New Coronavirus Stimulus Checks Are Coming But Only For These States

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Another round of federal stimulus checks may never come, but millions of Americans may still get new stimulus checks. These new coronavirus stimulus checks, however, will not come from the federal government, rather several states will send (or have sent, or are planning to send) stimulus payments to their residents.

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States Giving New Coronavirus Stimulus Checks

Since the start of the pandemic last year, Congress has sent out three rounds of stimulus checks. Some people are demanding more stimulus checks, but the economic rebound and other stimulus measures slim down the chances of another federal stimulus check.

Some states, however, are using a combination of federal funds they got during the pandemic and their own revenue to send stimulus checks to their residents. If you live in the following states, then you may get a new stimulus check:


California already sent one stimulus check earlier this year under the Golden State Stimulus program. It will send another stimulus check to about two-thirds of Californians in September. Initially, the payment was sent to low-income families, but the new stimulus program would cover middle-class families as well.

New Mexico

The authorities set aside $5 million for a stimulus program to help low-income residents, who weren’t eligible for the federal stimulus checks. The state has already sent up to $750 in emergency financial assistance to over 4,000 households. Now, the state is still left with some unused funds from the $5 million, which it could use to send another stimulus payment.


Those who claimed unemployment benefits between $25 and $500 (for any week) between March 15, 2020 and Oct. 24, 2020, were eligible for a one-time stimulus payment of $375. This program started in December, and eligible recipients would have already received the payment under this program.


Earlier this year, Maryland gave $300 or $500 stimulus payments to low-income residents. Also, those who weren’t able to access unemployment benefits got stimulus checks of $1,000 from the state.

New York

Some undocumented workers received a payment if they could prove they lost income.

Stimulus Payment To Teachers

These states are sending (or have sent) stimulus payment to teachers:


Florida is sending a one-time stimulus check of $1,000 to first responders and educators. The first wave of payment under this program went to first responders, including EMTs, paramedics, firefighters, and law enforcement officers. Teachers and school principals will get the payment under the second wave.


Tennessee, earlier this year, approved a bill to give hazard pay to teachers. Initially, the lawmakers proposed a raise of 2% to educators. Later, they decided to give a one-time payment of $1,000 to full-time teachers and $500 to part-timers. The payment is expected to go out toward the year end.


Georgia is also sending stimulus payments, in the form of retention bonuses, to Educators and school staff. The bonus includes $500 to part-time workers and $1,000 to full-time employees.


Teachers and other staff were sent checks of either $500 or $250 in February.