Sony Giving Popular PS4 Exclusive For Free To Some, Check Email Now

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Sony usually gives away two free games per month to the PlayStation Plus subscribers, but this month it is being extra generous. Many users reported that they got a free PS4 game over the weekend from the Japanese company.

As per the users, they got a digital download code from Sony in an email. The code was not just for any game, rather it was of a popular PS4 exclusive game – Astro Bot Rescue Mission. This free PS4 game is a highly-rated VR game, and the Japanese company is giving it away for free to select users.  

“No catch, no strings… we’re just giving you a free PlayStation VR game,” read the image in the email that Sony is sending to selected users. The image also includes a voucher code, which the recipient can use on the PlayStation Store to download the Astro Bot Rescue Mission for free. Further, the image notes that the code is valid until December 2019, and is targeting only PlayStation Plus subscribers.

There is no set pattern as to who is getting the free PS4 game. “Just a friendly reminder to check your email, this was in mine this morning,” one user said on Reddit.

Even though it is a VR game that requires the player to own a VR headset, many who don’t even own a PSVR headset have reported getting codes. The distribution appears completely random, thus, any user with a PlayStation Network account should check their email account for the code of the free PS4 game.

“Wow thanks! I got it as well. I can’t afford to pay for the VR hardware unfortunately. It’d have to be dirt cheap,” said another Reddit user.

Astro Bot Rescue Mission game is from Sony’s Japan studio. The game offers conventional gameplay with a VR twist. In the game, players take the role of Astro, who goes on a mission to rescue his crew. It was among the best VR games of last year and won many awards. The game was released in October 2018 and cost $20.

Sony frequently does such generous things such as giving away a free game. So if you don’t get a free PS4 game this time, don’t worry, you may get a chance at receiving something next time. However, some users expressed disappointment over not getting any code.

“Congratulations. I just checked my email, and sadly nothing. Microsoft has been far more generous with me than Sony. I hope you enjoy it. I’ve heard good things about it,” a Reddit user said.

Not everyone will get this free PS4 game, but those who don’t, can download two free games provided they have a PlayStation Plus subscription. The two free games – WipEout Omega Collection and Sniper Elite 4 – will be available until the end of August. After August, they will be replaced with two new free PS Plus games for September.

What those free games will be there is no information for now, but Sony will reveal the titles sometime later this week.

Separately, talking of the next-gen PSVR headset, several rumors, reports and patent leaks have revealed the specs and features of the next PSVR headset. The recent patents and trademarks talk about details and prototype pictures of the headset, which would cost $250 in the U.S.

Sony’s next PSVR headset is speculated to come with eye and head tracking technology. Moreover, it could also come with good battery life, allowing it to run wirelessly for up to five hours. The patent also suggests that the Japanese company is aiming to get 560-by-1,440 resolution, 120-hertz refresh rate and a 220-degree field of view with the new headset.

Sony is also speculated to come with a VR glove with haptic feedback. This glove, when paired with the head and eye tracking capabilities of the new headset could take the gaming experience to a completely new level.

In separate news, a new PS5 patent leak shows what the next-gen console would look like. This patent (via LetsGoDigital) shows a gadget that looks like the game console. Sony submitted this patent to the Brazilian INPI patent authority and to the World Intellectual Property Office (WPTO) in May.

The patent filing details the design of the console, but not the technical specifications. As per the patent, the next-gen console may have a V-shape design, suggesting Sony might call the console PSV, instead of PS5. Further, the patent sketches show a button for ejecting disks, a power On/Off button and multiple USB ports for controllers.

Sony is expected to unveil the PS5 sometime next year. The next-gen console will replace the PS4, which is the world’s most popular console with sales of over 100 million units.

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