Sony to launch PS5 Pro alongside standard PlayStation 5

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Sony’s incredibly successful PlayStation 4 console is nearing the end of its life cycle. The Japanese company is preparing to launch the next-gen PlayStation 5 in 2020. A new report claims that Sony will launch the standard PlayStation 5 as well as the more powerful PS5 Pro at the same time. The primary difference between the two models will, of course, be the performance.

Sony hasn’t revealed much about the PS5 yet. The company continues to focus on the PS4. On September 24, it would share details about PS4 exclusive titles during the State of Play news stream. For its existing lineup, Sony launched the PlayStation 4 Pro three years after the standard PS4. Launched in November 2016, the Pro model featured better frame rates, 4K resolution, and other upgrades.

What to expect from the PS5 series consoles

People who want the most powerful new PlayStation console won’t have to wait for years for the PS5 Pro. The Pro model will launch along with the standard PlayStation 5. The report comes from Japanese journalist Zenji Nishikawa, who has provided accurate leaks related to gaming consoles in the past. Nishikawa shared the details of Nintendo Switch Lite even before its official unveiling.

Zenj Nishikawa was told at the CEDEC developer conference that Sony was going to launch two PlayStation 5 models at the same time. The two models would differ in their performance. The Japanese company has acknowledged its interest in a Pro model.

Though Nishikawa has proved reliable in the past, the report should be taken with skepticism because Sony hasn’t confirmed anything. The company could choose to launch the PS5 Pro alongside PS5, or a few months or years later.

Past reports have suggested that the PlayStation 5 would support up to 8K resolution. It would be powered by a custom third-generation AMD Ryzen processor built on the Zen 2 architecture. For graphics, it would use a custom variant of AMD’s Radeon Navi graphics. A leaked benchmark test indicated that the Sony PS5 would be four times more powerful than the existing PlayStation 4.

The PS5 would feature solid-state drive storage to boost the loading speeds. It is rumored to offer at least 1TB of built-in storage. Sony’s upcoming console is also said to support 3D audio technology to enhance the audio experience. It would also have ray-tracing, which is a graphics rendering technique that produces incredibly realistic lighting effects. It is currently found in high-end PCs.

The PS5 and PS5 Pro would offer backward compatibility with the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR games. The Japanese company has a vast library of popular first-party and third-party titles.

Microsoft scraps the Lockhart model, bets on premium one

Sony is not the only company working on two different models of its upcoming console. Its biggest rival Microsoft was doing the same with Xbox. Microsoft was developing an affordable model code-named Lockhart and a premium one called Scarlett.

However, Xbox chief Phil Spencer told media in June that Microsoft was developing only one next-gen Xbox console called Scarlett. The company appears to have scrapped the budget-friendly Lockhart.

Nintendo, which has tasted massive success with its Switch consoles, is rumored to be working on a more powerful version of Switch. The existing Switch models aren’t as powerful as PS4 or Xbox One.

It’s not yet known when Nintendo would release the more powerful version. A few weeks ago, it launched an upgraded Switch with a faster processor and longer battery life, but it’s only a minor upgrade. It has also launched a more affordable Switch Lite.

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