What Killer Features Should The Galaxy Note 6 Include?

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 6 will be one of the biggest mobile releases of 2016. Samsung has managed to establish the Galaxy Note range as a major part of its portfolio over the last couple of years, despite the fact that the Galaxy S series is still arguably its flagship smartphone. But the Galaxy Note 5 achieved significant critical acclaim, and thus the Galaxy Note 6 will be an important release for Samsung later this year.

Considering the significant design evolution that occurred between the release of the Galaxy Note 4 and last year’s Galaxy Note 5, there is already a good deal of anticipation regarding what qualities Samsung will imbue the Galaxy Note 6 with. Android fans will be hoping for a raft of new features in the Galaxy Note 6, so here are five elements that the Korean consumer electronics giant could consider.

Galaxy Note 6 to add 4K display

With 4K technology now becoming mainstream, it seems unlikely now that Samsung will include this display resolution in the forthcoming Galaxy S7. Reports are increasingly suggesting that Samsung will instead wait until the Galaxy Note 6 before unveiling its first ever 4K resolution smartphone.

Perhaps this will be something of a disappointment to Galaxy S consumers, but it certainly makes sense for the Korean corporation to arm its most spec-intensive mobile with this new display technology. In addition, Samsung has become particularly associated with high quality screens, with the Korean company having established itself as the largest seller and manufacturer of televisions on the planet over the last eight years.

Samsung already has a benchmark for a 4K resolution display in the Galaxy Note 6, with Sony having utilized this technology in the recent Xperia Z5 Premium. If Samsung is able to deliver a 4K resolution display in the Galaxy Note 6, this could also mean that the Korean corporation is tempted to increase the size of the display. This could be done while still increasing the pixel per inch quotient of the smartphone over the Galaxy Note 5, and this would seem to make logical sense.

Knockout camera

One of the early rumors related to the Galaxy S7 is that the megapixel rating of the smartphone will be reduced significantly. This may appear to be extremely surprising, but there is a reason that Samsung has decided to make this apparently odd move. Samsung apparently intends to include the revolutionary BRITECELL technology in the Galaxy S7, which will vastly improve the low-light shooting capabilities of the smartphone.

Regardless of whether these early murmurings turn out to be correct, it would certainly be wise for Samsung to include BRITECELL in the Galaxy Note 6. And Android fans can also hope that Samsung decides to significantly increase the megapixel rating of the Galaxy Note 6 camera as well. It has been mentioned in some quarters that the Korean corporation could consider a 30-megapixel unit for the Galaxy Note 6, and coupled with the ability to shoot at high quality in darker conditions, this would result in potentially staggering photographic quality.

It has also been suggested that Samsung could include Vivid Photo or Timeless Photo in the Galaxy Note 6; a similar technology to the Live Photos application already included in the iPhone range. This could collaborate with some form of pressure-sensitive technology, but more on that later…

More powerful battery

The demand that smartphones place on battery life is increasingly onerous, and this could induce Samsung to include a larger battery in the Galaxy Note 6. This would be particularly welcome if Samsung does indeed decide to include a 4K resolution display in the phablet, as it would enable the Korean corporation to deliver an extremely powerful Galaxy Note 6 which still provides a decent battery life to consumers.

Many felt that the 3,000 mAh battery that was included in the Galaxy Note 5 was insufficient, so Samsung could upgrade this by around 20 percent in capacity. Android Marshmallow’s battery-saving Doze feature will also be extremely useful. In addition, it is expected that there will be new power saving functionality built into the Android operating system in 2016, and these two aspects could collectively ensure that battery life is enhanced in the Galaxy Note 6.

This could be considered a particularly important area for Samsung, as this is one department in which the Korean company has managed to maintain a significant lead over the Apple iPhone.

The return of micro SD

Arguably, Samsung dropped the ball somewhat by failing to include micro SD in the Galaxy Note 5. This decision ensured that the iPhone range was able to deliver superior storage in its premium units. If Samsung is serious about including 4K resolution then there will be a huge premium on storage in the Galaxy Note 6, and thus the argument for the inclusion of micro SD becomes obvious.

It has been reported in the media that the Galaxy Note 6 could include a 128GB variant even without micro SD, but the inclusion of the technology could possibly enable the Korean corporation to produce a 256GB unit. This would provide greater flexibility to Samsung consumers, and also possibly enable the consumer electronics giant to provide more choice to purchasers of the smaller variant of the Galaxy Note 6.

3D Touch rival

The inclusion of 3D Touch in the iPhone 6S was presented by Apple as one of the most significant aspects of the smartphone. This pressure-sensitive technology enables users of the iconic Apple handset to access various features and functions by pressing on the screen with varying degrees of severity.

With this new technology having left Samsung behind to a certain extent, it would be an obvious move for the Korean corporation to introduce a similar technology when it releases the Galaxy Note 6. The Galaxy range has been linked with Synaptics’ ClearForce technology, and it would be obvious for Samsung to include this in the Galaxy Note 6, particularly if it wishes to attract corporate customers.

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