How To Sideload Kodi 17 On Apple TV 4 [Tutorial]

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Do you have the new Apple TV 4, and want to install Kodi to take advantage of its excellent media management features? Here’s some good news, today we’re going to tell you how to do exactly that. And there’s more, no jailbreak is required, which means there’s no extra long tutorial to follow, to get it done. All that you have to do is move step by step through the sideloading guide, and that’s it.

Kodi Krypton 17 On Apple TV 4

The recent inclusion of various new apps like MrMC on the tvOS Store made it inevitable that Kodi would soon become compatible. However, the popular media management tool is still not available in the store. As such, for this tutorial sideloading is required via another piece of software called Xcode.

While the installation of Kodi onto Apple TV 4 is relatively straightforward, there are some requirements to meet before you can begin.

Sideloading Onto Apple TV 4 Requirements

1. Depending on the version of tvOS that your Apple TV 4 is running, different versions of Xcode are required.

If you are running tvOS 9.1 and higher, you need Xcode 7.2. However, if you’re running tvOS 9.0, Xcode 7.1 is fine. Although, we do advise that you update to tvOS 10+, which would mean Xcode 7.2 would be the right one to choose.

2. Get the latest version of Xcode from here.

3. Since the this is a tutorial based around the Mac, you will need an iOS App Signer. You can get that here.

4. One of, if not the most important requirement, is that you get a copy of Kodi. That can be found here.

5. A paid for or free Apple Developer account You can get a free one at

6. Finally on this requirements list, a USB-C to USB-A cable is required.

So, that is it, if you have all of the above it is now time to move onto the tutorial.

Important Information

Before you begin, it’s worth noting that, if you’re not familiar with sideloading, Kodi, or even tvOS. You should probably let someone who is, follow this tutorial. However, if that’s not possible, we advise, you, to read each and every step individually. And then understand what is expected before acting upon it. This method has been proven to reduce the chances of mistakes from occurring.

How to Sideload Kodi 17 Krypton onto Apple TV 4 the Tutorial
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How To Sideload Kodi Onto Apple TV 4

1. Start by using the USB-C to USB-A cable to connect your Mac to Apple TV 4.

2. Now, find the copy of Xcode,/em> you downloaded to your Mac earlier, and Launch It.

When the program has loaded look for the Create A New Xcode Project option on the Xcode home screen. Followed by going to the left-hand side menu and selecting tvOS >> Application >> Single View Application and then tapping Next.

3. Moving on, it is now time to give your project a Product and Organization Name, enter these into the corresponding fields. Followed by selecting the option to have a Unique Bundle Identifier. When you have entered the required information, click Next >> Save.

4. Next, you will see that Xcode has an issue, we’re going to have to fix this before moving forward. To do that, go to the Identity Heading >> Fix Issue, this will put things right.

5. You will now be prompted to enter the Apple ID and Password related to your Developer Account. Once done, you may be asked again, if so select your ID from the Dropdown Box followed by selecting Choose to move forward.

6. Now, look for the Play and Stop Buttons, next to them is a dropdown menu. Use it and select your Apple TV from within it.

7. Earlier during the requirements part of this sideloading Kodi onto Apple TV 4 tutorial you downloaded the iOS App Signer. It is now time to Launch It and then choose the relevent Signing Certificate.

Next, find the Provisioning Profile and select the Xcode Project created earlier.

8. Now, click the Start Button and the iOS App Signer will begin to to work, eventually creating an IPA File when done.

9. Moving back into Xcode select the Devices option. And then from the left-hand side list, choose your Apple TV 4 followed by the “+” button under the Installed Apps Heading.

10. Finally, find the Kodi IPA File and click on it. The process of sideloading Kodi onto your Apple TV 4 will now begin.

And That’s It

You have now learned how to sideload Kodi onto Apple TV 4. All you have to do now is sit back and wait for the process to complete. After which, you will be free to click the Kodi icon on the Apple TV home screen and begin to play around.

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