Will Sony PlayStation 5 Be Able To Beat Next-Gen Xbox?

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PlayStation 5 vs Xbox 2

PlayStation 5 and Xbox 2 are two of the most anticipated When it comes to console gaming Sony PlayStation and Microsoft Xbox are the two giants in the arena. Both companies have huge followings with gamers dedicated to their consoles. With both companies planning to release the next generation of their consoles in the near future, everyone is wondering which one will be the best performer.

Xbox 2

Historically Microsoft has run in third place in the market of console gaming, with Nintendo and Sony taking the top two slots. However, according to Inverse, Microsoft may have a leg up on its competitors with the Xbox 2. They report that Xbox 2 models demonstrate the ability to connect to Microsoft’s streaming game service, X-Cloud. This means gamers can take their games beyond their console, using their mobile devices to play their favorite titles.

Microsoft will be revealing more about their console in June of this year at the E3 2019. The company will have the front stage, as Sony intends to skip the event for the first time ever. This gives Microsoft the ability to announce just what the next gen Xbox 2 is capable of, without Sony clouding the air with similar features on the PlayStation 5.

Playstation 5

The last generation PlayStation console was released in November 2013. The Xbox 1 was also released at the same time. Both consoles were in a heated race to see who could launch first. PlayStation 5 may find itself in a similar race this time around, as anticipation surrounding the console continues to grow.

We know that the PlayStation 5 will contain a powerful AMD chipset, which will give it lightning fast load times and the ability to run games at 8k graphic settings. It will also include the ability to utilize VR technology, although it is unclear at this point whether Sony will allow it to utilize the platforms the PS4 pro used, or simply start from scratch with a whole system.

Like Xbox 2, the PlayStation 5 will also feature a cloud based streaming game service, which will give users access to titles like Red Dead Redemption. It seems Sony intends to include a 2 TB hard drive on their new console, which gives users the ability to store more games locally, along with access to the streaming service.

VR Capabilities

Playstation5 and Xbox 2 will also have VR capabilities, which will open up a huge market for Microsoft, once some initial hurdles are overcome. Ben Arnold is the senior director of innovation and trends at the Consumer Technology Association. He believes that VR will be a big thing, but there are some problems for the Xbox 2 that will require time to sort out. He said, “The timeline [for VR] is a little bit extended because we’re still up against the desire to have great content as a way to drive more hardware adoption, but the content can’t get funded until there’s more hardware. As that gets figured out, all of this momentum in streaming, cloud, and subscription services will develop.”

The biggest hurdle for Xbox 2 and PlayStation 5 in terms of VR is the cost of the hardware. This problem can only be overcome by time on the market, as newer, less expensive products are developed. Other issues include the fact that once inside a VR setup the user is at the mercy of the game. A single glitch in a high speed racing game can cause a user to vomit without control. That said, VR is interesting technology…as long as you aren’t sitting next to the person who experiences a glitch in Need For Speed.

Both Companies Gearing Up For Launch

Microsoft and Sony are both ramping up for the launch of these consoles. It will be interesting to see which one becomes the market leader. Both Xbox 2 and Playstation5 have a plethora of interesting features and capabilities. It remains up to the fans to determine which one will come out on top.

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