What Are The Five Major Platforms For Social Media Customer Care?

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Customer care is a vital ingredient to the success of every business. Customer service enhances a better customer relationship, hence impacting the sales and customer loyalty positively. On the other hand, social media is not only an advertising and marketing platform but also a caring community that creates a podium engage and interact with your customers to boost your goodwill. According to Websitebuilder uk, 29% of all age groups have complained through social media about a brand’s customer support. However, 95% of business indicate their customer care has a direct impact on brand image according to website builders. So why aren’t more businesses utilizing social media customer service, and which are the best platforms?

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Social Media Customer Service


According to Websitebuilder uk, interactions over Twitter have increased to 250% from the year 2014. Moreover, 80% of social customer service request comes from twitter while on the other hand brands receive 60 messages per every 1000 followers on Twitter every month. It's important to gather and analyze every information to understand the kind of concerns raised by the clients through the social media. The famous brands here are Tesco, Amazon, and Xbox.


79% of adult internet users use Facebook while on the other hand the relative response rate on Facebook is 59.4%. Social Media customer service expectation is increasing now and then and the customer's looks to brands to build a seamless experience that lasts on the Facebook timeline. However, the most famous companies are Sony, Air Asia, and Nike. Most customers are less likely to purchase from companies that leave most questions unanswered while the relative number of queries on Facebook is 40.7%.


Instagram is one of the best and the fastest growing social media platform for the brand to interact with their clients. Top brands have received an average of 216 comments on Instagram since engagement rate of Instagram happens to be 58 times more per follower than on Facebook and 120 times more per follower on twitter. Also, most famous brands on Instagram include Starbucks, Sephora, and Vega.


The number of snaps and live videos on how service/product works have increased by 400% from 2015 making Snapchat be a popular platform. Cisco, Everlane and McDonald's are the most famous brands here. However, Birchbox has gained 30 calls in an hour after testing Snapchat's phone call feature in 2016 whereby 85% of Americans aged between 13 and 34 are Snapchat users. It enables you to support your clients in the format of their choice.


65% of the world's population are visual learners whereby 83% of Pinterest users choose to follow a brand rather than a celebrity. Moreover, the most famous brands are Ben & Jelly, Burberry, and Whole Foods. 72% of pinners prefer Pinterest to decide on what to buy offline. Pinterest is usually used through mobile phones. Pinterest is a friendly, efficient and problem-solving platform customer service platform.

Social Media Customer Service - Conclusion

Social media customer service is usually cost effective since it boosts the revenue of the business. However, the objective of every company is to meet customer’s satisfaction. Therefore, every business should handle it seriously and ensure that they take the shortest time possible to respond to the customers complains relating to their product/services on social media.

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