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iPhone 8 price, specs, camera details, release date and more

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LATEST: The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus have been unveiled at a major event in California. The next generation smartphone series was revealed to comprise silver, space gray and gold designs, as Apple left the revelation of the wraparound iPhone X to last, after 4K Apple TV and Apple Watch products were also revealed. This glass-backed smartphone has also abandoned the aluminum which was prominent in previous releases.

iPhone 8 display

Displays in the two devices were frozen as expected with the Retina HDR screens being 4.7-inches in the iPhone 8 and 5.5-inches in the iPhone 8 Plus. There was no immediate word on resolution, but it is expected that this will be unchanged from the previous iPhone 7 releases, meaning that the maximum resolution will be the full HD of the iPhone 8 Plus.

iPhone 8 camera

Apple also took a significant amount of time to announce the new camera functionality included in the iPhone 8. The specs of the smartphone are not hugely altered, but the aperture has been shaved to 2.8 and 1.8. These are pretty impressive figures, to be fair, and should result in massively improved shooting in lower light conditions.

Other new camera features were also strongly pushed. Naturally enough, these were headlined by the augmented reality functionality that was widely predicted ahead of the release of the two devices. Atli Mar Sveinsson, CEO of Directive Games, appeared on stage to proclaim that this new feature puts you directly in the game. Figuratively speaking, of course…

Wireless charging

Apple has switched the iPhone 8 to a glass-based design in order to deliver wireless charging for the first time. This was also heavily promoted, with two wireless chargers on offer – the Mophi and the Belkin. This feature will undoubtedly be welcome, particularly as it has featured prominently in existing Samsung Galaxy releases.

Price and release date

The iPhone 8 will be available at a rather affordable $699 for a model with 64GB of storage; the least on offer. The smartphone will be available for preorders on Friday, where it will line up alongside the new Apple Watch. Consumers will pay $100 more for the iPhone 8 Plus, which will also have some modestly increased specs in comparison to the iPhone 8.


UPDATE 09-12-2017: The countdown to the iPhone 8 continues. Here ValueWalk looks at the latest rumors.


The design of the iPhone 8 is likely to be extremely similar to the iPhone 7, with the wraparound display and new approach to the iPhone range to be reserved for the iPhone X. Thus, we can expect the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus to feature flat panels and significant bezels. It is also possible that these devices will be constructed from different materials to the iPhone X, which is expected to be dominated by a glass design.

iPhone 8 Display

The display of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus will be rather similar to those included in the iPhone 7 generation. There will be no edge-to-edge screen or slimmed down bezels, meaning that the 5.5-inch and 4.7-inch screens of the last generation will be retained. There will probably not be an increase in resolution either, considering that the iPhone X has been earmarked for quad HD. This will mean that the iPhone 8 Plus offers full HD resolution once more.

Lines For iPhone 8 / iPhone X
Apple Line via Luke Hopewell Twitter


Camera capabilities in the iPhone 8 will be something of a bone of contention, with Apple faced with a difficult decision regarding what technology to include. The snapper in the iPhone X is set to be a revolutionary unit, at least according to the Apple hierarchy. This means that the dual-camera in the iPhone 8 Plus must presumably be slightly worse than the iPhone X, if the two devices are to be significantly distinguished.

This could mean that a very similar snapper is included in the next generation phablet to the camera that was present in the iPhone 8nd 7 Plus last year. And it still seems likely that the iPhone 8 smartphone will benefit from a dual-lens snapper.


Battery quantities will definitely be increased in the iPhone 8 generation, and this means that the iPhone 8 Plus battery may exceed 3,000 mAh. This would be very welcome, as the lifecycle of iPhone devices has been criticized in the past. We can’t expect to see such a large cell in the smaller iPhone 8, but Apple could deliver a battery of around 2,500 mAh.


It also remains to be seen whether the six-core processor linked with the iPhone X will be used in either the iPhone 8 or the iPhone 8 Plus. The odds are probably against this notion, with the iPhone 8 likely to receive its own central processing unit, which will probably be based on quad-core architecture. However, Apple could easily spring a surprise here, which would be particularly welcome for those consumers purchasing these more affordable units.


One area where we almost certainly will not see upgrades over the iPhone 7 is the RAM memory included in these smartphones. Leaks from a disgruntled Apple employee have already revealed that the iPhone X will feature 3GB of memory; identical to the amount included in the iPhone 7 Plus last year. This means there it’s highly unlikely, or pretty much inconceivable, that the iPhone 8 Plus will feature more than 3GB, meaning that the iPhone 8 memory is likely to be frozen at 2GB as well.


However, the storage included in the iPhone 8 generation is set to be increased considerably, with reports indicating that this figure will be doubled to 512GB. This will be native storage only, though, with Apple affording the micro SD flexible card technology a rather frosty reception traditionally. This is unlikely to change with the iPhone 8 generation, meaning that users will not be able to expand storage manually.

Home button

With Apple likely to eliminate the Home button from the iPhone X, this won’t necessarily be the case with the iPhone 8 generation. It is debatable whether the Face ID system will migrate to these more affordable units, and it may be that the consumer electronics giant retains the traditional Home button and Touch ID systems.

Headphone jack

Despite grumbling from many fans of Apple devices, there is absolutely no evidence whatsoever that Apple intends to reinstate the 3.5mm headphone jack in the forthcoming generation. This means that wireless music playback will be necessary for consumers of the iPhone 8, as well as the top of the range iPhone X.

Augmented reality

The iPhone 8 also won’t benefit from the augmented reality technology that will form part of the armory of the iPhone X. It is thought that the camera system involved in delivering new AR features will not be included in the iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus, making this a non-starter.

Wireless charging

However, it is believed that the wireless charging system that Apple will introduce for the first time in 2017 will appear in the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. This will be a welcome piece of news for Apple consumers, as it will undoubtedly add an air of convenience and flexibility to this smartphone series.


Pricing of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus must be more affordable than the iPhone X, with this latter wraparound device expected to retail in the $1,000 ballpark. This means that both of the iPhone 8 releases could be rather affordable this year, with price tags of $649 linked with the iPhone 8, and iPhone 8 Plus consumers likely to have to pay $749 for the entry-level unit.

Numerous deals will also be available from the major carriers, shaving these already affordable figures still more. It is interesting to note that these price tags are very much in the range of the expected recommended retail price for the Google Pixel 2, undoubtedly posing the mega-corporation a major problem.

Release date

Finally, it is believed that the iPhone range will have a staggered release in 2017, meaning that the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus will arrive before the iPhone X. We can’t expect to see the two upgraded smartphones released before the end of September, with September 22 looking like a possible release date.

UPDATE 09-11-2017: The latest news about the iPhone 8 is that it isn’t the device that we thought it was! While the majority of observers believed that the branding of the major new OLED Apple smartphone would be iPhone 8, instead it turns out that this device will be named the iPhone X.

Major leak

This information has emanated from a major leak, with the source apparently being a disgruntled Apple employee. Apple will release an iPhone 8 handset this year, but this will be an upgraded version of the existing iPhone 7.

Naturally, this news has completely moved the goalposts with regard to what we can expect from this handset. While the OLED iPhone X will benefit from a large wraparound display and be the premium mobile released by Apple in 2017, the iPhone 8 series will be a slightly more humble proposition.

Apple iPhone X iPhone 8 Event Livestream
Image Source: Apple.com (screenshot)

Display and resolution

Firstly, we can expect the iPhone 8 screen to measure 4.7-inches, with the attendant iPhone 8 Plus phablet delivering a 5.5-inch display. It is fairly unlikely that either device will benefit from a resolution increase compared to the iPhone 7 generation, as this decision would put the iPhone 8 Plus on a par with the iPhone X.


The price tag of the iPhone 8 will now be significantly less than the $1,000 tag that has been attached to the iPhone X ahead of its unveiling. The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus will be considered to be somewhat affordable versions of the iPhone range, intended for those who do not wish to shell out for the premium iPhone X model. A price tag of around $749 to $799 is possible for the iPhone 8, with the iPhone 8 Plus retailing at $100 more than this.

Wireless charging

However, the wireless charging system that has been linked with the 2017 Apple mobile releases probably will appear in the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. This is likely to be a system-wide initiative from Apple, ensuring that the flexibility of the upgraded Apple handsets is improved. It is said that Apple has been tinkering with technology which will enable iPhone consumers to recharge their devices at 15 feet; an impressive initiative if achieved.


It is probable that both the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus will feature more conventional designs than the iPhone X. This would mean that the Home button would be retained, in contrast to the premium iPhone X. We can expect to see significant bezels retained in the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, while the Face ID authentication system will probably not migrate to this upgraded handset either.

Spec upgrades

Apple will upgrade the specifications of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, though. This will enable the handsets to deliver an improved performance in comparison to the iPhone 7 generation. Both devices will benefit from a new A11 processor, but it remains to be seen whether the six-cores powerful unit intended for the iPhone X will appear in the more affordable variants.


The iPhone 8 Plus will probably have a dual-camera, but whether the augmented reality features of the iPhone X will migrate across to this phablet is debatable. It is also probable that the smartphone version of the iPhone 8 will have a single-lens unit, although Apple could surprise us in this department. Considering that it has been widely reported that the mid-range Google Pixel 2 will only have a single-lens camera, it seems probable that Apple will follow suit.

Battery life

Apple will also address the sometimes criticized lifecycle of iPhone devices by increasing the battery size of both the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. This could see the larger cell in the iPhone 7 Plus exceed 3,000 mAh in size.


It is probable, though, that the storage quantities from the iPhone 7 generation will be frozen. This would mean that the maximum available to consumers would be 256GB. The iPhone X is expected to deliver maximum innate storage of 512GB.


Considering that the iPhone X memory is only 3GB, it seems likely that both the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus will have the same quantity of RAM as their predecessors. This would mean that the phablet would also have 3GB, with the smartphone memory frozen at 2GB.

While the majority of attention at the iPhone unveiling event will be targeted at the iPhone X, clearly Apple will be hoping to shift large numbers of iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus units. While analysts believe that the iPhone X will be responsible for the majority of growth, Apple will hope to deliver sustained commercial performance with these two devices.

UPDATE 07-28-2017: The Apple iPhone 8 is on the horizon now, with just a week to wait for its unveiling. Although this this has yet to be officially confirmed, with invitations having been distributed for a major event at its headquarters on September 12, this is effectively a formality.

Home button

So rumors regarding the flagship Apple smartphone are extremely significant at this time. And the latest reports particularly focus on the home button, which it is widely believed will be eliminated from the smartphone in 2017.

iPhone 8
JESHOOTS / Pixabay

In place of this common feature will be a new system, which will enable iPhone 8 uses to activate the Siri personal assistant by holding down the Sleep / Wake button, at least according to the most recent reports. This will then be supplemented by the voice command “Hey Siri”.

This latest assertion has emanated from iOS developer Guilherme Rambo, with the programmer having discovered clues to this feature in at the code for the mobile operating system. Rambo has already tweeted on the matter, musing over whether Apple will remove any of the original Home button functionality to the lock button. This will be located on the upper right side of the iPhone 8.

Track record

This Brazilian developer has a decent track record with regard to Apple products, having previously discovered details of upcoming Apple products in beta software. These included references to the 4K Apple TV that is expected to launch alongside the iPhone 8 next week. References to early HomePod firmware were also discovered by the developer.

In addition, the Brazilian blog iHelp BR also revealed a line of code in the HomePod firmware that indicates the Sleep / Wake button has the potential to alter functions on the OLED iPhone 8 depending on the software being used. The line of code “lockButtonAppropriateForShutter” seemingly refers to the native camera application, and suggests that dual switches may be present in the forthcoming smartphone.


It is now certain that the major new feature in the iPhone 8 generation will be the inclusion of a wraparound display. Media reports have strongly indicated that this screen will measure 5.8-inches, with the resolution expected to be quad HD. This means that the OLED iPhone 8 will be able to display more pixels than any previous Apple release.

iPhone 8 Design

Apple will introduce a new glass and metallic design that will differ significantly from previous iterations. Curved edges will be particularly prominent in the exterior of the iPhone 8, with the bezels of the device almost eliminated completely. Furthermore, as mentioned previously, Apple will remove the ubiquitous Home button from the iPhone 8, while there is no reason to suspect that the 3.5mm headphone jack will be making a reappearance.

Wireless charging

Apple’s motivation for switching to this new glass and metallic design is at least partly the inclusion of wireless charging into the iPhone 8 generation. It has been frequently reported that Apple has been tinkering with some unique technology behind the scenes, which will enable the smartphone to be charged at an impressive distance of 15 feet.


Meanwhile, Apple will also unveil an upgraded A11 processor as part of the iPhone 8 release, delivering one of the fastest packages of any smartphone. There will also be a new chipset to accompany this processor, and it seems certain that the Apple iPhone 8 will deliver a particularly slick experience, particularly considering the unique combination of proprietary hardware and software that Apple continues to deploy.

iPhone 8’s Camera

A new dual-lens camera will be included in the iPhone 8, with several benefits to the consumer. Firstly, it has been reported that Apple has been working diligently on introducing a new system that will vastly improve the quality of photography in darker conditions.

However, the main reason for the upgraded camera technology is to deliver an augmented reality system that Apple has already spoken about publicly. Apple CEO Tim Cook has thrown the weight of the corporation behind AR, and it seems that the iPhone 8 will be the first mobile from Apple to deliver this technology.

The augmented reality included in the iPhone 8 will have both security and gaming purposes. It will be possible to unlock the device via facial recognition technology, while the updated 3D camera will enable certain augmented reality features to be included in games.

Fingerprint scanner

With the display of the OLED iPhone 8 dominating the front panel of the device, it is certain that Apple will embed the fingerprint scanner within the screen of the device. Despite the inclusion of augmented reality, and the face-scanning capabilities of the iPhone 8, fingerprint reading will remain a major aspect of its palette of security features, including the ability to support a VPN for iOS.

Spec increases

Apple is also expected to introduce a raft of new spec upgrades, with RAM bumped up to 3GB in this smartphone. Although this is less than the Samsung Galaxy S8, the combination of lightweight operating system and proprietary software means that the Apple product always performs capably.

It is believed that Apple will release a version of the OLED iPhone 8 featuring 512GB of storage. This will all be native, as Apple is once again expected to exclude micro SD card slot technology from its flagship phone.

We can also expect the battery in the Apple mobile to be increased in size significantly, possibly to around 3,000 mAh. When accompanied with the new fast-charging technology, this should result in a much more convenient smartphone, with a significantly longer lifecycle.


Although it is widely believed that the iPhone 8 will be the name of the next Apple smartphone, it is still possible that the Californian corporation could spring a surprise. Both iPhone X and iPhone Edition are possible, while it is even conceivable that iPhone 7S could be used for all three device releases.

iPhone 8 Price

Apple has yet to provide any information regarding the iPhone 8, which has led to speculation regarding pricing. But the general consensus of opinion is that the next-generation Apple mobile will retail at around $1,000.

UPDATE 07-28-2017: The latest news on the iPhone 8 suggests that the hugely anticipated smartphone will be significantly redesigned from previous units. Reports suggest that Apple is looking to introduce several new physical features when the smartphone emerges, and that these will form the core of the new unit.

Mark Gurman, renowned in technology circles, and considered an authority on Apple products, believes that the Touch ID fingerprint scanner will be completely removed from the next-generation handset. This feature was previously embedded within the Home button of the device, but Gurman asserts that it will instead be eliminated in favour of a face scanning feature.

Gurman says that this new face scanning functionality will be utilized in order to enable users to log into the device, authenticate contactless payments and open any secure iOS software.

This will be the second major new physical feature in the iPhone 8, with the smartphone widely believed to be dominated by a new OLED screen. This wraparound display will take up almost the entirety of the front panel of the device, becoming a defining feature of the iPhone range. Apple is also expected to eliminate the Home button from the iPhone 8, following its removal of the 3.5 mm headphone jack last year.

Sources close to Apple suggest that the new face scanning sensor will unlock the device within a matter of milliseconds. It is also designed it to work equally well when the iPhone 8 is placed on a table, as opposed to being held close to a user’s face.

The decision isn’t merely a gimmick, but rather one intended to improve security in the iPhone series. The new sensor has the ability to record more individual data than the existing fingerprint scanner, which should ensure that it is more secure than the Touch ID system.

iPhone 8 Camera

This new scanner will also require a 3D camera, and reports indicate that this will be housed on the front portion of the iPhone above the edge-to-edge display. The camera technology will then open up the possibility of new functionality, with augmented reality features being strongly linked with the next-generation smartphone.

Apple is indeed expected to particularly concentrate on the photographic capabilities of the smartphone, with optical image stabilization believed to be implemented for both lenses in the primary dual-camera. This popular feature was missing from the telephoto lens in the iPhone 7 Plus, but is expected to migrate to both lenses in the iPhone 8 generation.

Apple price promise

In other news, a major new investment report suggest that Apple performance is heading in the right direction. The consumer electronics giant has experienced slightly receding sales over the last couple of years, as it struggles to demonstrate genuine innovation with the iPhone series. Apple remains hugely reliant on the iPhone range in order to generate revenue, despite attempting to diversify its streams with several new products both realized and mooted.

IDC, though, has predicted that iPhone shipments will grow by 9.1 percent next year, following the release of the new iPhone 8 accompanied by iPhone 7S and iPhone at 7S Plus upgrades. In response to this prediction, Apple shares reached a new historical record, indicating that the city believes that the immediate prospects of the company are rather promising.

And Canaccord Genuity analyst T. Michael Walkley believes that the share price will push higher still, on the back of iPhone users upgrading their phones, providing record earnings for Apple. The number of current users will exceed 635 million this year, and they are expected to “drive strong iPhone replacement sales and earnings,” according to Walkley. “Our surveys indicate strong consumer interest in and anticipation for new iPhones anticipated to launch in September,” the analyst continued.

UPDATE 07-28-2017: As Apple continues to prepare the next generation iPhone 8, the next few weeks could be critical for the release date of the phone. Third-quarter revenue could be a major factor in Apple’s decision-making process, with analysts still divided on whether the smartphone will launch in September or October.

Apple iPhone 8 3D Laser Sensor
Concept by ValueWalk

Estimates lowered

BMO Capital Markets analyst Tim Long has lowered estimates for Apple’s September-quarter revenue, indicating that this was “owing to our view that initial shipment volumes of the premium iPhone Pro will be limited”. This very much tallies with previous reports which have suggested that Apple will struggle to source vast numbers of the OLED panels it is to introduce in this innovative generation.

Continuing on the subject, Long stated that BMO Capital Markets is “lowering its September unit and ASP assumptions slightly to reflect our view of limited volume shipments of the premium next-generation iPhone”. Clearly the release date of the smartphone will remain a subject of debate until it is finally revealed by Apple itself.

iOS 11 clue

Meanwhile, a new feature to be included in the iOS 11 operating system provides strong indication of functionality likely to appear in the iPhone 8. iOS 11 Beta 4 includes a multitude of new elements related to the user interface, but the redesign for the Touch ID prompt while on the lock screen has garnered particular attention.

Tapping on a notification will now launch the corresponding application, and this is naturally expected to migrate to the iPhone 8 when the smartphone is released. This is indicative of the more touch-orientated functionality that Apple is attempting to integrate, and could be a clue that the strongly rumored wraparound display is about to appear, while the days of the fingerprint scanner could be numbered.

It is also notable that the next generation iPhone will require users to unlock the smartphone with a large Touch ID symbol, before providing iOS access.

Design alteration

Another recent report has suggested that despite the major design alterations with the iPhone 8, at least some aspects of the smartphone will be conservative. A leak from close to the Apple supply chain suggests that the OLED version of the iPhone 8 will only be available in black. The idea behind this is for Apple to communicate the notion that this is a serious and professional smartphone.

Meanwhile, another leak from the increasingly prolific Chinese social media and microblogging website Weibo provides another insight into the design of the iPhone 8. The leaked photographs displayed the component that is expected to deliver wireless charging in the next generation iPhone, seemingly confirming that this hotly rumored functionality will indeed be included.

It has been continually reported in the media that Apple is considering implementing a unique new wireless charging system that will enable users to repower their devices at a hitherto unimaginable distance of 15 feet. This Weibo link brings this tantalizing proposition even more clearly into view.

UPDATE 07-07-2017: Apple fans are eagerly awaiting the latest news regarding the iPhone 8, with the device likely to be released in September. There has been some debate on this matter, though, with infamous analyst Ming-Chi Kuo suggesting that the iPhone 8 release could be delayed due to logistical difficulties.

Kuo believes that the iPhone 8 will be revealed alongside two iPhone 7S devices in an event in September, but that the release of the three handsets will be staggered. This could be partly due to Apple struggling to source the OLED panels that are expected to be included in this premium smartphone.

Clones emerge

An interesting story that emerged this week was the appearance of some fake iPhone 8 clones in China. This is something that occurs with every generation of the iPhone series, and the tenth anniversary handset from Apple is no exception to this rule.

Unfortunately, the device in question was not terribly convincing, and bears little resemblance to the final device. Indeed, the iOS operating system was not even included. However, it is still an interesting media story which indicates the appetite for Apple products in the world’s most populous nation.

iPhone 8 Clone
Image source: YouTube Video Screenshot

Revolutionary smartphone

Apple CEO Tim Cook has already fuelled speculation about the iPhone 8 by indicating that this smartphone will be a revolutionary unit. This was expected anyway in order to mark the 10th anniversary of the iPhone concept, but Cook’s comments indicate that Apple is considering something spectacular for forthcoming releases.

“I think the smartphone is still in the early innings of the game. I think there’s lots more to do. Every year, I think it becomes more important to people’s lives, there’s more things people are doing with it,” Cook stated some months ago, indicating that we can expect serious improvements when the iPhone 8 is released, particularly with a major Galaxy Note 8 release expected.

UPDATE 07-05-2017: The latest news on the iPhone 8 is that the $1,000 price tag that has been perpetually linked with the smartphone may ultimately turn out to be somewhat wide of the mark. Nomura-Instinet analysts have forecasted that although the iPhone could retail at a price point in excess of $1,000, carriers in the United States will offer assertive promotions in order to provide consumers with attractive deals.

Carrier deals

Thus, it is believed that the likes of Verizon and T-Mobile will either discount the phone when purchasing permanently, or offer a payment plan that reduces the overall expenditure required. This effectively means that punters will be able to get hold of the iPhone 8 on the cheap should they sign up for a long-term contract.

And these major carriers should have no difficulty in attracting consumers, considering that it is generally believed that the iPhone 8 will be a revolution in the Apple flagship. The consumer electronics giant will make numerous changes to the makeup of the iPhone series in 2017 in order to acknowledge the tenth anniversary of this iconic device.

Jeffrey Kvaal, of Nomura Securities, stated that “US carriers are preparing assertive promotions for the launch,” while also outlining his view for the iPhone 8 range, predicting several interesting new features for the next-generation smartphone.

“US telcos indicate record-low upgrade rates have not eased further ahead of the iPhone 8. Modest feature enhancements post-iPhone 6 drove plateauing volumes. We believe that Apple has plenty of innovation to add to future cycles, such as AR, machine learning, voice integration, 3D sensing, and optical zoom,” Kvaal commented.

With this in mind, Nomura-Instinet believes that investors should buy Apple, and has set a price target for the stock of $165, indicating that the medium-term outlook for the corporation is excellent.

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