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iPhone 8 Price: How Much Does The New iPhone Cost?

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UPDATE 09-12-2017: With the release of the iPhone 8 nearing, the iPhone 8 price and pricing of the iPhone 8 Plus is of increasing interest. But the goalposts have just moved for these two devices, with a leak in the last 24 hours indicating that the iPhone X will be the OLED premium device in 2017.

Affordable variants

This means that both the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus will effectively be somewhat affordable variants. While no Apple products can reasonably be described as cheap, the upgrades to last year’s iPhone 7 will be intended to capture the more affordable end of the market.

What we do know pretty much for certain is that the iPhone X will be the most expensive smartphone that Apple has ever released. Most analyst estimates indicate that this device will cost in the region of $1,000, with some of the premium versions of the new smartphone retailing at around $1,200. This means that both the iPhone 8 price and iPhone 8 Plus price must be significantly lower than this price tag in order to sell appropriately.

So we can reasonably expect the iPhone 8 smartphone it to be rather affordable in this generation, particularly as the iPhone 8 Plus must be slotted between this and that the iPhone X in pricing terms. So we can perhaps expect the entry-level version of the iPhone 8 to retail at around $699. This will be for the model with the lowest amount of memory, though.

Meanwhile, the iPhone 8 Plus is likely to cost $100 more than this, with the basic unit of the phablet retailing at $799. Other versions of the iPhone 8 Plus will be priced at higher RRPs, and we can expect the premium version of the iPhone 8 Plus to come close to the $1,000 price tag of the iPhone X.

Frozen pricing

So both smartphones will come in at around the pricing of the iPhone 7 last year. But with carriers offering excellent 24-month deals on the iPhone X, there should also be a decent array of offers available for the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. These will make the mobiles more affordable still, ensuring that consumers of modest means can still pick up the hottest smartphone on the block.

The good news then for consumers is that the likes of Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint will carry deals for both the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus from launch day. These are obviously based on monthly payments, meaning that the average iPhone 8 consumer can expect to pay around $30-35 per month depending on the particular deal and carrier.

It is likely that both of these smartphones will also go on sale before the iPhone X is released. The general consensus of opinion following a major Apple leak emanating from a disgruntled employee is that the iPhone range will receive a staggered release schedule in 2017. This will result in the iPhone X being delayed until October, with the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus almost considered predecessors, appearing towards the end of September.

Indeed, publications have already set aside September 22 as a possible release date for the next-generation smartphone. At this point it will be possible to acquire a mainstream smartphone direct from Apple for the recommended retail price, or to instead access deals via carriers. It seems that two-year deals will be ubiquitous in 2017, though, meaning that those tying themselves into to such contracts may struggle to upgrade in 2018.

Conservative 2018

However, the 2018 iPhone from Apple may be rather cautious and conservative compared to this year’s release. Apple is expected to pull out all of the stops in order to mark the tenth anniversary of the iPhone range, resulting in some outstanding and revolutionary devices. Indeed, the iPhone 8 is expected to completely reboot the iPhone concept, featuring a wraparound display and OLED technology.

Other new features such as wireless charging and augmented reality are also expected to appear in the iPhone X, while both the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus will benefit from wireless charging technology for the first time in an Apple mobile.

With both the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus receiving a raft of spec upgrades, and the phablet at least likely to be armed with a new six-core A11 processor, these two mobile releases ultimately represent rather decent value for money. While the iPhone 8 price will still be significantly more than the RRP of the Google Pixel 2, this still represents something of a step in the right direction for Apple.

UPDATE: Apple will hold a special event on September 12 at its new campus to show off its latest hardware and software products including a new Apple TV, and third-generation Apple Watch. However, the star of the show will be the 10th anniversary iPhone, which has been referred to as the iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone Pro, and iPhone Edition. For now, let’s stick to the iPhone 8, the most commonly used name. Twitter tipster Benjamin Geskin has revealed the iPhone 8 price, which corroborates the past leaks.

iPhone 8 Price
Image Source: Guilherme Rambo / Twitter (screenshot)

iPhone 8 price to start at $999

The iPhone 8 is said to be the most expensive smartphone from Apple till date. It will have a radical new design and some cool new features such as 3D facial recognition and augmented reality. These features are going to push up the iPhone 8 price to more than $1,000. Geskin claims to have obtained the iPhone 8 price details from a friend who has a friend working at Apple.

We reported last month that the 10th anniversary iPhone would be available in 64GB, 256GB, and 512GB internal storage options. Geskin claims the 64GB version will costs users $999 in the United States. The 256GB model will set you back by $1,099, while the top-end 512GB variant would go as high as $1,199. Reliable and long-time Apple blogger John Gruber has also suggested that the iPhone 8 price could go up to $1,199 for the most expensive model.

The iPhone 7S and 7S Plus would cost similar to the current models

The iPhone 8 will be unveiled at the new Steve Jobs Theater at Apple’s new campus. If the iPhone 8 price leaked by Geskin turns out to be accurate, it shouldn’t be a huge surprise because the rumor mill and consumers already expect it to cost more than any other iPhone. However, the leak should be taken with a pinch of salt, at least for now. Apple will reveal the official pricing next week.

The tech giant will also launch an iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus, which will be iterative upgrades over the current flagship models. These devices will look similar to the current iPhones, though they will pack many internal upgrades such as a more powerful A11 chipset. The iPhone 7S and 7S Plus are also said to have a glass back to enable inductive charging.

iPhone 8 will be jam-packed with new features

The ridiculously high iPhone 8 price could turn off a lot of potential buyers. Many argue that Apple should offer free subscription to Apple Music and iCloud storage for a full year to justify the price. However, there is a good chance the iPhone 8 will have enough features to get consumers salivating for it. The current 256GB iPhone 7 Plus sells at $969, and people are willing to shell out that amount. The iPhone 8 would be only $30 more expensive than the top-tier iPhone 7 Plus.

It will have an edge-to-edge OLED display, a faster A11 processor, improved water-resistance, an improved battery life, 3D facial recognition, and augmented reality applications to justify the price. Apple’s 3D face detection will be able to recognize your face in “the millionth of a second.” The face detection technology will replace the Touch ID fingerprint sensor.

Since the phone will ditch the physical home button, it would feature gesture controls for navigation. Recent reports suggest that, in the absence of the home button, the iPhone 8 would allow users to activate Siri by holding down the Sleep/Wake button. Of course, you can also activate it using voice command “Hey Siri.” Apple will also reconfigure the iOS 11 interface to take advantage of the screen space on either side of the top cutout.

The iPhone 8 would have a dual camera system on the rear in a vertical orientation. The rumor mill claims it will have better camera sensors compared to the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

The iPhone 8 could be called ‘iPhone X’

Talking about the 10th anniversary iPhone’s name, Dutch technology site iCulture has learned from a “reliable source” that the handset would be called iPhone X. Not iPhone 8 or iPhone Pro. According to iCulture, the information comes from the same source that accurately told them about the existence of the 10.5-inch iPad Pro in the past. The source reportedly works with a global telecom operator.

We will also see a new Apple Watch at the event. According to Ming-Chi Kuo, the third-generation Apple Watch will be available in LTE and non-LTE version. The LTE support will unshackle the wearable device from its reliance on the iPhone. Kuo claims the Apple Watch Series 3’s form factor will remain similar to the current models. Apple is expected to introduce new health features with the next-gen Watch.

Pre-orders for the new iPhones are expected to begin on September 15, and sales would commence on September 22.

iPhone 8 Price In UK, US, China, India, Pakistan, Canada, Dubai

PREVIOUS UPDATE: As Apple continues preparation for the release of its next smartphone, the iPhone 8 price across the world is a subject of some interest. Different territories end up paying significantly different amounts of money for each Apple release, and this is unlikely to change with the iPhone 8 generation. But for now we can make a reasonable estimate on pricing based on the latest reports.

Various versions

Firstly, it is important to understand that this article refers to what is expected to be the entry-level version of the iPhone 8. The iPhone 8 price has already been leaked by the New York Times, with the venerable newspaper suggesting that the base model of the smartphone will cost $999. Other more premium versions are expected to retail for higher prices, although even this is not entirely decided and established.

iPhone 8 Price In U.S.

But we already have a very good idea of the recommended retail price of the iPhone 8 in the United States. It is expected that the base model of the smartphone will cost $999, with more premium versions being released at price tags up to $1,200.

iPhone 8 Price
Image Credit: Benjamin Geskin / Twitter (screenshot)

This would undoubtedly make the iPhone 8 the most expensive handset that Apple has ever released, but coupled with the revolutionary features that have been linked with this device, this will not necessarily impact negatively on consumer enthusiasm.

iPhone 8 Price In UK

The British marketplace is obviously strongly related to the United States, yet consumers in the two nations often find themselves playing significantly different prices for consumer electronics. Britain has something of a reputation for ripping off consumers, and although this has eased in recent years, the iPhone 8 will probably still be priced at a higher RRP in Britain than the US.

Current exchange rates indicate that the entry-level model of the iPhone 8 would retail at around £780 in Britain. But the iPhone 8 price is likely to be higher than this, with some publications suggesting that £800 is a viable price point, and others indicating that a figure in the ballpark of £825 should be expected.

iPhone 8 Price In China

The Chinese market has become absolutely critical to Apple over the last few years. There are two obvious reasons for this phenomenon. Firstly, China is the world’s most populous nation, and its population of over one-billion people obviously provide huge commercial opportunities. And, secondly, China has enthusiastically embraced consumer electronics in general, and Apple products in particular, meaning that growth in the smartphone section for Apple has been largely dependent on the Chinese market.

Current exchange rates suggest that 6,590 yuan could be a possible iPhone 8 price in China. But few territories benefit from the ultra-low consumer prices of the United States, and thus Chinese buyers of the iPhone 8 can expect to pay something of a premium. Perhaps a price tag in the region of 6,799 – 6,999 yuan can be considered realistic.

iPhone 8 Price In India

India is a developing market of increasing importance to all major corporations, and the Asian subcontinental nation particularly enthusiastically embraces electronics. After all, India has a strong background in the technology industry, and this means that the iPhone 8 will be thoroughly embraced in India.

However, the iPhone 8 price is likely to be rather hefty in this country. Although the $999 figure in the United States translates to 63,000 Indian rupees, the reality is that this is likely to be absolutely nowhere near the retail price in India. The high-end variant of iPhone 7 Plus launched at 92,000 last year, so we can expect a much larger figure this year han 63,000.

As India becomes a more competitive player in the global economy, it is reasonable to assume that consumer electronics prices will indeed reduce. But considering that the iPhone 8 is a more expensive smartphone than the iPhone 7 Plus, we should still probably expect a recommended retail price in India around 90,000 to 100,000 rupees.

iPhone 8 Price In Pakistan

Similarly in Pakistan, the $999 figure linked with the iPhone 8 in the United States translates to a price tag of just over 105,000 Pakistani rupees. But we can again expect a significant mark up in a nation that doesn’t have the advanced consumer culture of India. The ultimate launch price of the device in Pakistan could be as high as 150,000 Pakistani rupees based on current market trends and previous releases.

iPhone 8 Price In Canada

Of all nations, Canada obviously enjoys the strongest geographical and trading relationship with the United States. This means that consumer prices in the nation are often extremely competitive, and this bodes well for the iPhone 8 price in Canada.

Current exchange rates indicate that the smartphone could retail at around 1,260 Canadian dollars, and this does seem like a realistic price point. Canadian consumers are unlikely to pay huge mark ups in comparison to US consumers, meaning that the iPhone 8 is set to be a big hit in Canada.

iPhone 8 Price In Dubai (UAE)

Finally, of all Arabian nations, the United Arab Emirates is probably the most advanced economically, and Dubai is certainly the locale that most resembles the Western world. With its gleaming structures, modern airport and emphasis on technology, the city based in the UAE features many of the trappings of Western territories, even if the culture is actually somewhat different.

Based on currency translations, the iPhone 8 should retail for around 3,670 United Arab Emirates dirham. However, consumers in this territory can expect to play a mark up, not for the usual reasons that are applicable elsewhere. Instead, this is a playground of the extremely wealthy, meaning that prices in shops are often pretty exorbitant.

With this in mind, we can reasonably expect the iPhone 8 price in Dubai to be at least 4,000 dirham.

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