Don’t miss this crucial deadline to get coronavirus stimulus checks from California

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Another round of stimulus checks may never come, but that doesn’t mean no one will be getting new coronavirus stimulus checks. Many in California will get coronavirus stimulus checks in September, but to be eligible for them, there is one deadline that people need to keep in mind.

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Crucial Deadline For New Coronavirus Stimulus Checks From California

According to Gov. Gavin Newsom's office, these new stimulus checks will cover about two-thirds of California taxpayers. These stimulus checks are part of the state’s Golden State Stimulus program, which initially distributed stimulus checks of $600 to low-income residents.

Now, the second stimulus checks will also give a one-time payment of $600 to taxpayers earning up to $75,000. Additionally, the program will give $500 to qualifying dependents. The second wave of payments under the Golden State Stimulus program was approved this summer.

The California Franchise Tax Board (FTB) is responsible for sending out the payment. The FTB estimates the payments will start to go out in September. These payments will go out automatically, meaning most people won’t have to do anything to get the payment.

However, there is one requirement that people need to fulfil to be even considered for the payment. This requirement is filing their 2020 complete tax return.

“If you've already filed your 2020 tax return, you don't have to do anything,” the FTB says.

Most people would have already filed their 2020 tax return, but those who haven’t, must file their tax return by Oct. 15, 2021 to “make sure you receive your payment,” as per the FTB.

Those who haven’t yet filed their tax return still have some time to file their return. However, it is recommended that they do so as early as possible. The State of California Franchise Tax Board allows taxpayers to file their return either online, paper filing, or in-person visit.

Eligibility For Golden State Stimulus Program

So, only after you file your tax return will you be considered for the payment under the state’s Golden State Stimulus program. However, just filing the return doesn’t guarantee you the payment. There are a few eligibility requirements that you need to meet to get the stimulus payment. These are:

  • You should have adjusted gross income between $1 to $75,000 in 2020, and earned wages between $0 and $75,000.
  • You must be a California resident for at least more than half of 2020.
  • Also, you must be a resident of California on the date the payment is to be sent.
  • You must not be claimed as a dependent by anyone else.

Those eligible will get the payment either via direct deposit or physical check. How you get the payment depends upon the refund option you selected on your tax return. For instance, you will get the payment by check in the mail if you got your tax refund through your tax service provider.