Jeff Bezos Talks Blue Origin With Michael Lewis

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Jeff Bezos in a conversation with Michael Lewis discusses the basic idea behind Blue Origin, why we need to protect this planet and space travel.

Jeff Bezos On The Basic Idea Behind Blue Origin

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Jeff Bezos and Michael Lewis closing the program


So say you. You grow up without the American myth that the government is something boring and lacking innovation.

For sure the Atomic Energy Commission. You know and I also watch I fell in love with space travel watch it or explain now how does that happen. Well is watching Neil Armstrong step on to the surface. I mean I was five years old and watching on little TV with the rest of the world. And I was just captivated and have thought about that all my life since and now I actually think it's the most important work I'm doing.

I think Blue Origin is incredibly important. I have a long version of that which I will not. We don't have time for me to tell you tonight. But the basic idea is we know we sent robotic pros to every planet in the solar system. Believe me this is the best one. All of the other planets not so good. You don't want to live there. We have to protect this planet and at the same time you don't want a civilization of Stacie's where you have to cap population and cap energy usage per capita though interfere with liberty. It'll be less interesting. I want my grandchildren and their grandchildren to continue to have plentiful resources and I lived to be a trillion humans in the solar system.

We can't do that on Earth but we can do it in the source system. There's so much energy and resources out there. But what makes it hard is that space travel is just too expensive. The access to space is so costly and so that's why Blue Origin is working on reusable launch vehicles to dramatically lower the cost and my vision. What I really want to have happen is I want to build that low cost space infrastructure the heavy lifting this is this cost billions of dollars to do. But if you can get the heavy lifting done in a good way a real operable reusable launch vehicle you'll set the next generation up to be space entrepreneurs because right now think I think of it is that what I've seen the last two decades on the Internet. Incredible things have happened very very quickly.

You know two kids in their dorm room created Facebook which has a half trillion dollar market cap it's a giant company. Two kids in their dorm room today can't do anything big in space. It's not practical the price of admission is just too high. So what I want to do is lower that price for admission and sort of be the you know the the GPS or the FedEx or whatever. That's what we did that Amazon relied on that in the early days we didn't have to build our own transportation network we could rely on whatU.P.S. had been building for decades. They had put in place the heavy infrastructure. So trying to do that with Blue Origin because I think it makes a giant difference for Earth and civilization.

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