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How Can Outsourcing Help Your Company?

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The practice of outsourcing – a business paying an external supplier to provide goods or a service – started in the 1970s and grew in popularity in the 90s, remaining a common practice today. From bringing in a marketing agency to launch a new campaign to hiring an IT company to set up a new system, there are a number of reasons why your company might need to outsource.

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For some, paying an external team rather than hiring someone in-house may seem counterproductive, but in this post we’re going to take a closer look at some of the ways outsourcing can actually help your company…

Improve internal functions

Some projects can boost your internal team’s performance without increasing their workload or bringing in new team members to do so. For example, increasing your website’s search engine rankings can hugely help out your marketing team, but search engine optimisation can be time consuming for your internal team. Outsourcing SEO, particularly keyword optimised blogs and link building services, can help take pressure of your team, so they can focus on maximising the benefits of the increased website traffic.

Keeping your costs down

Whilst outsourcing certain projects can cost more money per hour than hiring a permanent employee, depending on the project it can still be more affordable in the long run. By outsourcing, you eliminate training and recruitment costs, and temporary employees may not always live up to your expectations and needs. Whereas, outsourcing to a reputable, experienced company, reduces the risk of the work being incomplete or not up to standard.

Larger talent pool

When hiring an employee, you may be restricted to a small, local selection of people. This may mean you have to compromise on talent in favour of convenience and accessibility. Many companies have found that outsourcing gives them greater access to higher quality work and talent, particularly for specialised or technical projects. For online-only projects, you can take your pick from national, or even international, companies, giving you a much wider pool of talent to choose from.

Dedicated service provider

Outsourcing gives you the freedom to focus on specific projects that you may not have time for internally. For example, customer care can be a useful function to outsource to maintain your customer experience and boost trust in your company, but you may not have the time or resources to dedicate the time needed to make it successful. Luckily, there are a number of social media customer care platforms out there that can increase your company’s customer support, engagement and loyalty.

Finish projects quickly

Sometimes, a project may crop up that needs to be completed urgently or within a certain time frame. In these cases, finding an employee, training them up and integrating them into the business just may not be practical for the time scale you have. That’s where outsourcing comes in. You can find an experienced company that will understand your needs and requirements quickly and have the resources, knowledge and time to complete the project quickly, to a high standard.