Will He Or Won’t He Run Again In 2024?

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Almost everyone agrees that the biggest political question right now is whether or not former president Donald Trump will run again in 2024. Nobody but Trump knows for sure whether he will or not, and it’s very likely that he has not yet made up his mind.

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Why Donald Trump Should Not Run

There are several very good reasons why he should not run – his age, his health, his legal problems, and also, of course, the continued damage he would do to our country if he were to win a second term. Perhaps the best argument against his running again is how psychologically damaging it would be to him if he loses a second presidential election.

Trump’s loss in 2020 was so devastating that he needed to create an alternate reality in which the election was stolen from him. Can you imagine if this happened again in 2024?

Were Trump to get elected in 2024, he would be seventy-eight years old when he moved back into the White House in January, 2025. In addition, he is morbidly obese, doesn’t exercise or get enough sleep, and he subsists on a fast-food diet consisting largely of the best cuisine that McDonald’s and Kentucky Fried Chicken produces.

In the meanwhile, the former president’s legal troubles are growing increasingly serious. In New York, a grand jury has already issued a criminal indictment of the Trump Organization and its chief financial officer, Allen Weisselberg, and additional indictments are certain.

Perhaps an even more serious legal threat may come from Georgia, where Trump is under investigation for pressuring the Secretary of State to “find” enough votes to overturn Joe Biden’s narrow electoral victory. And then too, there’s the ongoing investigation by a select committee of the House of Representatives of Trump’s actions during the January 6th resurrection.

Lawsuits May Soon Be Forthcoming

Still other lawsuits – both civil and criminal – may soon be forthcoming. All of this litigation will require an extremely burdensome effort to just hold off, if not to completely overcome devastating verdicts.

So one may ask: is this the time to be holding huge political rallies and gearing up for still another presidential campaign? Of course, Trump fully understands that as the legal walls continue to close in on him, his best chance to avert going to prison may be to get reelected, and thereby acquire immunity from continued prosecution.

What are the chances that Trump could secure the Republican nomination, win the 2024 presidential election, all the while holding back the growing legal tidal wave that has only just begun crashing down upon him? And how likely is it that a man of his age and health can withstand the rigors of simultaneously fighting all-out legal and political wars on two separate fronts?

Perhaps no rational person – even one not burdened with the physical, mental, emotional, political, and legal baggage that Trump is carrying – would consider taking on such a monumental task as running for president. It would certainly appear that this burden would be too much even for this self-described “very stable genius.”