How To Install Kodi On An Amazon Fire Stick Quickly [Tutorial]

How To Install Kodi On An Amazon Fire Stick Quickly [Tutorial]

The Amazon Fire Stick is a useful streaming tool, which connects to your TV via USB. Once set up and running it allows you to connect to Amazon’s services via its overlayed Android skin. Meaning you can watch movies, download and use apps, and pretty much anything else. All Via its apps store and Amazon’s growing entertainment services. However, unlike stock Android, what’s on offer is a more locked in experience than you are accustomed too. So, we’re going to help by telling you how to install Kodi.

Install Kodi on the Android Based Amazon Fire Stick

Unfortunately, if you’re not an owner of a Firestick, it’s pretty much certain that other streaming sticks won’t allow you to install Kodi. So, if having a copy of the popular media management tool has you excited, you should go and buy one. They cost $39.99 and now come with the added feature that is voice recognition. Meaning that now you can search for apps, TV shows, and Movies by just talking.

Now if you’re already a proud owner of the streaming stick, you can move forward and read the below tutorial.

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Before We Begin

As with all our tutorials, we prefer to start with an explanation of the method of which you should approach this tutorial. And that is to read each step individually, understand it, and then act upon it. This method has been proven time and time again to prevent mistakes from happening.

How To Install Kodi on Your Amazon Fire TV Stick

Here’s we go…

  1. With the Amazon Fire TV Stick plugged into your TV and connected to WiFi via the Network Settings, go to Settings >> Device Options.
  2. Next navigate to Developer Options >> ADB Debugging and allow Apps from Unknown Sources to be installed.
  3. Once the above is completed go back to the Home Screen followed by visiting the App Store. It can be found by scrolling from left-to-right at the top of the screen and clicking Apps.
  4. When the App Store has loaded search for ES File Explorer, followed by Installing It. When completed look for the app and Launch It.
  5. Now that ES File Explorer is running select Add Feature. It can be found underneath Feature on the left-side menu.
  6. Once the above is selected, you will be presented with a prompt, at which time you should enter the following., and Kodi in the Name area.
  7. Now, select the Kodi Bookmark from the left hand panel. Doing this will call the Install Kodi Download Page. From there select ARMV7A (32BIT) and begin the download.
  8. At this point, you should be patient while the Amazon Fire Stick downloads Kodi. However, when complete Open The File and then Tap Install Kodi followed by Tapping Install Again.
  9. When the above is complete, Tap OK and then navigate to Home, where you will find Kodi waiting. Simply slecting it with the remote Using the Center of the Circle Button will launch it.

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