Global Warming Is An Existential Threat

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If and when the Senate finally passes a public works bill, it will be far, far too little, and almost too late. One trillion dollars would finance just a small fraction of what needs to be done to slow down, let alone reverse, global warming.

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The Impact Of Industrializing On The Environment

The number one issue that confronts not just our nation, but the entire planet, is the irreversible damage the United States, China, and most other industrial and industrializing nations are doing to our environment. The polar ice caps are melting, sea levels are rising, wild fires are raging through much of the American West, and global temperatures are setting new records nearly every year.

And yet, Congressional Republicans – who, for generations supported measures that would curb global warming – have become the lap dogs of ex-President Donald Trump, who once proclaimed global warming as nothing but “a Chinese hoax.”

As long as Trump remains on the political scene, pulling the strings of nearly every Congressional Republican, that party will remain the party of “No!” Pulling our nation out of the Paris Treaty – a move that President Joe Biden has reversed – was a typical Trump “no-brainer.”

The Existential Threat Of Global Warming

The world’s number one and two polluters, China and the United States, along with dozens of other industrial or industrializing nations, need to curb their use of pollution spewing fossil fuels to generate electricity and to fuel transportation.

The last time our nation made the necessary sacrifices to meet an existential threat was during World War II. If anyone was found shirking that responsibility, that person was asked, “Hey bub, don’t ya know there’s a war going on?”

Today our planet faces perhaps an even greater existential threat – global warming. Perhaps we need to treat Trump, his Congressional nay-sayers, and all their ignorant followers as we would war-time slackers.

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