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Friday, September 17, 2021
employee retention Ten California companies, founder is CEO,

Employee Retention Takes on New Importance as Demographics, Economy Change

Accelerating staff turnover rates pose a challenge to employers across the economy. MLA Companies urge managers, especially those running small to medium-sized businesses, to...
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Heading Back To Work At The Office? Here’s How To Ease Tension

The data: As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, complicated by the Delta variant, more employees are being called back to the office and many are...
Remote Work

44% Know At Least One Person Who Has Quit Or Plans To Quit Because...

New FlexJobs survey highlights the high value employees place on remote work, mental health support, and company culture Q2 2021 hedge fund letters, conferences and...
portfolio career taking a pay cut Career Switching

An Entrepreneur’s Journey Of Risk, Resilience, And Rewards

My big career change came at the height of my former career. I had a calling, one that arose from my belief in opportunity...
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Firing A “Good” Employee? Make Sure You Follow These Steps To Protect Your Company...

Managing a startup is like a roller coaster with many ups and downs. With critical decisions being made on what feels like a daily...
Remote Work

Here Is How Remote Workers Can Find Workspaces

Remarkably, an estimated 16% of global businesses are now fully remote, with 73% of all departments anticipated to employ remote workers by 2028. And,...
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5 Lessons in Leadership From Simone Biles’ Olympic Decision

I want to start this discussion by saying I have no idea what really happened at the Olympics. Most of us probably don’t know...
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U.S. Startups: Experts Reveal Current Benefits of Corporation Formation

Small businesses account for over 99% of all enterprises in the United States More than 69% of entrepreneurs in the United States started...
Hero's Journey

Ditch The Hero’s Journey

Popular culture has never been more interested in heroes. From Hollywood’s reliance on superhero franchises, to the news media’s readiness to build up (and...

International Trade And Its Influence On Country Relations

Trade has always been a part of human history and will continue to be so, no matter how much our species develops. There will...
Multifamily Housing

Full House: What The Short-Term Rental Boom Means for Multifamily

COVID-19 has been an inflection point, a watershed moment we’ll certainly look back on when we trace the changing investor landscape in the real...

The Importance Of Technology In Economy

Modern technology has forever changed many aspects of humans’ lives. One of the sectors that is enjoying the further development of the tech industry...

How To Sell A Structured Settlement In 2021

Have you been injured recently? Did you go on trial to claim money for your recovery? Well, you have probably heard about a structured...
Alibaba Group Common Prosperity NYSE:BABA

The Best Business Structures for E-Commerce: A Critical Analysis

Exploring The Most Effective Business Structures For Startups in an E-Commerce Setting Q2 2021 hedge fund letters, conferences and more If you are currently interested in...

Christmas Crates and Preparing for the Jolliest Time of the Year

As the end of summer approaches, for most of us, all that’s left of our vacation is just a distant but pleasant memory. Thankfully,...