Samsung Galaxy Note 6 To Include Micro SD, 4K Resolution [RUMOR]

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 To Include Micro SD, 4K Resolution [RUMOR]
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Reports are suggesting that the Galaxy S7 will include micro SD provision, and this is likely to be reflected in the Galaxy Note 6 as well. It would make particular sense for Samsung to include the technology that enables storage to be boosted in the Galaxy Note 6, as this handset could be the first from the Korean manufacturer to embrace 4K resolution.

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4K Galaxy Note 6 mooted

Samsung has been linked with this already available screen resolution technology in its mobile range for sometime. And the fact that Sony has released the first mass market 4K smartphone may focus the resolve of the Korean corporation to follow suit. Some analysts even expect 4K capabilities to be included in the Galaxy S7, but regardless of whether or not this is the case, the larger phablet that is the Galaxy Note 6 would be an obvious candidate for this powerful and immersive display technology.

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The Galaxy range has been a significant force for Samsung over the last couple of years, as it has received a particularly strong critical reaction. Although the Galaxy S series really remains the flagship for the Korean manufacturer, there is also no doubt that the Galaxy note range has significantly closed the gap in terms of public perception. This means that Samsung is increasingly keen to try out new innovations and specifications with the Galaxy Note range, and it is likely that the Galaxy Note 6 handset will indeed benefit from this trend.

Considering the quality of the Galaxy Note 6, it has become something of a favorite with consumers in the last few iterations. And the latest rumors suggest that the Galaxy Note 6 might arrive slightly earlier than the previous editions of the phablet. With Samsung looking to push the release date of the Galaxy S7 forward to possibly before the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, this suggests that the schedule for the Korean consumer electrons giant will be different in 2016 from previous years.

Q3 release

This points to a Galaxy Note 6 release at some point during the third quarter of 2016, with fans of the device already excited about the newest update and innovations included in the smartphone. One such suggestion is that Samsung could arm the next generation device with a USB Type-C port. This was conspicuous by its absence in the Galaxy Note 5, which was perhaps somewhat surprising considering Apple has already introduced it to the MacBook range of laptops.

Samsung usually tries to get the jump on Apple in terms of packing its devices with high specs and innovations, but it could be that it still has the opportunity to do this with the Galaxy S7. Nonetheless, if this is not the case, the Korean company may indeed release the Galaxy S6 before the iPhone range, and this would enable it to debut USB Type-C before Apple.

New stylus

Another report on the Galaxy Note 6 suggests that the phablet will include a new stylus when it releases in 2016. This has been a notable aspect of the Galaxy Note series, with the S-Pen proving to be particularly well-received. However, it seems that the Galaxy Note 6 will include a new stylus with a sleeker design. Whether Samsung would continue to label this as an S-Pen remains to be seen, and the capabilities of the unit are also not yet known at the time of writing.

It seems a logical move for Samsung to improve its stylus, as Apple has declined the opportunity to make such a device central to the iPhone range, although the company has, of course, just introduced the Apple Pencil. If Samsung is to significantly improve the S-Pen then this could force Apple to include the Pencil as part of an overall iPhone package, rather than marketing it as an added extra.

Although it is extremely early days to predict precisely what will be included in the Galaxy Note 6, some of the specifications being linked with the device are pretty jaw-dropping. One of the most notable is that the phablet is being linked with as much as 8GB of RAM. Samsung’s fast-charging technology is also likely to be included, while the corporation will also fit the handset with a larger battery in order to cope with the potential 4K resolution display.

Reports have also suggested that Samsung could fit a 16-core processor in the Galaxy Note 6 in order to make this the most powerful mobile device on the market. This would be a mouthwatering prospect for fans of the Galaxy Note series, ensuring that its processing reached new levels of speed and efficiency.

Knockout camera

Another area where Samsung is likely to significantly improve the Galaxy Note 6 is with regard to the camera included in the phablet. This is an increasing battleground for the smartphone marketplace, with Apple apparently considering numerous interesting new innovations for the iPhone series. It has been particularly prominently reported that the consumer electronics giant could include either a DSLR standard professional snapper in the iPhone series, or possibly a unique periscope design. It is also reported frequently that Apple will up the megapixel rating of the iPhone series still further when the iPhone 7 becomes available.

Samsung will look to respond to this possibility with the Galaxy Note 6, and it is already suggested that this device could feature a pretty staggering 30-megapixel rear camera. With optical image stabilization, 3D features and autofocus also included, this will be an extremely capable photographic device.

The front-facing camera is potentially even more impressive, with reports suggesting that Samsung will include a 16-megapixel front unit, capable of producing 4K resolution. This would be a pretty incredible inclusion in the Galaxy Note 6 series when one considers that the Apple iPhone series is yet to even reach this megapixel level with its rear-facing snapper.

So the Galaxy Note 6 could be one of the most impressive mobile releases ever when Samsung unveils the handset, in what is likely to be relatively early in Q3 2016.

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  1. I all ways take rumors as a stupid joke! I seen lots of movie ads talking about a movie that in this rumor about all these movies. All of them are not made. I will live you with two examples Thunder Cats live action movie and Voltron the live action movie. Those two are rumors movies clamed to be on the works. Nope it was a rumor jokes to get people up. as Far as Galaxy S7 and Note 6 there is a stronger chance for that coming out in 2017 or 2018 Samsung what the S6 and the note 5 spent so much time and money develop that stupid things the battery cannot be removed so that you cannot buy special custom made battery and no micro SD slot to protect Boot legging Hollywood Movies. any way do not take rumors serious until the items is at the dealers. and do not take 1 or 2 year contracts. if some how you lost your job or your rent gone sky high like 150.00 hike the Cellular phone carriers can charge you thousand of Dollars. Sprint is the worst! and every one else is at a tie at 2nd place of being the worst with issues like this. and they attack your credit scores then they kill your bank account and your checking account and kill your credit card and debit card. then you have to leave USA.

  2. I know a lot of people want that MICRO SD SLOT! However HOLLYWOOD AND APPLE HATED IT to protect Hollywood Movies and itunes the Micro SD slot was removed. However the dealers will lie saying the MICRO SD CARDS DO NOT WORK! to try to hide the facts. well it depends. like if I was dumb enough to go to hdgate and buy micro sd cards sure its not going to work.. I did not go to a proper dealer in the USA for one that dose work. Hollywood and the music taken Apple on a level A class action Civil law suit on the ipad Apple won then attack Samsung on the same civil law suit when is these people ever going to learn?

  3. Preach. I buy android phones because I like having the ability to expand my memory and battery life. If you take that away, I might as well have an iPhone. I’ve been buying Notes since the very first. I’m holding onto my Note 4 until next fall when my contract is up. If the Note 6 does not allow me to change the battery and use my microSD card, I’ll jump ship to the LG G5 or whatever other flagship android phone will allow this.

  4. I’m with you. Add the SD card and replaceable battery back, especially since it’s a phone when in full use drains battery quickly.

  5. It’s 28MP not 30MP. This blog is typed as a child with over excitement.
    Unless, bloatwares and TouchWiz is answered nothing changes for Samsung.

  6. Samsung Galaxy Note 6 needs micro SD slot, 4200mAh battery, all galaxy phones should have 23MP or 25MP laser autofocus camera why isn’t taking so long for samsung to upgrade their cell phone camera’s to laser and front facing needs 8MP wide camera LENS, size should stay at 5.7, 4K video isn’t really useful cause it consumes to much battery life.

  7. The Note 6 needs to be 6″ with a removable battery, SD slot, and 4K. I upgraded from my Note 3, to the Note 4, because the Note 5 was far too lame for me. I will probably still be in my two year contract to get the Note 6 when it comes out, but I’ll get one if it has all of the right features.

  8. What would be wonderful is a tablet (e.g. 9.7 inch and larger) phone using a headset (Bluetooth or corded). Tablets are outstanding and carrying both a phone and tablet plus two headsets is not fun.

    Yes, there is a place and always will be for a hand held phone, up to one’s ear; it doesn’t, though, negate the advantages of a tablet in physical screen size and room for top of the line features.

    Yes, there is Skype and other apps to make a cellular tablet function as a phone, but until Google Play recognizes it as a phone it is not a phone. There are too many phone only apps (e.g. Amazon Prime Now) to ignore Google Play and its restrictive nature (for our “benefit”).

  9. U don’t recon a screen with 3 times the pixels that are necessary will eat more power do ya. It will be just like raising minimum wage. A complete waist of time. Yea you might feel good about the fact that your making more money, but what good will it do when the price of everything goes up as well. Say min wage is 5$ today and a burger cost 1$. If min wage goes to 10$ then a burger will be 2$ so where did we go. At least you got to feel good for a day

  10. Yea lets reinvent the wheel, and then get the entire global sales force I mean news media to tell all the zealots that the reinvented wheel that you bought last year is not worthy of the social praise you will receive for buying the new and improved wheel. Kinda funny how 4k is being pushed when only about 5% of all the media is using it. But anyhow by the time the population figures out that they got duped their ego protection will kick in and tell them its time to buy a 4k camera. Oh and if it is to hard to figure out what I am talking. Just look at all the upscaleing chips in devices just to bring things to 1080.

  11. Ok they’re half way there with a removable SD memory card, what about a removable battery like they did in all of their phones before the last generation. Without both of those essential features together it’s a useless phone to me and all the other loyal Samsung Galaxy consumers out there. We aren’t going to hunt down a power source to charge this phone when it has drained the battery or send the phone into a service center when the battery needs replacing.

  12. Be great is the s pen could be used as an eraser at the end where it clicks! hopefully keep an Exynos , wouldnt really enjoy the Snapdragon as much as they say its not as bad as before. AND BOOST UP THE BATTERY!!!!!!! i wouldnt mind slightly more “millimeters” for a bigger battery that lasts all day on moderate use!!!!

  13. Yeah they better move fast with the rumors…lol LG V10 seen Samsung fumble now lol LG running with the ball LG expandable 2tb storage, replaceable battery. Samsung was dumb to leave out some of those key Note features. LG V10 are taking some of Note 4 customers because Note 5 was a fail to some of us power users. Somebody woke up at Samsung today….get the blogs out quick!!! Lol No we are going have the SD card now and replaceable battery …???

  14. It’s pretty dumb to think that any phone manufacturer could include a “professional” DSLR sensor in anything the thickness of a phone.

    They’re already packed with stuff, and you want to add in a 1″ or 4/3rds sensor in there? You’re going to have to break it up and use more mirrors.

    The rx100 “1inch” and similar class cameras have trouble with corner distortions (fixed in software) and they have 2-3 inches to play with.

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