PlayStation 5 release date, specs, news and rumors

Nov 19, 2019 Update: Fans have been talking about the PlayStation 5 release date for many months, and Sony has finally announced it. The next-generation console will be released in the 2020 holiday season, which means sometime between October and December of next year. That window places the PlayStation 5 release date in direct competition with the Xbox Scarlett’s release window, which isn’t a major surprise. We pretty much expect the Xbox Scarlett and the PS5 to face off in an epic battle for supremacy.

PlayStation 5

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PlayStation 5 controller

Gamers expect the PS5 controller to have some new tricks up its sleeves. A new patent filed by Sony Interactive Entertainment in Japan reveals what the controller might look like. As per the filing, the controller looks similar to DualShock 4. It has the familiar button placement, the D-pad, and the touch bar. There is also a tiny square under the PlayStation button.

The patent filing confirms several aspects of the controller that were previously described by Wired. The thumb sticks have become shorter and the light bar has disappeared from the back of the controller. The new controller features a USB-C port on the back for charging.

It’s worth pointing out the patent was filed on March 20, 2019. The PS5 would arrive towards the end of 2020. Sony could tweak its design or come up with new ideas by then. Only time will tell whether the new controller would be called ‘DualShock 5’ or something else.

Sony itself has revealed some changes it’s making for the PS5 controller. It will replace the rumble technology with haptic feedback. Rumble has been in use since the first PlayStation, so this is a noteworthy change.

The console maker also said it would be implementing what it calls “adaptive triggers” in the R2 and L2 triggers in the controller. Game developers will be able to program the triggers’ resistance levels in games, enabling players to feel increased tension when performing certain actions, like pulling back a bow.

PlayStation 5 specs

In April, Sony’s lead system architect Mark Cerny disclosed various details about the PS5 in an interview with Wired. He also worked in the same position when the current PS4 was in development.

Cerny revealed that the PlayStation 5 – Sony has officially confirmed the name – will be equipped with AMD CPU with eight cores, custom 3D audio unit, cutting-edge solid-state drive (SSD) and much more.

The GPU and CPU Cerny detailed in the PlayStation 5 specs are much more powerful than previous consoles. This gives it the ability to achieve graphic capabilities that have never been seen before on consoles. The computer’s memory size and speed will also be larger, meaning the game files will grow in size as well. There will be larger downloads as well as larger physical discs for the player.

  • CPU – 3rd Generation AMD Ryzen with eight cores and 7nm Zen2 microarchitecture
  • GPU – Radeon Navi custom-designed for Sony that supports hardware-based ray-tracing for intense 3D animation and 8K graphics. Ray-tracing is a rendering technique that defines how light travels and interacts with virtual objects
  • Upgraded Sound Card – Immerses user in full 3D sound
  • SSD storage – Improved load times and faster response in game. It will also allow players to choose to download the single-player or multiplayer version, the whole game or a specific part of it.

Toshihiro Nagoshi, the series director for PlayStation title Yakuza, has said that the AMD processor in the next-gen PlayStation 5 will change gaming for the better. It will focus more on programmable features like artificial intelligence and machine learning. This will be a change from simple graphic updates that improve the view in the game, but do not really add much to the gameplay.

Despite its massive hardware upgrade, the PlayStation 5 might still not be as powerful as high-end PC graphics cards. According to Komachi, its AMD Oberon APU (a combination of CPU and GPU) will have a clock speed of 2GHz, almost double the clock speed of PlayStation 4 Pro. But it’s still not as powerful as the Nvidia RTX 2080 line.

The upcoming Sony console will have an optical drive and a 4K Blu-ray player. Physical games will be able to use optical disks with a capacity of 100GB. The PlayStation 5 will also offer game downloads and improved cloud gaming performance.

Backward compatibility

According to Mark Cerney, the PS5 would be backward compatible with the PS4, meaning it would easily run games that were previously released for PS4. The backward compatibility with PS4 is largely because the PS5 would have a similar architecture. The PS5 would also support the current PlayStation VR headset.

BBC claims the upcoming console would not be backward compatible with PS3, PS2, and PS1 games. But a Sony patent suggests the PS5 could be capable of emulating the PS3, PS2 and even the original PlayStation.

PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan has also confirmed that the new console would not only be backward compatible but will go a step further. The PS5 would support cross-generational gameplay. You can start playing a game on the PS4, then pick it up where you left off on the PlayStation 5, and if you want you can go back to finish it on the PS4. You will also be able to play online multiplayer games with PS4 players.

PS5 games

Games can make or break a console. Sony’s consoles tend to have an exceptional lineup of first-party and third-party titles that attract gamers to the PlayStation community. We know that the PS5 would be backward compatible with the PS4 titles.

Sony’s chief financial officer Hiroki Totoki said during an earnings call that the “development of game titles by our software development partners is progressing smoothly.” However, Totoki didn’t specify which titles will be coming to the PS5. Some developers have dropped hints that they are developing titles for the PS5.

CD Projekt Red has been developing Cyberpunk 2077. The studio said last year at a conference that the game would have true-to-life visuals “on current and next-generation technology,” suggesting Cyberpunk 2077 would be available on both the PS4 and PS5.

Industry analyst Michael Pachter predicts Sony’s Death Stranding could also arrive on the PS5 as a “cross-generational title.” Bethesda, Blueprint, and other studios are also rumored to be working on PS5 titles. A ResetEra forum member has spotted a 3D character artist’s profile which mentioned a “new AAA title for PS5” at Luminous Production, which is part of Square Enix.

How much will it cost?

Ace Research Institute analyst Hideki Yasuda wrote in a report that he expects the PS5 to be released in November 2020. Sony later confirmed that the console would arrive in late 2020. According to a translation of the report from Japanese by Google Translate, Yasuda said he expects the PlayStation 5 price to be $499. If he’s correct, it means the PS5 will start out $100 more than the PS4 and PS4 Pro, which were both priced at $399 at the times of their launches.

Most gamers are probably expecting a higher starting price for the PS5 because of one major addition. Sony has confirmed that it plans to include a solid-state drive rather than a traditional hard drive in the console. Switching to an SSD will make the games load faster, but it will also likely increase the price because SSDs do cost quite a bit more than standard hard drives.

The higher PlayStation 5 price can also be expected due to some other premium improvements, like the Boost Mode feature, which is designed to improve the framerates on games, ray-tracing, and 3D audio.