Putin says, there is also the stretching of truth to the point of it being deceitful lies as well…but Putin is the most powerful man for a reason…
    Obama is weak and wants rainbows and unicorns to flourish….Putin is that ole billie-goat gruff….cross his bridge and he will eat you….Obama will stay away from him b/c he is a pacifist and wants nothing to do with war. While I like some things he has done the vast majority I don’t. To me he is somewhat a coward….and that is okay, its just not okay when you are the leader of the most powerful country in the world.

  33. Ralph Alexandre | Jul 28, 2015, 1:18 pm at 1:18 pm |

    Russia already loose because ,they can’t move .any attack against the usa on Russian border, Russia we’ll be destroy in 10 minutes, I believe in that.

  34. Ralph Alexandre | Jul 28, 2015, 1:10 pm at 1:10 pm |

    putin his scare ,that’s why he start crying,think about that ,no country in the world can stand by US border with heavy weapon waiting for order, they’ ll be destroy immediately but, US his waiting in your border Russia can’t move putin start crying like a baby,russia already loose without fight.

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  40. Russia’s Liar in Chief Putin has now become her Hypocrite in Chief as well. The trouble started when he invaded Ukraine, shot down an airliner full of innocent passengers, threatened countries like Sweden, and Finland, and bold faced lied to the world about it. If he’s only inrterested in building defensive weapons, then why is he pushing to build more nuclear ICBM’s, moderize his bomber force, and introducing a brand new battle tank? All these weapons systems are purely offensive in nature. The hyper hypocrisy daily spewing from the Kremlin circus is proof positive that the clowns are running the show in Moscow.

  41. Baloney, Ralph. Appeasing US expansion only makes the world more insecure. You claim if the Russians would only allow the US to install more missile intercepts around its borders, and ignore the placement of more nuclear weapons in Europe, Russia would be safer. That only encourages a US 1st strike. I was alive during the Cuban missile crises. There were sickos in the military and government then who wanted the nuclear war. There are sickos in the military and government who want it now.

  42. Moose & Squirrel | Jul 28, 2015, 11:47 am at 11:47 am |

    Dobry pozhalovat, y monoga chastye tebye, Carrie!

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    Russia is in a severe recession that will last at least 3 years.
    The ruble has fallen to 60 to a US dollar and the price of oil is tanking.
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  44. Invading, destroying peace in europe…You mean when UKRO-NAZI overthrown legally elected goverment while parading with swastikas? You did not sickening of US and NATO attacking and exploating natural resurces around the world? US and all those puppet states in EU are worst than NAZI Germany. Its seems to me that we need to spank you again like we did in 1945. and I am not Russian.

  45. Viktor Tatarenko | Jul 28, 2015, 10:43 am at 10:43 am |

    What was happened to modern Russia?The Kremlin’s network of professional propaganda-spewing internet trolls is large. There are thousands of Russians who work full-time jobs, publishing social media updates, internet comments and blog posts specifically designed to form abhorrence for the USA, EU, NATO, CIA and Ukraine. And their trolling may not be limited to the web. Please take a look this interesting video about the similar features of the Russian Internet propaganda trolls https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NlCx-TLTGpc&feature=youtu.be

  46. Putin lies about everything and a St. Petersburg Russian troll calls that trying to make sense.
    Russia invades Ukraine and takes Crimea and says the USA and the West is at fault.
    Russian TV has Russians up in arms about the US but that is our fault.
    You are just another lying St. Petersburg Russian troll.

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  51. Why do you think Russia would do that? Western sanctions alone will never affect Russia.
    Crimea is hone forever.

  52. You are underestimating your adversary just like Hitler did before you, and Napoleon before Hitler. It all comes to same result,Russia will always crash you just they crashed Hitler.

  53. putin have two things to do to help his people back to normal life, remove your troops from Ukraine,give back crimea to Ukraine, and usa and the west will help you back on your feet,if you don’t want to do that life will be terrible in Russia. as a second power military Russia suppose to be on usa side to help destroying ISIS ,putin don’t think ISIS is very close to Russia ,they know russia scare of attacking them, they’ ll attack Russia soon .how many wars Russia can handle in a time,ukraine, the west ,nato, usa, ISIS, putin his a foolish man ,he does not like his people ,a Russia hero need to put a bullet on his head to make history.

  54. Another St. Petersburg Russian troll.

  55. Paranoid Putin probably not sleeping well at night knowing his days are numbered as the self proclaimed Czar of the world.

  56. Russia is out gunned in nukes also.
    It all comes down to deployed nukes.
    Russia has 524
    USA has 794
    Russia has surrounded itself with US nuclear armed submarines. Any Russian nuke launch will be answered by complete destruction within 10 minutes.

  57. So, sounds like Putin’s little green men showed up at your village and threaten to annex you into one of his prisons if you didn’t try to give him a moral boost on a news site. I’m originally from Russia and I disagree with you. I never knew how good life could be until I married an American man 17 years ago and relocated to the US with him. I was living in poverty in Russia and had no clue there was anything better.

  58. You are as delusional as Putin.
    Where is all the wealth from your stated resources ?
    Russia is in severe recession. Isn’t it odd that Putin hasn’t brought out all of that wealth to stop it ?
    FYI Russia is NOT the richest country on the planet. Not even close you babbling idiot.

  59. You are evil as well, and am glad you are being abused by Russia.

  60. Russia is one of the poorest countries. Why do you think you make 500 dollars a month posting this garbage when people in USA, Canada and UK make 2000 for working jobs like McDonalds.

  61. FYI too, Adolf Putin. U.S also had Nuclear weapons and so does some of NATO members and U.S forces in your backyard not to mention anti-ballistic missile but that is old school in the U.S. Your Move.

  62. I am not even american. I am just sickened by Russia invading Ukraine and destroying peace in Europe.

  63. Sense? Russia shooting down mh17, invading Ukraine and sending submarines and planes to other peoples countries is what the problem is.

    Russia is evil.

  64. Oil price 55 dollars a barrel, Russian budget 100 dollars a barrel. Russian budget is 70% relying on oil prices.

    Learn your own country. It is sad you are fooled.

  65. lol clearly you have no idea. You are a Ruskie.

    Go read how much oil must be for Russia to balance budget. Is math different in Russia?

  66. Moose & Squirrel | Jul 28, 2015, 10:48 am at 10:48 am |

    Ever been to Russia? If Russia is so rich, why is it that 97% of the population lives in abject poverty. Most of those old Soviet-era apartment blocks are so dangerous, they should be torn down. I guess they can’t do that, because that money is earmarked for Putin’s Swiss bank accounts.

  67. Quote:Putin Blames U.S. For Starting Arms Race
    Stop crying about it and start arms race too, Adolf Putin.Russia cannot match the WEST conventional weapon.Period.
    Why not try to attack a NATO country and as soon as Adolf Putin see it’s losses, it will go on defense by using the threat of Nuclear war. That is why Adolf Putin always talk about using Nuclear for it fears the U.S much advance military capabilities.

  68. Ukrainian way of revolution: ports, lands, resources, government positions – for foreigners, writs, coffins, poverty, unemployment and bancrouptcy – for regular Ukrainians…
    The only people who seem to want the fighting to continue are the politicians on all sides who benefit from the conflict either politically or financially. Arminng Kiev would simply prolong bloodshed, or worse, provoke Russia into OVERTLY invading Ukraine, in which scenario we would have a real disastrous problem. The current authorities have a bad guy now to blame all their social and economic problems on – keeping the war going on is exactly what they want and need to keep distracting the population.
    Finally, show some tolerence. I’m tired of hearing the word ‘troll’ thrown around whenever someone has an opinion that isn’t in agreement with the ‘troll accuser’. Perhaps it is YOU who are being paid for your comments – you have as much proof to the contrary as you do that anyone else here is.

  69. Putin is a real work. He threatens and puts short distance nukes at the NATO members boarders. He refused to honor the non everything he can to push nuclear war to the brink of no return. Putin started the arms race.

  70. Putin blames Putin for being a jerk that the entire Europe rejected.

    Putin only launched only 3 minor wars recently, no biggie, troops have to get realistic practice from time to time…

  71. Wishful thinking. The Russian economy is not just dependent on oil but many other resources like natural gas,uranium,Gold,fertile soils and plenty of unused land that many overpopulated Countries like China lack. Don’t be short sighted.If am not mistaken,Russia is the richest Country on planet earth FYI.

  72. William Shepherd | Jul 28, 2015, 10:09 am at 10:09 am |

    Valera, I find it fascinating that you blame the US for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and that Putin has lied about it repeatedly, to the point of being absurd. Putin annexed Crimea and that is the fault of the US. Then the Baltic States as well as other countries, including Ukraine, asked us to help them protect themselves from Russian aggression, which Putin has been engaging in. So, NO, its not OBVIOUS

  73. The one best thing that Putin ever done for the world was attack Ukraine and made NATO defend themselves. Now, that the free world is united and the USA is developing its nuclear capacity the USA will only become stronger. The economic blight for Russia and China will only keep spiraling downward. Its is true to form that if war comes about from either China or Russia against the west that the west will win and win easy in battles on land , air or sea. All of those F35 are not being built for nothing and we only build aircraft that are Superior than any foe. You can bet one thing that all the advantages of the F35 are held in secret and it will wipe any Russian or Chinese plane off the planet earth. We or the west will not sell to Russia again technology that will enable them to attack the free world again and the cold war is the best thing that has occur in this era. The USA has always had a technology advantage over both Russia and China.Our nuclear weapon delivery system is far superior than Russia and China. I see no reason why killing a few Russian vodka drinking drunkards or cross eye Chinese communist isn’t a lost to humanity!!

  74. So anybody who’s trying to make sense is automatically a “Russian Troll”. You see the problem ?
    That’s why you are Losing information war against Russia, because logical will always prevail. America is losing its values and respects because of people like you occupied Washington DC. People like John McCain, you ,Huckabee, DickCheney, Obama and all other losers that making policies in Capital Hill .

  75. La ??? stomache, sharap.

  76. Jupiter's Clock | Jul 28, 2015, 9:54 am at 9:54 am |

    Washington sandwich troll?

  77. Oil prices are falling and so is the ruble. Russian economy is collapsing and Putin days are numbered.

  78. Weapon that killed the most people? Russian made.

  79. Russia with Putin has killed 200,000 in Chechnya, invaded Georgia, annexed Crimea something Hitler also did to Austria and Invade Ukraine.

    Russia is evil.

  80. Russian troll go get vodka

  81. Under Putin so far the killing in Chechnya, the invasion of Georgia and the invasion of Ukraine.

  82. Russia maybe weak , but their nuclear arsenals are not weak, they still have the same firepower they used to have when Soviet Union was in its glorious days. (1960s through 1970s).

    You are responsible for your actions, that’s what Hitler learned in hard way.

  83. Peace is American Government real enemy, there won’t be business in U.S. Congress and Senate if there is peace around the globe.
    But choosing Russia as your target enemy is something that will kill you and me , and you sure knows that you cannot win that war.

  84. Common Polina, I know English is your second language, but you can do better.

  85. Valera Sceptical | Jul 28, 2015, 9:39 am at 9:39 am |

    To any informed person it is an obvious fact that US had started a new arms race. But do not pose this question to military-industrial complex – it was bad enough for them in 1991 after Warsaw Pact was dissolved and people start talking about “peace dividend” – the worse nightmare for greedy, blood-soaked the industry of death.

  86. She has a degree from St Petersburg is it in Putin Propaganda? Or is it in Russian Troll a BS degree in Bull Chit.

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