Collaborating with Luxe Fitness: Maddie Morrison Spills All

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The fitness industry in New Zealand is made up of around 300 to 360 operators according to the New Zealand Institute of Health and Fitness (NZIHF). In total, the NZIHF estimates that fitness employees and contractors number somewhere between 4000 and 5000 individuals.

Maddie Morrison, a lifestyle blogger and social media influencer, has landed a collaboration deal with the New Zealand based Luxe Fitness brand. Maddie has used her passion for travel, creativity and fitness to good use and has become one of New Zealand’s rising influencers. 

Luxe Fitness

Luxe Fitness, an upmarket nutrition and supplement company based in New Zealand, was founded in 2016 and offers quality products designed by women for women. The company aims to help women achieve a lifestyle that is healthier, more confident and more motivated. Luxe Fitness has an online store which offers protein powders with an array of flavours, branded fitness gear and supplements such as their burner gummies. 

The fitness company also offers online classes including cardio, booty, Pilates, yoga and meditation. Once subscribed, users will have access to the classes at all times from the comfort of their home and are able to workout at their own pace. Maddie has expressed her excitement to be a part of such a young company, “I am always looking for new ways to bring the latest and best products to my followers, and I am grateful for all the support which I have received over the years. It’s not always easy, as many may think that I just take a picture of something, post it and I let someone else do the rest – on the contrary, it’s a lot different.”

Maddie Morrison and the Collaboration

Maddie Morrison is a 29 year old New Zealand native who graduated from The Wellington Institute of Technology, and obtained a Bachelor of Creative technologies majoring in Photography and Graphic Design. Maddie is also a travel, beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogger and social media influencer. Maddie started her social media journey in 2012 and now boasts a following just shy of 21 000. During lockdown at the start of the pandemic, Maddie shared her daily workout routine on social media. 

Her recent collaboration with Luxe Fitness has caused much excitement with Maddie stating, “I’ve always considered myself an open-minded person, willing to take on new challenges. Teaming up with a respected brand such as Luxe Fitness has allowed me to grow with the company and help others (women) find their journey in fitness.” On Maddie’s social media platforms, she can be seen promoting Luxe Fitness products and bundles, and she offers giveaways and discounts on products. This collaboration seems to be a match made in heaven seeing that Maddie is not a newcomer to fitness company collaborations. Maddie has collaborated with Fitazfk, an online fitness platform similar to Luxe Fitness. 

Maddie’s advice for aspiring bloggers and influencers

Maddie, being a big supporter of giving back, offered advice to aspiring bloggers and influencers who want to follow a similar path. Before choosing to collaborate with a brand, Maddie believes in being authentic. She believes that being truly genuine and truly believing in a brand creates a great collaboration. Her experience in collaborations with other brands, her passion for travelling and her exposure on social media has taught her a thing or two about marketing and branding. According to Maddie, it’s important to be yourself. Individuality is important when engaging with followers and brands seeing that the influencer and blogger industry is so competitive and diverse. Aspiring influencers and bloggers also need to be as organized as possible. Once brands offer collaborations, an influencer or bloggers schedule will definitely be much busier than they’re used to. Staying organized makes sure they stay on top of their schedule. Finally, aspiring influencers and bloggers need to have self-awareness. The perception the followers have is important, therefore influencers and bloggers need to take into consideration what their comments and posts will be perceived as.

The Takeaway

Maddie Morrison’s passions and beliefs have created a strong brand and self-awareness. This shows in her collaborations and her social media. Her collaboration with Luxe Fitness is sure to be the first of many and we are confident that Maddie is on the road to being a social media mogul.