Republicans To U.S.: Drop Dead

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Since the first years of the new millennium, the Republican party has evolved from being the party of low taxes for the rich and low federal government benefits for the poor to something a lot worse. Now, in addition, the Republicans want to kill our democratic form of government, kill off millions of Americans, and to make our planet largely uninhabitable.

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It is now widely believed that the failed political coup of January 6th was a dress rehearsal for the presidential election of 2024 – when ex-president Donald Trump cheats or even violently forces his way back into the White House. But that won’t be necessary if Republican controlled legislatures in a majority of states continue enacting voter suppression laws, making it more difficult for minorities and the poor to vote.

Republicans Trying To Actually Rig The Elections

Even more alarming, there are currently thousands of die-hard Republican haters of democracy volunteering to serve as election officials or even run for Secretary of State in the battleground states. In addition, several Republican-controlled state legislatures may pass laws allowing them to replace duly elected presidential electors with their own slate of electors.

For example, suppose that in Pennsylvania, the Democratic presidential candidate gets fifty-five percent of the vote and Trump gets forty-five percent. The Democratic winner should get all of the state’ electoral vote.

But what if the Republican state legislature decides to create its own slate of presidential electors and have them replace the electors for the winning Democratic presidential candidate? Unlike in the election of 2020, in 2024, the vote actually will actually be rigged, and the election will truly be stolen.

The Republican party will then control our government at the federal and state levels. And along the way, not only will they secure self-perpetuating control, but they will permanently destroy our democratic form of government.

And then, these folks can carry out their agenda. They’ll begin by passing huge tax cuts for the rich, and cut Food Stamps, Medicaid, Public Assistance, and other government assistance for the poor.

They will actively discourage Americans from getting vaccinated against COVID and weaken gun control laws across most of the country, further guaranteeing the deaths of millions of Americans.

A Chinese Hoax

And finally, they’ll second Trump’s declaration that global warming is “a Chinese hoax,” and roll back environmental legislation enacted under the Democrats, thereby ensuring the worldwide destruction of human life.

Donald Trump will bear a large share of the blame, but he surely could not have done this without the help of the craven Republican politicians and the tens of millions of his fervent followers.

But the lion’s share of the blame belongs to the rest of us. If we don’t stop him and his Republican storm troopers now, the presidential election of 2024 will be too late.