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India’s fart competition stunk, but not for the reasons you think

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India held a fart competition, but it ended up being an epic fail because none of the participants were able to pass gas on command. Sixty people registered for the competition, but only 20 of them actually showed up. What’s even worse is that of those 20, only three took to the stage, and the results were far from magnificent.

Epic fail at India’s fart competition

India’s fart competition was held in Surat in Gujarat state on Sept. 22, according to multiple news outlets.  The WTF – What the Fart competition offered trophies for the “loudest,” “most musical” and “longest” farts. Multiple news outlets attended, bringing the total number of people in attendance to more than 70.

When the three contestants took the stage, they failed to break wind under the watchful eyes of the crowd. Organizer and singer Yatin Sangoi told India Today that he believes the contestants were hesitant to go on stage because they may have been “shy and had inhibitions due to the presence of news channels, photographers and people.”

The three “fartists” who were brave enough to go on stage at least were Surat resident Vishnu Heda, Patan resident Alkesh Padya and Bardoli resident Sushil Jain. Although India’s first fart competition had no winners because none of them were able to summon the courage to pass gas in front of everyone, they did receive gift baskets for their attempts.

Even though the contest ended up being an epic failure, Sangoi plans to hold another such event in Mumbai, although with a twist. Instead of competitors being told to break wind in front of a huge crowd of people, he wants to have private chambers to enable them to do it without being in front of a crowd.

Origin of the idea

Sangoi told Vice (via Yahoo! News) that he got the idea for the contest when he farted while watching a movie with his family, and one of his family members laughed. He said if there were a contest, he would have won. He also realized that although the U.S., the U.K. and China have hosted fart competitions in the past, there had not been one in India — until the one he organized last month.

Sangoi told the BBC before India’s fart competition that he wanted to “normalize the process of farting.” He added that 20 or 25 years ago, people “used to fart openly, but now they’ve become all sophisticated and consider it gross, often shamed for farting publicly, when even doctors will tell you that farting is one of the healthiest human body functions.”

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