iPhone X Price Won’t Be As High As Some Early Reports Suggested

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The iPhone X launch event is quickly approaching. It seems like just yesterday we were talking about Apple’s new flagship like it was still years away. Time flies when you’re talking about leaks, I guess. Thanks to all of those leaks, there isn’t much we don’t know about the iPhone X. One of the few remaining points of debate is the iPhone X price.

All summer long, we have been hearing various reports from industry analysts that suggest the iPhone X price could start at $1000. At first, this was pretty shocking. Then we had some time to digest the price and watch the Galaxy Note 8 price come in pretty close to $1000. Now, it kind of feels like the standard price for a flagship smartphone is the $1000 price mark. Of course, the iPhone X price has yet to actually be confirmed. And now we are also hearing some good news for those of you saving up for the big release.

UBS analysts are now predicting a slightly lower price for the upcoming iPhone X. However, the lower price doesn’t offer much of a break for those of you who had already accepted the $1000 price tag. The new rumored iPhone X price is said to start at $900. Still a pretty penny but $100 reduction from the expected price is a solid discount.

However, the logic that UBS uses is kind of flawed, in my humble opinion. In the report, the analysts say that Apple usually prices their devices slightly below the Galaxy Note line. That may be true for every iPhone model prior to this year. But now we’e talking about the iPhone X price. This is a totally new design with new components. You can’t compare the iPhone X to the iPhone 7 Plus. The iPhone X is a brand new device for all intents and purposes. Therefore, basing your iPhone X price prediction on previous iPhone pricing won’t provide an accurate result.

Still, that assumption doesn’t necessarily mean that the iPhone X price won’t be around the $900 mark, as predicted. I believe Apple has to compete with the Galaxy Note 8 when it comes to price. You make the argument that the Galaxy Note 8 has more features than an iPhone flagship with the S Pen. It will be very hard for Apple to come in at a higher price with less features. It’s not like Apple has never done that before but I believe the Galaxy Note 8 is in a league of its own and the iPhone X is more comparable to the Galaxy S8 Plus.

The second point that UBS makes when predicting the iPhone X price is the way in which Apple chooses to enter a market. The example they use is notebooks. Apple saw an opportunity in the $1000 notebook market so they made a product to fit that price point. Again, I’m not sure that logic works for the iPhone X. Apple has long been one of the leaders in the smartphone market. They have been one of the companies making smartphones so popular. That’s not to say there isn’t opportunity in the $900+ smartphone market… Mostly because there aren’t many devices priced that high.

My personal belief is that the iPhone X price will be dependent on the new features and components used. For example, we know all about the new iPhone X design and the OLED display that Apple will be using in the iPhone X. OLED displays are more expensive than the LCD displays that Apple has used in the past. This is an added manufacturing cost for Apple that will most likely be passed along to the consumer.

We have also heard about Apple’s new face unlocking feature that will be called PearlID; according to Apple’s own HomePod firmware leak. In order to make this feature work, Apple has incorporated front-facing infrared sensors that will be used to scan a user’s face. Again, this is a new component and new feature that may help drive the iPhone X price even higher.

With all of disagreements regarding the method used by UBS to come to their pricing conclusion – I still agree with the price point they are suggesting. The iPhone X will likely start around $900. For many people, that price will still be too much to swallow. For those that were planning on buying the iPhone X at $1000; a savings of $100 should be great news. After all, there will be plenty of new Apple products to buy this fall.

At Apple’s event next week we are likely going to see more than just the iPhone X. A lot of rumors have suggested a new, 4K-ready Apple TV is coming as well as a new, slimmer, sleeker Apple Watch. We are also hoping to see more about Apple’s upcoming HomePod speaker and how it may integrate with the iPhone X.

If you’re an Apple fan or you plan on shopping for one this holiday season: you may have to break open the old piggy bank. Apple is not known for releasing cheap products. Although, that’s also a good thing. There aren’t many companies that back up their products with great support like Apple. When you consider all of the details, the iPhone X price may be worth it. We will be watching Apple’s launch event next week to see what new information is released. Be sure to watch for updated articles as we confirm and bust the many rumors that have made their way across the internet this summer. However, until next week, rumors are all we have. Does a $900 price point change anything for you? Will you get an iPhone X regardless of price or is $900 still too much? Let us know!

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