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Whitney Tilson Doing The Heavy DD On Amazon, Asks Is Jeff Bezos Taking Testosterone?

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A friend of Whitney Tilson comments on Jeff Bezos being on TRT: “I think you can find an almost identical comparison with Elon Musk — pictures from ca 2000 to 2018.”

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Rulon Gardner from the Value Investors Club message board

I am pretty sure that Bezos is on TRT [testosterone replacement therapy].  It does wonders in that it helps with energy, body composition, and aggression for a guy of Bezos’ age. But I am kind of not surprised that Bezos got jacked in recent years and now he’s sending d*ck pics.  TRT dramatically increases sex drive and is probably the culprit of the cheating.  Ben Affleck was with Jennifer Garner for a long time and all a sudden he packed on a ton of muscle mass for the batman movie and he cheats.


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Why does this matter?  I think you have to calibrate these CEOs to what their decision making is when they are on TRT.  I think they tend to be more confident and think with their johnny a bit more.  Amazon is an absolute freight train moving in the right direction right now.  What happens while growth slows and maybe America won’t tolerate a CEO being on TRT.  It seems like a far fetched risk, but I think it’s important one to consider.  The biggest risk in my opinion is that TRT alters your perception of risk/reward.  It makes you more aggressive and hostile.  So Bezos might have steered clear of certain risks in the past. TRT Bezos may take on that risk that he would’ve side stepped in the past.  If you want to experiment with what elevated testosterone levels does to your decision making, go to the gym and do some really heavy squats or leg press.  Now feel that surge of testosterone and see if you are more easily agitated and more aggressive.

I mean what guy do you know goes from looking like Bezos of the late 90s to Jeff “The TRT Terminator” Bezos of 2018.  The guy has veins in his biceps.  Heck, I only had veins in my bicep when I was 20, working out everyday and running 6 miles after lifting.

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