How DreaMed’s Recent AI Innovation Is Revolutionising Diabetes Care

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Top US children’s hospital is utilising DreaMed’s FDA-approved AI platform to provide millions with access to sequestered diabetes staff and endocrinologists

  • An Israeli biotech startup, DreaMed, has developed an AI system that has the potential to completely renovate the way in which the healthcare industry approaches the treatment of diabetes.
  • Under the current system, the ratio of endocrinologists to cases is 1:41,000; as a consequence, over half of recorded diabetic cases result in medical mismanagement.
  • Since over 460 million people are affected by diabetes globally, according to the WHO, DreaMed’s solution presents significant benefits.
  • Successful implementation would reduce administration costs associated with fewer clinical visits, an effort that could save the US billions of dollars per year.

With the development of its artificial intelligence-utilising system, Advisor Pro, DreaMed has situated itself at the precipice of the healthcare industry’s revolution in attempting to rectify the holistic and systemic mismanagement of diabetes cases that is occuring on a massive scale in the US’s healthcare system.

Advisor Pro’s focus has been guided towards helping those seek treatment for the ailment of Type 1 diabetes since 2018, when it was initially approved by the US Food and Drug Administration. Its expertise is based on over a decade of clinical research and data from hundreds of people suffering from diabetes, setting it apart from any other vendor in the diabetic digital healthcare industry.

A New, Groundbreaking Approach

Since its first authorisation by the FDA, Advisor Pro’s recent progressions have driven it to new heights; namely, the unique medical equipment’s capabilities were extended to include individuals suffering from type 2 diabetes now as well due to discoveries by the scientific team of DreaMed.

All patients are different, so they are granted an exclusive profile in order to monitor their unique diabetic status and insulin levels. In order to manage the treatment of such highly variable conditions optimally, an acutely tailored and customised treatment plan, along with extensive supervision would normally be required.

However, as a result of DreaMed’s innovative product, each patient’s data from their CGM, SMBG and insulin pump is stored in their platform; this data is then used by an AI system designed by leading clinicians and endocrinologists to generate a treatment plan that is just as helpful to the patient, yet infinitely simpler in its process.

A simpler, more efficient process requires less clinical visits, which reduces the administrative costs associated with treatment (equating to billions of dollars a year alone). Therefore, DreaMed presents an opportunity to such healthcare providers, as well as the industry as a whole, the chance at a substantial financial advantage.

Why This Is Special

The benefits of DreaMed’s product are not limited to the financial realm, and actually include tangible benefits for the receivers of treatment as well. Moreover, leading pediatricians have gone on record to state that the Advisor Pro has been improving patient quality of life since the clinical trials phase.

On top of this, the treatment will be significantly less financially intrusive for the patient as a result of the reduced clinical appointments that will be required when the most efficient treatment plan is assigned from the start through the use of DreaMed’s MD Logic-based algorithm. The plan that it develops eloquently and seamlessly elucidates the monitoring process of treatment, from the perspective of both the patient and the healthcare provider.

This breakthrough is so incredibly important because its applicability is so widespread. Furthermore, it will connect millions of patients suffering from diabetes with lifesaving treatment that they might not otherwise have been under the old system. Given the scale of diabetes’s impact (around 460 million currently, and nearly 700 million by 2045), this generational leap has been innovated at the perfect time to counter one of the World Health Organisation’s most widespread, chronic diseases from around the world.

Closing Remarks

On balance, the breakthroughs that DreaMed have made with its innovative Advisor Pro system undoubtedly present a meaningful solution to one of the most inefficient treatments of a massively widespread disease. In doing so, it provides a better quality of life for the patients, alongside financial benefits for both patients and providers as a result of a more efficient treatment plan and the reduced number of clinical appointments this entails.

It is no surprise that this company has developed such significant professional validation for the use of its AI algorithms to treat a plethora of chronic diseases. Clinical centres with a global reputation are so positively outspoken about this product, including Medtronic Diabetes, Yale-New Haven, Glooko and DexCom.

With all that being said, there are still more improvements to be made. Whilst FDA approval and the consequential partnerships this have caused enable DreaMed to potentially benefit thousands of lives, their system is still faced with a myriad of obstacles if it hopes to offer advice that is comparable to the comprehensiveness and all overarching opinions of a human endocrinologist.